Broadening Kid’s Taste Palates with Authentic Italian Cuisines

Looking at children and their choices, from a psychological standpoint, they are quite fond of a variety. The struggle they have each day while dressing up and insisting wearing the same shirt every day further solidifies this point. Very early on, they begin insisting and asserting a life of independence in choosing what they want to do. That is the same case with all aspects of their life—everything from choosing their footwear to being a choosy eater. So, then how do we begin to develop their taste palate.

Sources have it that Italian cuisine is one of the easiest cuisines to begin your children’s palate journey with. Pasta without sauce and merely simple seasoning are what kids are most accustomed to on a regular basis. They can easily adapt to the taste of pasta as they are bland in its original flavoring. So the right way to introduce a new taste into your kid’s palate is by developing on the already existing palate and adding in flavourful sauces. San Marzano marinara sauce is one such sauce that is best given to your kids first if you ask, what might be the right place to get these la san Marzano sauce – then yes- source these from authentic Italian food stores online that deliver to your doorstep.

Here is a recipe to help you gain your child’s confidence while broadening their food horizon:

1. Adding an Element of Surprise with Provencal Stuffed Tomatoes

Often the way into your kid’s tummy is through creative tricks that engage their senses. Kids love surprises, and using this element to get them to eat newer food combinations works wonders. Most kids play along as they love the attention they are being bestowed.

Essentially, surprising kids with a stuffed food option like provencal stuffed tomatoes turn out to be one of the best recipes you can try. They easily adapt to the juicy bite of yumminess by engaging their kid-in-candy-store moment, as they lift the top layer off the tomatoes to reveal a world of flavor in food.

Ingredients for the Recipe

Two tablespoons of olive oil (extra virgin olive oil works best)
One and a half pounds of ground meatloaf
One large chopped green pepper
Two cloves of sliced garlic
One bottle of San Marzano marinara sauce
Half a cup of chopped olives
Two teaspoons of light greek seasoning
Salt to taste
Five large Tomatoes
A handful of fresh oregano
One tablespoon of crumbled goat cheese
Some sliced onions

Note: Please source the products for the ingredients from authentic Italian stores.

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Firstly, heat up the oven to 350 degrees F
While it is still heating up, in a large nonstick skillet, pour olive and heat it up as well.
Add in the ground meatloaf mix, along with the sliced onions, chopped green pepper, and sliced garlic.
Cook this mixture over medium-high heat for about five minutes.
Now, stir in the san Marzano marinara sauce, chopped olives, light greek seasoning (add only a little), and sprinkle the salt for seasoning.
Leave it to cook for five more minutes.
While that is still cooking away, cut off the top from the tomatoes and spoon out all the pulp from within.
Now, in place of the pulp that is scooped out, fill it with the cooked meat mixture.
Place this on a skillet and bake it at 350 degrees F for five to seven minutes.
After it is cooked, garnish each of the open tomatoes with freshly chopped oregano and some crumbled goats cheese.
Now place back the chopped top on the tomatoes.


The sumptuous meal is ready to be devoured by your kids and you. Not only does it encourage the kids to explore newer flavors but also keeps them on their toes ever ready to try new food such as these that engage their senses to a surprise element.

Note: Is there a way to trick children into eating greens? Yes, of course! The best way to go about getting kids used to eat flavourful greens is by making sure that there are no large pieces of greens to scare them away with, at first. Instead, get them used to eating pesto sauces with their spaghetti.

These are some ways to go about broadening your child’s taste palate each day.

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