Bianco Carrara Marble – all You Need to Know

White marble rock

Carrara marble is one of the most elegant and beautiful natural stones on Earth. Characterized by soft grey and white tones with dark grey veins, this light marble variation combines a luxury finish with dynamic structural integrity. Bianco Carrara Marble can be used anywhere from a commercial entry foyer to a brand-new kitchen or an illustrious staircase. 

Historical Use

First quarried in Italy’s Tuscany region, the use of Carrara Marble dates all the way back to the days of Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. This robust and elegant natural stone formed the backbone for the glory of ancient civilizations – a key feature of many historic buildings, sculptures, and infrastructure. In fact, Carrara Marble even functioned as the prestigious building blocks of Michelangelo’s ‘David’ and ‘Pieta.’ 

Carrara vs Calacatta

Whenever these two stone types are mentioned, a certain level of confusion exists. Not only are they similar in name and make-up, but their differences can be hard to identify with an untrained eye. The first key difference surrounds appearance. Unlike the crisp white tones and deep veins of Calacatta, Carrara Marble comes in a light grey shade with softer subtle veins on the surface. 

While Calacatta Marble can be softer to the touch, this benefit comes alongside a higher price tag. When the price is a factor, Carrara Marble is hands down the most cost-effective alternative. Higher costs both arise at the point of purchase and the amount required for ongoing maintenance.

To summarise, Carrara Marble is a safe bet when affordability is your key concern. As we will go on to detail, however, this does not mean that you receive a stone of lower quality. 

Everyday Elegance

Carrara Marble is a deceptive substance – opulent in appearance yet incredibly robust and solid at its core. Like the grains present in timber, a marble’s veins enhance the appearance and offer another interesting visual element to an interior space. These fine and feathery veins make Carrara more than simply a slab of monochrome stone. 

Beyond function, Carrara Marble is primarily sought after for its high-end and luxurious aesthetic. Nothing quite combines style and function like this light yet earthy natural stone. While associated with tradition and neoclassical architecture, marble is experiencing a resurgence in popularity for modern fit-outs and renovations. Interior designers, architects, sculptors, and designers continue to opt for marble in both residential and commercial environments. 

Carrara Marble Countertops

From residential to commercial settings, Carrara Marble is a popular choice for countertops and benchtops alike. The subtle hues and light natural tones allow this marble to effortlessly blend into kitchens, bathrooms, living, and workspaces. Whether the design scheme is predominantly light or dark, Carrara’s soft grey readily complements either style with ease. 

In terms of function, properly sealed marble benchtops are an excellent investment. Their hard-wearing nature and structural integrity have firmly established Carrara Marble as the benchtop of choice for countless commercial kitchens around the globe. 

Which Sealer Should You Use?

The application of a purpose-made sealer is essential to any marble installation. As a naturally porous natural stone, this process is essential to prevent liquids from seeping into the countertop/benchtop. Therefore, a verified sealer will help to keep your Carrara clean and stain-free.

In this case, any stone sealer from SureSeal is sure to do the trick. SureSeal products are tried, tested, and proven to deliver lasting protection whilst retaining the marble’s natural shine. On the other hand, if the installer fails to apply an appropriate sealer your marble may be left open and exposed.

A whole kitchen is built using white marble as a basic construction material

Keep Acidic Substances Away

Carrara marble is a beautiful addition to any interior setting. However, unlike granite or reconstructed stone, marble can be incredibly porous. As a result, acidic substances and chemicals are Carrara’s kryptonite. Exposure to citrus, fruit juices, soft drinks, and other acidic material will wreak havoc on your marble slab, quickly seeping in and staining the surface area. 

When you have sunk money into a pristine and elegant piece of marble, the last thing you want is to be left with permanent stains and marks – particularly if the marble is positioned in a commercial environment. 


When the goal is to liven up and modernize an interior space, Carrara Marble is hard to look past. This natural Italian marble offers a unique blend of sophistication, toughness, and purity. For these reasons, its popularity in the renovation space continues to grow.

Marble slabs make for great countertops, bathroom vanities, and splashbacks – Lasting for years when well maintained. Carrara Marble tiles also come with a versatile range of uses. These tiles can be placed in bedrooms, bathrooms, showers, kitchens, hallways, and more. However, we must first caution that as an underfoot surface, it can be just as slippery as it appears.

Property Value

Whether you opt for Bianco Carrara Marble, their lasting value remains the same. This value primarily remains consistent because marble never goes out of style. In addition, a well-maintained marble countertop or bathroom vanity will retain its vitality and strength for years to come. 

Order the Appropriate Size and Thickness

Whenever you are acquiring a luxury stone, it is vital that you order the correct quantity. In some cases, businesses, homeowners, or architects order slabs at double the size they need. Even worse, not ordering enough can be truly disruptive to the construction or renovation process. For this reason, you may want to discuss quantity directly with the stone supplier/wholesaler prior to purchase. 

The Art of Bookmatching

Our last point of emphasis relates to the use of multiple large slabs of Carrara Marble. If you have never come across this term, book matching refers to the process of creating the perfect symmetry between two neighboring slabs – ensuring that the grain remains consistent and blends beautifully across the surface area. When executed correctly, this approach can produce a brilliant kaleidoscopic mirrored effect that further accentuates the aesthetic quality of your Carrara Marble. 

If this aspect is ignored, the resulting marble installation may look disjointed and rushed. 

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