9 Best Free Movies on YouTube

As all we know, YouTube is the best platform that offers us plenty of videos that include a bunch of short videos, movies, movie trailers, instructional tutorials, etc. But, there is one more additional feature of this platform that people are not aware of i.e. the site offers full-length feature films. YouTube is also known as the world’s best platform for streaming movies online. But many titles are paid to watch on YouTube. And, some of them are free to watch. Following are 9 best free movies on YouTube that provide full entertainment and must to watch –

1. House on Haunted Hill

House on Haunted Hill is the best movie available on YouTube for free. The movie offers a perfect mix of horror and mystery. YouTube offers the movie which is absolutely free to watch. It is known as the must to watch movie available on YouTube. The movies featured a better ranking on YouTube.

2. Plan 9 From Outer Space

Plan 9 From Outer Space is also one of the best movies available on the internet. One can watch this movie for free. The movie crosses the punch line when we talk about the sci-fi community or Hollywood industry. The movie is absolutely free to watch and cannot strip your eyes away from your screen. 

3. Kung Fury 

Kung Fury is an old movie available on YouTube which is absolutely free to watch. The movie is worth to watch. It is a short film which came around the year 2015. It is the English language film which is made up in Sweden. This movie pays its complete homage to martial arts, 1980s action, and police films. The opens with the Miami based detective who is apprehending the Ninja in a Black Alley. The movies are must watch and perfect for attaining a lot of fun. 

4. Rocky I, II, III, IV, V

The Rocky franchise or Rocky I, II, III, IV, V is also known as the best movies available on the internet. The movie is free to watch and adds a lot of fun and enjoyment in your boring day. This best movie first came in the year of 1976. The movie features a great thanks to titular heroes’ participation in the Creed universe. The addition movie also exists in canon which was released in 2006 – Rocky Balboa. The movie Rocky narrative offers the best and contemporary context. 

5. The World’s Fastest Indian

Sir Anthony Hopkins is known as the four-times Oscar nominee awarded person. And that only should attain your attention in this movie. The movie is the best free movie on YouTube. If you are more convincing, this movie – The World’s Fastest Indian is the best and true story movie which is based on the life of the New Zealand gear head Bruce Munro, who despite his complex age.

6. Jack and the Beanstalk 

Jack and the Beanstalk is the best and free movie available on YouTube. The movie offers a lot of fun. This movie is based on the famous fairy tale which offers the story of the 1700s. The movie is known as the terrific version that features the 1970s inspired Japanese animation that has English voice act. The movie is available in all the adaptation and favorite of numerous individuals. You can watch this movie along with your children. 

7. Sidekicks


Sidekicks are also the best free movies available on YouTube. The movie offers a lot of fun to individuals for numerous years. This movie is known as the Texas-based coming-of-age story which is directed by the most famous director Norris’ brother. If you have an interest in martial arts, then this movie is worth and offers a lot of fun. 

8. Fist of Fury

Fist of Fury is also one of the best free movies available on the internet. If you like to watch kung fu films, you have to watch Fist of Fury. The movie is based on getting revenge. The movie provides additional fun and entertainment.

9. The Kid

The Kid is Charlie Chaplin’s foremost full-length movie. The movie is recognized as his finest achievements. This movie tells the actual story of the abundant child. The movie contains the most dramatic context. 

Bottom Line

All the above movies are best and available for free on YouTube. The movies offer a complete fun and entertainment to its viewers. Thus, watch these movies and add more fun in your boring life.

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