As Young as You Feel: Botox and 7 Other Alternatives Used for Treating Wrinkles

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Women are obsessed with looking younger, especially as they age. Unfortunately, you cannot reverse the signs of aging, but you can treat them. Many women frequently visit medical spas and plastic surgeons to learn about the different options they have when it comes to wrinkles and other facial signs associated with aging. Below is a closer look at botox and seven other treatment plans that will help eliminate or reduce the look of wrinkles.



Botox is one of the most popular treatment plans when it comes to getting rid of or reducing wrinkles and fine lines on your face. Learn more at regarding the treatment plan and others they perform there. Botox is a non-invasive procedure that is done in as little as ten minutes. The effects are not permanent, but they usually last up to three months before it needs to be repeated.

A small needle is used to inject various signs on the face. The botox chemical paralyzes the muscles so that they do not move. Popular injection sites include the forehead, around the eyes, and the mouth area.



Dermabrasion is a procedure that sands the skin, exposing a fresh and new layer of skin. This treatment plan does not require any downtime and is done in less than an hour. Side effects include scarring and changes in skin color.


Laser Therapy

Laser resurfacing is used to stimulate the skin to produce more collagen. Collagen is essential for the skin’s ability to look plump and healthy. There are a variety of lasers doctors use, and it is best to have a consultation with a plastic surgeon to determine which laser treatment is beneficial for you, as well as how many treatments you require.


Plastic Surgery

Many women opt for a more permanent solution and choose plastic surgery. Face lifts, brow lifts, and other cosmetic procedures are more invasive and do require a downtime where you do not return to work and must relax and take prescription medication. Talk to your doctor about possible cosmetic procedures you would be interested in to see if you are a good candidate.



As we age, a loss of fullness in the face occurs, especially around the mouth, eyes, cheeks, and jawline. Injecting dermal fillers can remedy the problem areas for a couple of years before they have to be treated again. Fillers can be plump up thin lips, soften facial creases, improve shallow contours, and reduce the look of wrinkles and scars.



Microneedling is a collagen therapy used to improve the skin’s texture, reduce acne scarring, and improve the look of sun damage. Tiny needles are put in different depths of the top layer of skin. This is to allow skincare products to treat the skin.


Chemical Peels

A chemical peel exfoliates the outer layer of the skin. It treats fine lines around the mouth, under the eyes, wrinkles, age spots, and the texture and tone of the skin. There are different degrees of chemical peels. Consult your doctor to learn which one is best for you.


Skin Tightening

Ultrasound technology is non-invasive and requires no downtime. It is used to treat a sagging face and neck. The procedure uses heat to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Once these are rejuvenated, they act to tighten the skin naturally.

When considering cosmetic procedures, consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon. He or she can advise you on various procedures to determine which ones are best to achieve your desired outcome.

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