3 Steps to Find Your Zodiac Sign Love Match

It’s an exciting time to be single. We meet people we would never meet in real life thanks to dating apps. There are more opportunities than ever to find the right person (or people) for you as our perception of love, gender, orientation, and relationship evolves. The pick-up line “what’s your sign?” is as helpful as ever, whether you’re a girl or a boy.

However, if you struggle on your first date and find ways to break the ice, we would suggest that knowing your future match’s and your sign would be better. It would help you know whether you are compatible or not.

Is it possible to find a love match with any of the zodiac signs? Yes, we agree! It’s all about recognizing the distinct energies that exist between your signs, which are dictated by their separation. If you are worried about finding your zodiac love match, you should continue reading as we will suggest some easy steps that you can follow and find the perfect partner for yourself.

Know about the elemental classification of easy zodiac sign

Each sign has a fundamental meaning, bearing one or more characteristics of the earth’s natural powers, in addition to its constellation type. The following are the classifications:

The element of fire

Enthusiastic, confident, and charismatic are the characteristics of fire signs. They’re also resourceful, charming, and self-assured. Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries are all signs that can achieve fame and fortune if their signature strength is well-channeled. Fire signs can sometimes be needy, selfish, and vain. They can also behave rashly and can be hot-tempered.

The element of earth

Earth signs are loyal, grounded, and skilled at acquiring money. They like more refined things in life, such as fine dining and a glass of good wine. They’re sensual beings. Earth symptoms are thoughtful and practical. Earth signs may be inflexible and stubborn, just as they can be faithful. Usually, it’s their way or the highway for them. Their desire for material possessions can lead to overindulgence and laziness.

The element of air

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the air signs, and they are as sharp as a tack and very rational. They are excellent communicators and have excellent social skills. Instead of thinking emotionally, air signs think objectively and rationally. However, sometimes Air signs may be erratic, distant, and cold. They are unquestionably the signs that are most likely to abandon you or easily forget about you.

The element of water

Water signs are receptive, intuitive, and have a strong sense of self. They have an emotional component and are highly creative, and they feel everything. They can make great artists. They are devoted and caring individuals. However, they can also be irritable and suspicious at times.

Get to know about the compatible Zodiac signs

While looking at two people’s entire natal charts can give you the most in-depth look at astrological compatibility, you will usually find natural compatibility between two people whose birth charts have trines between their planets. The trine is the most positive and harmonious angle between two signs, indicating four signs apart.

There is a general zodiac rule, according to which the element of air is most compatible with fire, while earth and water signs are also said to make the best pair. Other compatibilities exist outside of the traditional elemental matches, and they often revolve around the complementary characteristics, tastes, and emotional actions of the various signals.

Sagittarius and Aquarius, Pisces and Capricorn and Virgo and Virgo are examples of good zodiac compatibility—people born under the same sign are also very compatible.

If you want to learn more about horoscopes and know which sign is more compatible for you, then we suggest you visit astrostyle.com and get to know about everything you want!

Check which signs have low compatibility

There are no genuinely incompatible signs in the zodiac; instead, there are varying degrees of compatibility, the strongest of which are given in the standard elemental pairings. Any two signs from different basic classes, on the other hand, are less likely to have the qualities needed to form a solid, long-lasting bond.

What causes incompatibility?

The most common cause of incompatibility is opposing personality characteristics, leading to conflict, and making communication difficult. Even if they are theoretically compatible, a specific feature of a sign can be too much for the sensibilities.

Finding your zodiac sign love match is just three steps away. All you have to do is follow these easy steps, get as much information as possible, and begin your hunt to find the perfect match!

Greenify Your Commute: 5 Tips for a More Eco-Conscious Drive

When you think about your workday and the things that you enjoy about it, does your daily commute immediately come to mind? If you’re not a fan of the to-and-fro ritual of getting to work, don’t worry: you’re not alone. Research has indicated that an employee’s daily commute is one of the least favorite parts of their workday, and for good reason.

Not only does your commute have a severe negative impact on the environment, but it also is terrible for your overall well-being, too. Sitting in gridlocked traffic has been shown to raise your blood pressure and cortisol levels, and that doesn’t even begin to touch on the damage it does to our already fragile ecosystem.

