Best Wedding Look for Men

Dressing up for a wedding is certainly thrilling but also intimidating – especially for fellas who aren’t so into keeping up with fashion and trends. There is an incredible array of options that will make you forget about the boring black and white tux.   Follow these tips and tricks to make sure you stand out and shine on your big day.


Pants seem to be the insignificant part of the outfit, but an essential one. Pants can be a hit or a miss, and they should be taken seriously because a bad pair of pants can make you look ridiculous. Size is the key – you don’t want them to be loose and baggy, but you don’t want to wear skinny jeans to your wedding either. Be sure to find the right length for you, unless you’re going to a beach wedding – in that case, cuffed pants or even elegant shorts are eligible. Try to pass the basic white linen trousers and opt for the color and bright tones. You don’t have to go to the traditional black and white look. Burgundy, red and salmon are in at the moment, and colorful pants are a perfect way to jazz up the whole look.


Whilst building your dream look for the big day, it’s a good idea to start from something as significant as a suit. A suit can make or break the whole look, as it’s the first thing people tend to notice. Color is important and it can play a significant role in the whole outfit. You can mix and match different colors, play with materials and tones. Depending on the destination, the materials and colors can vary. If the wedding is located on the outskirts of London, men’s suits tend to be thicker and stiffer, made from fabrics such as cotton and corduroy, and wedding suits in Sydney tend to be lighter and made from wool. The size of the suit matters significantly – you don’t want it to be too loose or too tight. Poorly fitted clothes can make you feel uncomfortable and you definitely want to avoid that on your big day.


Shoes are obviously important, as they are the main accessory to any outfit. Apart from bringing the whole look together – they need to be comfortable as well. Since you will be standing all day and dancing your night away, you want to make sure that shoes are good quality and make you feel good and light on your feet. You can play with the material and texture of the shoes, perhaps matching your partner’s color, to make a detail stand out.


It’s all about the little eye-catching details that complete the whole look. Unavoidably: ties and bow ties. There is a plethora of styles, colors, and prints – and if styled correctly, they could bring the outfit to a whole new level. Floral ties are a great way to accessorize and play with prints, but stay classy and stylish, or you might end up looking like a drunk teen on graduation day. The good thing with these small details is that you can match them with your best man or all your male friends, regardless of the wedding has a theme or not. It’s a seemingly insignificant act that can mean a lot to you and your friends. Also, it’s completely normal to put a little makeup on as a detail that can further enhance your look. A little concealer to brighten up your face can make a difference, considering you’ll be taking lots and lots of pictures that day. Be sure to at least moisturize!

When choosing the perfect look, consider finding a piece of clothing that you love and try to build the whole outfit around it. It could be a bright and vibrant suit or an eye-catching tie – try to be open-minded. Clothing for grooms came a long way, and it’s time to let go of the traditional boring looks, and spice things up!

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