8 Timeless Accessories that Elevate your Style

Picking out the same outfit every day is not an issue until you are playing around with different accessories to go with it. An earring here and a classy hat there, these accessories can take your style several notches up.

Taking a different handbag and choosing different necklaces to wear every time you go outchanges your entire look even if you wear the same pair of jeans or t-shirt.

If all this hits you at the right spot and now you are freaking out because you have only got a few ideas about accessorizing, then behold!

We have got an 8-point list of accessories that can elevate your style. So, read on for the best fashion advice of your life.


8 Accessories to Elevate Your Style

1. Bejeweled Bags or Clutches

While handbags are the handiest accessories for any day and any occasion, sometimes you need a little shimmer in your hand.

While there have been a lot of handbag-days, it is time for some clutches and small bags. Bejeweled bags look classy and elegant with embellishments that add style to your outfit.




The amount of shimmer or jewels you prefer depends on your choice and the occasion – whether it is a friends’ get together or a casual office meet-up.

These bejeweled bags pair up perfectly with minimalistic outfits such as a long block-colored skirt or a black front-open shirt with straight-cut formal pants.

2. Berets

Berets instantly boost the outlook of any outfit and make it look classy. If you want to leave behind the simple look and opt for a chic French touch, then add a beret to your accessory collection.




It gives out a feminine yet vogue and confident vibe. More stylish than a beanie, the berets elevate your simple pant and shirt outlook to a modern-day royal look.

Wear the beret with a long coat in the winters, and you have got yourself a flattering European look. Or wear it with a cropped tee and high-waist pants and instantly sharpen your street style.

3. Hoop Earrings

Every fashion enthusiast knows that hoop earrings were a huge thing in the 90s. Guess what? They are back in style these days.

They have been trending as one of the popular jewelry items this year. Due to their simplicity and elegance, the hoop earrings go well with almost all the outfits.



If you give these earrings a try, they can transform your look into a sporty one or even a punk one. Their big size helps steal attention and makes it possible for you to pair them up with almost everything – from a simple boot cut jeans to flowy skirts or even evening dresses.

4. Pumps

Not all days are meant to be high-heeled days. You can always bid farewell to your stilettos and welcome the in-style low and pointy pumps. These shoes are very comfortable, along with being exceptionally stylish.

If you are a person who goes from stilettos to sneakers by the evening and does not prefer anything in between, then the pointy toe pumps with a little kitten heel are definitely for you.

You can wear them with skinny jeans, and they will enhance your whole outfit. The pumps are perfect for any occasion any day at any time.

5. A Pair of Mismatched Earrings

Wearing a mismatching pair of earrings is probably one of the boldest things this year’s fashion has brought.

This style includes wearing a single earring and letting the other ear free or having a stud in one ear, and a long threaded earring in the other.




If you have been in search of a statement accessory that amps up your look to a whole different level, then this accessory is for you. You can always try making your pair by combining two different pairs of your earrings.

6. Leather Jacket

We don’t know if anyone ever told you this or not, but one should always have at least one leather jacket in their wardrobe.

Irrespective of the season, investing in a good quality leather jacket is worth every penny. Take the example of a classic black leather jacket. It has the power to uplift every outfit of yours – be it a floral dress you wear in summer or the woolen shirts of winter.




It adds the high-end look to your simple everyday pant and shirt outfit. It also adds class to your vogue tight skirt and a stylish top.

This accessory in your wardrobe is a must-have. A good quality leather lasts for a long timeWhether it is the evening outfit that you want to accessorize or a casual day dress, the leather jacket is there to save your day.

7. Ring Bearer Bags

Along with the jeweled bags and clutches, another must-have accessory that every fashion fanatic should search for is a ring bearer bags.

Worn like a clutch in hand, these bags with big metal rings add style to every outfit. They look cool and incredibly chic.

They might be a bit of a hassle to carry around for a long time as compared to bags with straps, but then what is fashion when there is not a tad bit effort required, right?

8. Vintage Frames

The big geeky frames are back in fashion, and they make an incredibly stylish fashion statement.

Whether it is a contact glasses frame or sunglasses one, the big geeky frames can instantly transform your look. Pair them up with berets, and you have got a vintage and classy European look. Try it, and you would not regret it!

Final Words

Fashion is all about choosing what you prefer and pairing it up with some trendy style. However, it does not mean that you should only prefer what you like and not pay attention to what can boost your stylish look.

From a small pair of earrings to a stylish headband and from a handbag to a classy pair of sunglasses, every accessory is essential in defining your style. So, accessories need your attention as much as your choice of daily outfit does.

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