Fortunately, greenifying your daily commute doesn’t have to be a difficult task. By implementing these five simple tips, you can help reduce your carbon footprint and finally start to enjoy your workday a little bit more.


Work Remotely

These days, many employees are choosing to work remotely. Furthermore, these work-from-home numbers are expected to remain consistent in the coming years. The COVID-19 pandemic required many employees to take their work home with them, and once the quarantine has lifted, this change should still remain the norm.

If you’re looking to minimize your carbon footprint, why not just work from home? Not only will you be able to avoid the tedious commute and its toll on our already limited fossil fuels, but you can also enjoy the pleasure of working from the comfort of your own house. Even working from home one or two days a week can benefit the planet greatly.


Take Alternative Transit

One of the best ways you can reduce your fuel consumption in your commute is to consider alternative modes of transportation. Taking your city’s public transit system, whether it’s through the bus or a light rail, can help offset the wastefulness of your commute.

Of course, public transit isn’t the only way to get to work, either. More and more people are embracing e-bikes, as they are fast, efficient, and don’t leave them reeking of sweat when they get to work. Or, if you live close to your workplace, why not consider walking it in? You’ll get a nice, gentle cardio workout, and it’s arguably the greenest method of commuting possible!


Carpool with Coworkers

If you and your coworkers happen to live in the same neighborhood, it wouldn’t hurt to reach out to them and discuss the possibility of sharing a ride to work. Not only is this a more environmentally friendly way to commute, but it’s also a fantastic way to reduce the cost of your daily drive, as well.

Other benefits of carpooling include less wear and tear on your own vehicle, and you can share the cost of fuel between one another. Even if you can only get one or two coworkers together, you’ll still be doing a huge part in helping to protect the environment.


Invest In an EV

Today’s electric vehicles (EVs) have come a long way from previous generations. They get more miles to the charge, and they’re one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transportation available. The newer generations of EVs are also much more attractive and more sporty than older models, too.

Keeping your EV charged is fairly simple, too. Many of them can be charged overnight in your garage, but there are also many public car charging stations scattered around most mid-sized metropolitan areas. That way, you don’t have to be worried about running out of “fuel” when you’re only halfway home!


Work Longer Hours

This tip may seem counterintuitive, but don’t dismiss it before you give a moment or two of consideration. While nobody actually likes to work longer hours without an immediate, evident reward for their efforts, this one may be worth it for you. Sneaking an extra two hours on your workday, a mere four days per week, can pay off multifold. 

Not only will you have less of a commute to contend with, but you can also enjoy one extra day off per week, since you finished your workweek duties early. However, this suggestion isn’t for everyone. If the thought of 10-hour workdays is too much for you to bear, then it’s understandable if you decide to skip it.


A Greener Commute and Happier You

If you’re getting burned out on the 9-to-5 grind, and you’re ready to reduce the amount of time you spend in traffic, then now is your chance to introduce a positive change to your commute. By simply introducing one or more of these easy, eco-conscious transportation tips today, you can both help improve your health and benefit the planet for a better tomorrow.

Ultimate List of Things to do to Support Aboriginal Culture

Here in Australia there is a large amount of people who want to learn and understand more about the native aborigines. A recent study found that 54% of the general community in Australia would like to do more to close the gap between these two communities. A further 71% of people who were surveyed said that they are unsure as to how they can go about doing this. The most obvious option here is to ensure that we are doing all that we can to support the aborigine community, and here are some steps on doing just that.


Buying Products

The colors and patterns which the native people use in their artwork is truly spectacular and if you buy some of these items for your home, you will be directly supporting aborigines. At stores like Welcome to Country you’ll find a range of products online which you can buy, and you will be doing a great deal to support the community in the process.


Meet Aborigines and Ask Questions

 Aborigines love their cultural heritage and they are more than happy to discuss it. There are only so many books which you can read, but the real stories come from the mouth of the descendants of this fascinating culture. If you know aborigine people or meet them, don’t be afraid of asking more about their culture and way of life.


Buy and Listen to Aboriginal Music

 This country has a rich variety of aborigine musicians stretching across a board array of different styles. From rock to hip hop and everything in-between a lot of native musicians like to use their songs to teach more about the aborigine culture. Not only will you be learning through this route, but you can also ensure that you are supporting the culture financially.


