Best electric shavers for women

A good razor is a staple in any woman’s beauty arsenal. Allows you to remove all unwanted hair, giving you smooth skin

If you are looking for a new razor, could you consider an electric razor? An electric razor works best for sensitive skin, is less likely to cut your skin or because razor burns and does not require disposal after several uses. Of course, choosing an electric razor is not as simple as it seems. But you don’t have to buy all of them and try them out. It’s because we did it all for you. And the results of our hard work are listed below: Top 10 of the best electric shavers for women that will give you a soft and comfortable shave every time. Many shavers are functional wet or dry, meaning you can rinse them or even shave in the shower. If you chose shaving because waxing gives you skin problems, we suggest this DIY recipe for sugar wax.


1. Panasonic ES2207P Ladies Electric Shaver:

This is a wet/dry electric razor that uses a three-blade system including three independent floating blades that slide naturally with your skin for a clean and smooth shave. This razor also has a retractable trimmer for sensitive and delicate areas where loose hair needs to be cleaned quickly and painlessly. The best part is that it is not only a waterproof razor, it is fully submersible.

2. Philips Satinelle Essential HP6401:

Your epilator has 21 rotary clippers that effectively remove hair from your skin and keep it soft for weeks. You can remove very fine hair, making it a better option than waxing. It also becomes less uncomfortable over time. It can operate at two different speeds: one is the soft speed while the other is the efficient speed. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and feels comfortable in your hand.

3. Panasonic ES2113PC Facial Hair Trimmer:

The Panasonic facial clipper ensures that your face is never blurred enough to be mistaken for a man. It has a soft rotating head which helps you glide smoothly over the different contours of your face, removing any unwanted hair in your path. The blade is super thin, hypoallergenic and has a round point to ensure that your skin is safe from cuts and irritations. The razor comes with adjustable brow combs. It is thin and can easily be slipped into your makeup bag or purse pocket.

4. Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Moisturizing Razor:

Have you heard of a double-edged sword? Well, it’s a double-edged razor. This product includes a hydrating razor at one end and a waterproof bikini trimmer at the other. So the razor that has the Hydra-Boost serum activated by water with Shea butter. This serum hydrates your shaved skin up to 2 hours after shaving.

There are 5 curve detection blades with unique skin protectors so you can shave without shaving, without cuts or irritations.

The mower is the star of this model. You can cut your forest down to a shiny hardwood floor without any of the scratches. However, the results of the razor are not the best we have seen. Spare parts for the razor are also expensive. And it doesn’t come with a cover or case, so it can be cut when looking for something in your bag.

5. Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 Women’s Epilator:

The Silk-épil 9 Wet & Dry is our preferred performance epilator. It is the best shaver. It has a large head for increased coverage, MicroGrip tweezers that can pull hair 4 times shorter than wax, and smart light to make sure you never lose hair. This epilator, as the name already suggests, can be used dry or in the bath/shower. It vibrates to give you a softer feeling when the head turns to adapt to the contours of your body. With a full charge (which only takes an hour), you can expect to use it for up to 40 minutes. And it even comes with 7 additional accessories such as a razor head, a cutting cap, a high-frequency massage cap, a skin contact cap, a charging stand and a face brush.

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