All in One Garden and Animal Protection

Security and protection are two words mostly heard by pet lovers. These words aren’t thought of as something positive but rather used for negative reference. Are you too worried about the protection of your favorite companions? Do you think a lot before going out or on vacation with your family? 

Well, chill out and go for it. Plan the trip or work freely as soon as possible because ‘Critter Fence’ got your back. They’ve been in the line for more than 30 years with best experts and have been working in this line to ease you out and answer all the questions you’ve.  ‘Critter fence’ is such a website that offers to a fence for both kinds of needs. 


All the animals don’t go for the same kind of environment nor they’ve same needs, so why treat them the same? Your dog might require a large and open area whereas this might not be the same case for rabbits Here’s how:

  1. Blending factor- The dog fencing is done with wire fence offers the fences to blend in the landscapes and doesn’t act as an obstruction in your beautiful garden, unlike conventional fences which act as barriers in beauty. 
  2. Cost efficient- You might have given up the idea of dog fencing quite a lot of times because of its cost but now feel no more the same because we provide fencing that costs a lot less than traditional ones. 
  3. Perfect Working- it’s been more than 20+ years which allows the company to put the best foot forward in terms of quality, design and components.
  4. No more animal cruelty- This has been long going problem in the name of protection animals have always been harmed. However, wire mesh fence provides thick and efficient protection for animals. 
  5. Trees unharmed- Generally for fencing trees are used as posts resulting in breaking the fence or killing the tree but mesh fence is one of the only types that work well with using trees as post in suspension without harming the trees or fences itself.
  6. Flexible fencing- its system provides such fences that can be made permanent with locking sleeves or can stay portable. This means when in need a fence can be put up but when you need your garden all by yourself it can be easily removed.


There is a lot of varieties that can be seen while choosing for fencing:

  1. Fence rolls are available in two categories – Poly and Metal
  2. Fence kits with posts for dogs, deer, cats, etc. 
  3. Last but not the least we’ve fence access gates and doors, posts and parts, cable hardware and tools etc.


You might be thinking why to go for this? What makes you choose poly or field fencing for dogs over the electric fence? 

Mesh wire fence offers protection from all sorts of animals while providing you with the best galvanized fencing. Galvanized fencing is rustproof and can survive for many years without getting break. Dog mesh offers protection to not only outdoors but can be used at grounds to prevent your land.

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