Visit Ancient Sites and Contribute

 If you check the website for the Aboriginal Land Council you will find a huge array of sites where you can visit that will teach you more about this culture. There are sacred sites all over the country and many of them will have stores and learning centers. Here you will be able to get a better grasp of why these sites are important and also donate some money to the community to keep operations going.


Read Aboriginal Newspapers

 There are daily newspapers such as the Koori Mail which is a 100% aboriginal owned and run newspaper. This will give you news and insights on what is happening with the culture and will keep you up to date with what is going in that world. The newspaper can be found both in print and online, and you the proceeds of which go towards keeping the newspaper going and helping them to reach a broader market.


This is after all our heritage and it is essential that we all work hard on closing the gap and bringing aborigines back to the forefront of who we are as a nation.

4 Ways to Take a Technology Break

Living through a pandemic such as the one plaguing the world for the majority of 2020 into 2021, people relied on technology more than ever before. It was not only a safe window into the outside world; it was, in many cases, the only connection to family and friends. And for many people, technology was the only way to make a living while remaining safely inside their own homes.

And while tech is necessary in modern times, it’s important to take technology breaks and get out into nature. It’s essential to get fresh air and sunshine, and you need to give your eyes a break from the constant barrage of screens. So, here are four easy ways to step away from your electronics, even if it’s just for a little while.

Go For a Walk

One simple way for some technology-free time is to take a walk without your phone. That might seem crazy to those born after the invention of the cell phone, but if you have it with you on your walk, it can be too tempting to pay attention to it instead of your surroundings. 

Be sure to let someone know your route before you head out and approximately how long you’ll be gone. To keep track of time, instead of using your phone, strap on one of those antique watches sitting in your jewelry box and put it on your wrist so it can get some wear time.

Then, take some water with you, lace up your shoes, and enjoy a walk in the sun. It might be just the thing you need to rejuvenate your soul and reduce your stress level.

Take a Dive

If you have access to a pool, lake, ocean, or another body of water that allows swimming, take some time to dip in and have a swim. This is a good choice if you have trouble leaving technology behind because being in the water forces you to do so. 

Swimming is a good way to take your eyes off the screen and into the world, it’s good exercise and a powerful stress reliever. Bringing the family along is also a fun way to make memories and splashing around is usually popular with the kids.

Drive a New Way

Before GPS became available to the masses, it was pretty common to get lost on a drive, which wasn’t always bad. Taking a new route can lead to new discoveries and the possibility of seeing sights you wouldn’t otherwise see on your normal drive to wherever you’re going. You don’t have to go to the extreme of getting lost but take an effort to drive a different way to a familiar place and see what you might be missing.

Kitchen Science

Whether you know your way around the kitchen or not, it’s always fun to try a new recipe. But instead of looking one up on your phone or tablet, grab a cookbook, choose a recipe, and get cooking. The recipe’s newness will keep your mind occupied and away from your tech toys for the duration. Plus, you get to enjoy some new food with your family when the cooking is complete, so it’s a win-win.

Look Up and Take Notice

There’s so much technology all around us that it’s easy to get sucked in, stay there, and still never see all there is to see online. But it’s important to step away and get a much-needed break from the constant stream of information in front of your eyes. Making an effort to drink in your surroundings without technology will go a long way toward a balanced life.

How to Raise Eco-Conscious Children

In today’s hustle and bustle world, it’s easy to get caught up in the “single-use” mindset, especially when convenience threatens to prevail over eco-friendliness. From disposable flatware to fast fashion and even planned obsolescence in technology, it almost feels as though the cards are stacked against the planet. As a parent, how can you show your children how to maintain the same values that you have, when it already seems so hard in the first place?

Fortunately, teaching your child how to be eco-conscious does not have to be an impossible task. While there may be a little bit of pushback from them, especially in older children, you can still help shape and mold their behaviors to be more green. By starting at a younger age, though, you can help ensure that your children are both eco-friendly and proud to be so!


