Best Natural Living Blogs 2022

Best Natural Living Blogs

The idea is that true health comes from a balance between body and mind. The natural way to life is based on this. But almost everything can actually be approached holistically. This year, these bloggers lead the way with their commitment to educating, inspiring, and empowering people to live holistically in the round of the best natural living blogs.

1) Stephi LaReine

Stephi LaReine is a fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and travel blog. Stephi LaReine aims to provide an insider’s view of the fashion industry from backstage at Fashion Week and a style diary and daily views surrounding her global travels and encounter with tastes, textures, sounds, and scents. Stephi LaReine gives a voice to anyone who dares to be different and inspire whilst aspiring to be the best a person can be. With many awards presented to Stephi for her efforts within the fashion and beauty industry, she seeks out to primarily make the world more colorful and positive.

2) Maple Holistics

Maple Holistics was born of a desire to get back to basics and tune into what Mother Nature has known all along – simpler is better. That’s why, at the core of Maple Holistics, lies the belief that there is no better way to express your natural beauty than by using real ingredients for real results. They use naturally-derived ingredients to create personal care solutions that work for everyone, no matter your hair type, body type, or beauty needs. The products are free from harmful chemicals like sulfates, parabens, and silicones. Also, they are free from animal testing and certified vegan.

3) Blufashion

Women today know how important it is to commit to their emotional and physical health and wellness but don’t have time to filter through dozens of websites for relevant advice about fitness, health, wellness, alternative medicine, style, relationships, and eco-consciousness. This is where steps in. Health, fitness, food, clean beauty, and more. We sift through the fads, feeds & daily news cycle to bring you the info and insights you need for living well.

4) Seven Roses is a blog about Vegan food, green living, cruelty-free beauty, and a boho lifestyle. Helping you to live a more magical & conscious life.


5) EcoParent

EcoParent is a quarterly magazine for families that want to make healthier, greener lifestyle choices. Fun and inspirational in tone – and never judgmental – we appeal to the already eco-savvy but remain accessible to the newly eco-curious. Food, fashion, books, travel, health & beauty, home & garden, and so much more!

6) Arizona Spa Girls

Arizona Spa Girls is a local, woman-owned business dedicated to supporting Arizona’s beauty and wellness community while empowering women (and men!) to embrace a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. Since 2002, we have provided a fun, engaging online environment for nurturing inner and outer beauty. We connect you with outstanding local businesses and health and beauty pros who can enhance your life with expert guidance. We also keep our eyes peeled for products that bring out your inner glow.
Arizona Spa Girls is your girlfriend-to-girlfriend source for spas, salons, beauty, and beyond!

7) Healthy Happy Hippie

Healthy Happy Hippie is all about wellness, a healthy lifestyle, and natural remedies. Its founders, Kylie and Keio share their experience, knowledge, and values with their readers through their blogs. They are dedicated to helping their readers improve their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness through natural, healthy living.

8) Unsustainable

Unsustainable is a digital magazine consisting of carefully curated pieces of writing, photography, and occasionally video, all related to issues of sustainability and equality. Its mission is to gather stories concerning sustainability from every corner of the world, and offer solutions. They believe that an average person can do a lot to make our planet a better place and that we’re all responsible to do our part.

9) Skinly Aesthetics

Skinly Aesthetics is a boutique medical spa located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York. Owned and operated by a board-certified cosmetic physician, Dr. Schwarzburg M.D., Skinly Aesthetics offers a wide variety of minimally invasive skin tightening, rejuvenating, and body contouring procedures.

10) Fashion Police NG

Fashion Police NG is a platform with a keen interest to improve the lives of women by delivering inspiring and interactive fashion, beauty, and wedding-related content.

Fashion Police NG logo

11) She’s SINGLE

She’s SINGLE is everything for women, from news to advice, entertainment, and motivation. She’s SINGLE looks to occupy a special place in the hearts of millions – it’s not just a magazine but her most trusted confidante, a brand that will revolutionize the magazine industry and become a cultural institution in the female community. Founded by African American author, Lisa K. Stephenson, her vision is that women continue to be celebrated and uplifted in a world where the goal is to seemingly eclipse us. She’s SINGLE will look to flourish beyond its pages with extensions such as CERKIT TV where subscribers can also enjoy original movies, and shows (scripted and non-scripted) produced by She’s SINGLE Media as well as romance movies we can’t get enough of. She’s SINGLE is your home. 

12)Really Rather is where celebrities and experts share their 5 favorite things in the fields of entertainment, lifestyle, wellness, home, and food & drink. was created by a diverse group of women looking to provide a fun and informative escape from the stresses of daily life. Here you’ll find interesting features on some of your favorite topics, and you get to weigh in as well. Our goal is to share information that will help you expand and enjoy your life just a little bit more.

13) Zax Healthcare

Zax Healthcare Inc. is not your typical skincare company. They make unique first aid and skincare products called Zax’s Originals, designed to treat common skin conditions for you and your family. Pharmacists developed and made with natural ingredients, when in need put some Zax’s on it!

14) Revel

Revel is a community and events platform (free to join here!) for women in the second half of life who are looking for all sorts of things: enrichment, more fun, support, engagement, invigoration; you name it and we’re pretty sure we have it. We offer events, online forums, and resources and you can create or attend pretty much anything you can imagine. Our gatherings, both virtual and in-person, are created for and by our members. Take a moment to browse and you’ll find something that appeals for sure, whether an event that tackles sex and dating, self-care, outdoor activities or so many others.

15) Colourwarehouse Blog

Welcome to Colourwarehouse, the home of hair care. From how-to articles to reviews and tips, we show users how to apply professional hair care at home as a pro.

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