Introduce Them to the Great Outdoors

One of the best ways to teach your children how to love the environment is to help them become more acquainted with it. If they’re cooped up indoors all the time, how can they grow to fall in love with the beauty of Mother Nature? Instead, invite them to explore the outdoors with you. Whether you take them hiking with you or just on a stroll around the block, these are great ways to teach them how to love the planet they live on.


Take Them Shopping With You

Many children don’t realize where food comes from. As far as they’re concerned, a magical fairy refills the fridge with their favorite things to eat, and then you cook it for them. Not only should you be showing your kids how to prepare easy, eco-friendly, and healthy recipes, but you should also educate them about where their food comes from. While taking them to your local farmer’s market is ideal, even a trip to your grocery store is a step in the right direction.


Show Them How to Recycle

Kids learn by watching their parents, and your role as a sustainably-minded parent is extremely important. If they see you using paper plates and plastic silverware, then chucking it when you’re done, they’re going to emulate that. Instead, teach them the importance of recycling. Not only should you try to minimize your carbon footprint, though, but you also need to take the time to educate them about waste and recycling.


Help Them Live a Clean Life

Unfortunately, adolescence is generally the time that most people start experimenting with illicit drugs. Not only can substance abuse start your child down a dangerous path, not only possibly affecting their future but also your household, but it’s also not environmentally sound, either. Illicit drug manufacturing is terrible for the environment and can leach into our groundwater, poison innocent animals, and cause toxic byproducts in our waste. If you’re struggling with substance issues with teens, then it’s essential to get them the help they need right away.


Teach Energy Efficiency at Home

Most of us probably have memories of our fathers chiding us for leaving the lights on in rooms we weren’t in, asking if we were trying to light up the whole neighborhood. While it may have seemed like a joke at the time, the fact is, there’s a lot of merit to your dad’s complaints. To help shape your child into an eco-conscious adult, you need to show them the importance of energy efficiency while they’re still young. They should be taught to not waste water or electricity, and if possible, you may want to upgrade to more greener appliances in your home, as well.


Instill the Love of Walking and Biking

What child doesn’t love riding their bike around the block? Not only can teaching your child to ride their bike give them hours of enjoyment, but it can also help teach them about reducing their carbon footprint when traveling, too. If you’re just going to the shop around the corner, why pile into the car and needlessly waste fuel? Instead, lace up your walking shoes and have your kids tag along with you, either on bike or foot. This is also a great way to get gentle exercise as a family, too!

As you can see, showing your child how to be more environmentally friendly doesn’t have to be overly stressful or lead to needless tears. By employing actionable, simple ways to make your family more green, you can help teach your child to be smart, eco-conscious adults and instill good habits that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Taking Charge of Your Life

Do you find yourself constantly trying to appease others? That can you leave you in a situation where you are worn out and no longer living for yourself. If you continue to go down that path, you’ll have a lot of regrets later on. Thankfully, you have the ability to make positive changes that benefit your quality of life. 


The Homefront

A typical day for parents begins with getting children ready for daycare or school. It involves dressing, feeding, and driving all under stress. During the same timeframe, the parents are also getting dressed for work and collecting their thoughts for the job. 

That day-to-day chaos can make a sane person crazy. One way to reduce the madness and restore calm is to create a schedule. The organization is necessary to achieve order and a smooth flow of events. Picking out clothing the night before and having the bookbags, coats, and shoes ready will make the mornings uneventful. 


Aging Parents

Many adults with young children come face-to-face with where to put their aging parents. They currently live alone and are not able to care for themselves as they once did. Out of respect and gratitude, you may opt to have them move in. 

However, this is a huge undertaking and with children who have needs of their own and full-time jobs, this may not prove the best option. A better choice may be to sign on for private nursing care. A qualified person who works for a company can come a few days to bathe, cook and help with administering medications, taking a heavy burden from you. 


Your Health

Whether in your early 30s or approaching 60, maintaining your health will provide a good quality of life. Schedule an annual health checkup and if you feel off, contact your doctor and have them do a thorough physical. It’s also important to take ‘me’ time. Enjoy a day of self-pampering, and schedule a time to do the things you love. 


Faith in Your Abilities

Unfortunately, people stay in jobs that offer no incentive for advancement simply because they don’t have faith in their abilities. They figure they have a good-paying job and accept the terms. Taking charge of your life means that you no longer accept the status quo. If you’re not getting promoted within a certain time frame and there’s no room for advancement, you need to seek other employment. By remaining in place, you’re setting yourself back both emotionally and financially. 


Positive Energy

There’s something powerful about remaining positive. That is not to say that events in your life can cause you to be temporarily negative. However, when you focus on achieving goals instead of creating an endless wish list, things start to happen. Happy thoughts work the same as exercising. 

When you become energized about doing something your body releases endorphins and you instantly feel good. Being optimistic about a possible outcome enables risk. You try something instead of avoiding it because of the possible negative outcome. Reinforce your efforts by keeping a circle of friends with the same positive attitude towards life. 



Your intuition comes from a lifetime of experiences. When something happens your brain recalls similar situations and causes a gut reaction. You meet someone for the first time and either instantly like or dislike them. Or, you encounter a problem and instead of reacting in a negative manner, you work your way through it calmly. Listening to your mind and body can benefit you. 



A mounting pile of bills can cause enormous amounts of stress. In order to take control of your life, you need to get your finances in order. Create a household budget and stick to it. A budget will allow you to realize your dreams of financial prosperity. You will learn how to avoid wasteful spending and establish savings for things like a home, a car, vacations, and retirement.  

You have one life to live. By taking charge of your life you’re promoting health, happiness, and financial success.

Why you should go for platinum bands for your wedding

Men these days are interested in jewelry pieces more than ever before. It is platinum, white gold, Palladium, or others; choosing a metal for the wedding or engagement ring is a significant step. Moreover, selecting the piece of metal and the style of the band plays a crucial role. It will have a critical impact on the longevity of the peace of jewelry. Most men are often fussy with their jewelry pieces. It is because of the limited options they have. Platinum bands are of higher price undoubtedly. However, white metal is the most popular among males. Keep in mind that you pay a high amount for a more robust metal and require less maintenance.


Why are platinum bands a better alternative to others?

 In answer to this question, market surveys will be beneficial. There are countless reasons you must opt for platinum bands, as there are some fewer known reasons accompanying this piece of metal.


  • The color of the platinum band stays the same: The platinum band will remain the same for a long time. Keep in mind that everything that shines does not stay the same for a longer duration. However, platinum bands are an exception in this regard. Thirty years down the line, you will experience the same shine and shimmer. You may look into mensweddingbands since 2007 to grab an understanding of their evolution. It is a white metal that requires less maintenance. It remains the same in terms of color and glitter.


  • You can pass it down to future generations: Another significant piece of justification that you must contemplate that platinum bands are known for their longevity. It is a precious metal that stands the warranty of time. It is a durable piece of metal that you can choose for your wedding band. Keep in mind that when the metal is scratched, only a little bit of metal is lost. Gold, on the other hand, results in a faster metal loss. Moreover, platinum maintains its volume and develops a smooth finish, which improves the character.


  • It protects the diamond: Some platinum bands come with a delicate diamond solitaire. The white color of the metal, which does not change over time, gives you peace of mind as you do not have to worry about color reflection. White gold and yellow gold reflect stones and enhance the appeal. The white color of the platinum enhances the overall look and brilliance of the diamond stone.


  • Platinum is safest for diamonds: Platinum provides a diamond with the safest setting It is because of the durability and strength of this metal. When you choose platinum, it ensures that the diamond will be safe. The prongs will hold onto the diamond in place with strength. Keep in mind that platinum moves with force and does not break. It is thereby an option to invest.


Platinum bands have become a popular piece of jewelry item among men. It provides you higher quality and can give you a sense of prestige. Keep in mind that your investment in this piece of jewelry will stand the test of time.

Times Are Tough, But Together They’re Going to Get Better

One of the unfortunate impacts of our shared experiences in 2020 and beyond is a growing economic uncertainty. More and more families have to tighten their belts and adapt to a new standard in the way they live their lives. 

Even though things have become problematic, they’re not impossible. In fact, if you can just take a moment, focus on all that you have available to yourself and your family, and find a perspective of gratitude, there’s a lot to be optimistic about in your life. 

Leadership is a skill that requires taking the objectives needed for everyone’s success and making those the foundations for your operations. 

Effective leadership is learning the art of listening and using that input to refine your team members’ foundational keys. 

Understanding that many of your team members may be experiencing different levels of anxiety and stress, whether economic concerns, food uncertainty, or adapting to all the changes that our current situation requires, is crucial for effective leadership. 

Model The Behaviors You’d Like To See

Leaders aren’t just in the workplace. Leadership at home is just as crucial, if not more, than it may be at work. Setting the tone as it were, establishing positive habits, and continuing to move forward in life are all traits that you can model for your family.

One of the specific areas you can model positive behaviors in the home and workplace is taking control of your health and wellness.

Making substantial changes in what you eat, how much you consume, and getting regular exercise will establish healthy behaviors that you can show and others can model after. 

Keto Diet Basics

One of the more popular formats for improving health right now is the Keto diet. The keto diet is shorthand for a ketogenic process that focuses on the body burning fat over carbohydrates and is a popular trend for weight loss. 

A keto diet works because it focuses on getting the body to produce ketones that make fuel by having the liver release and burn stored fats. 

Intermittent Fasting Basics

Another new dietary trend is intermittent fasting. The intermittent fasting process doesn’t specify what to eat, preferably the best times to eat, with a fast of 16-hours for a day or a full 24-hours on a twice-a-week schedule. 

The Truth About Resolutions

You can model good behaviors at home and work, create an exercise schedule and personal time for meditation or reflection. 

The goal should not be to make a significant change in your health all at once. Studies show that resolutions have a high failure rate because making a behavioral change is too broad and too extreme. 

Regardless of what you’re trying to change, as a leader, whether it’s as an employer or parent, effective leadership requires you to set a course of action, give your team members tools to succeed, becoming a better communicator, and modeling the behavior you want others to adopt. 

And if parenthood is a struggle for you right now, there are alternative ways to be acting as a parent. Whether it’s adopting or fostering children, there are alternative options for people who would like to parent but may need assistance. If you need to look for alternative ways to become a parent, seeking adoption services and foster care agencies are a good option. 

Whether you are one of the many struggling right now or can help others out, how you model your behavior helps educate others in your sphere of influence to learn what is expected and acceptable behavior. 

Lead By Example

Leaders set an example both in their words but, more importantly, in their actions. Making a behavioral change is a clue to others that you’re able to seek out and act upon personal improvement and helps those team members adopt the same self-improvement philosophy. 

It’s easy for leaders to lose sight of what matters, they are busy, have to examine the short and long-term objectives, and focus on personal concerns. 

By focusing your attention outward, elevating others to succeed is a process that requires a leader to set up the steps needed for success, show how it benefits those in your influence, and make lasting positive changes in your own life is a great way to lead by example. 

The saying, “everyone is going through with something you don’t see, be kind,” has never proven to be more accurate than it has lately. Whether you’re the leader of a big organization or your family, being kind to each other is advice we can all use in our lives.

Improving Your Quality of Life

While there are no guarantees in life, there are things you can do to promote health, happiness, and a bright financial future. Listed below are a few tips for achieving a better quality of life. 


Advancing Your Career

Living paycheck to paycheck can cause an enormous amount of stress. You remain at a job that offers no room for advancement, limiting your ability to increase your earnings. Changing your current financial status is something in your control. For instance, if you work in construction, taking online classes to earn a master’s in construction management will put you in the position to improve your earnings. 


Learning to Save Money

Some people have a knack for saving money. They work hard and live a frugal lifestyle, reaping the benefits of their smart money management. Others develop reckless spending habits that prevent them from financial independence. Learning how to save money will allow you to achieve set goals. If an unexpected expense comes along, you’ll have the funds to cover it. Budgeting your money provides a means to save for the things you need and the things you want.


Positive Energy

Things will happen throughout your life, some good some unpleasant. Viewing the glass as half full instead of half empty will let you work through any misfortunes. Remaining positive calms the mind and gives you the skills to tackle difficult problems. Surrounding yourself with those who think positive is also beneficial. 


Stop Procrastinating

Procrastinating brings about unnecessary stress and can lead to many missed opportunities. By putting things off you’re only extending your to-do list. This can cause overwhelming feelings of anxiety, exhaustion, and lower self-esteem. You may miss job-related deadlines that prevent a promotion or lose the faith of a loved one. If your procrastination results from too many promises made without the time to keep them, learn how to say no when you cannot commit.


Plenty of Rest

If you get up early each day and stay up late each night, you might be burning the candle at both ends. A lack of sleep can have a negative impact on your health and your emotions. You wake in a fog that never leaves. You have reduced focus and patience, and mood swings. When you drive, you’re endangering yourself and others on the road. You may also put yourself at risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, and weight gain. 


If you have trouble falling asleep, eliminate caffeine and sugar a few hours prior to bedtime and try taking a hot relaxing bath with sleep-inducing fragrances like camomile or lavender. 


Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Even a few extra pounds can cause emotional and physical problems. The good news is you can get your weight under control. Eating a well-balanced diet and limiting your intake of salt, sugar, and saturated fats is necessary. Along with eating healthy foods, regular exercise for 30 to 40 minutes, 3 to 4 times weekly will keep your body strong on the inside and outside.  


Take a Break

Life can be hectic, especially when you work full time and are raising children. It’s important that you take a timeout to relax and unwind. Meditation and yoga are two excellent ways to relax the body and calm the mind. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to tackle whatever else life tosses your way. 


Eliminate Bad Habits

Everyone has a few bad habits. However, annoying someone by leaving dirty clothes scattered throughout the home is not harmful to your health. Bad habits such as smoking, excessive drinking, and doing drugs can take a toll on your overall health and possibly lead to an early demise. Make the choice to kick any of these bad habits as soon as possible. 


No one knows for certain how long they will remain on this Earth. However, you can improve your chances of sustaining a good quality of life while you’re here.

Five Must-Have Bags for the Jetsetter

Having the right bag is everything. For avid travelers, a well-chosen vehicle for your must-haves (and then some) can make or break any occasion on a trip. Add to your must-haves these five bags, and you’ll find yourself both chic and prepared. 


The Crossbody

For the moments you need to feel freer than a Costco sample. Relieve both your hands and your arm muscles by carrying the bare-minimum that can hang lackadaisically on your person: phone, ID, and credit cards. A crossbody carries all these plus one or two others: a tube of lipstick or sunglasses, for instance. They’re also highly secure and lessen the likelihood of getting pickpocketed. 


The Briefcase

For the masculine piece to protect your most professional assets, and for the executive, the writer, the coffee shop telecommuter. Briefcases are simple, straightforward, no-nonse, but not without a style of their own. Nothing says professional and poised like a great leather home for your precious laptop and briefings. Briefcases, by the way, needn’t be men-only (but while we’re at it, a great men’s gift idea is a stylish, modern briefcase among one of these business bags for men).


The Backpack

For the bookworm, the writer, the heftier-essentials carrier. If you’re spending an entire day walking, backpacks can carry a book and a laptop (hey, it’s tough not to leave the house with both!), something to eat or drink, and other essentials. With a backpack, your hands remain free, of course, but you’re still prepared to bring shopping bags home with ease or to carry your lunch leftovers from the restaurant back to the hotel. Good backpacks should be built for daily (if not daily) use: choose one with sturdy fabric, like leather or canvas, tight stitching, and strong zippers. And as cute as drawstring-opening backpacks may look on top, beware of their tendency to sometimes spill out its contents.


Traveler’s tip: for extra security, place items in your backpack’s inside pockets-not the outside ones-to avoid getting pickpocketed. 


The Carry-On

For the fabulous and carefree weekenders, and the strategic and minimal packers. The standard size for airline carry-on bags is 14 by 22 inches. Pack anywhere from a weekend trip to a week-long excursion (yes, it is possible with a carry-on!), and enjoy the satisfaction of carting around your entire life simply, in a wheeled suitcase.  


Traveler’s tip: To achieve the minimal packing job, lay out everything you think you need, halve it, then halve it again. It may sound crazy, but you really do need less than you think.


The Week-Plus Suitcase

For the traveler that likes her options-no matter where she finds herself. This is really where investment is key. When we’re talking about the shell. out. extra. I’m talking sturdy wheels that can withstand the weight of a larger bag, scratch-resistant exterior, outside and inside pockets, shoe and garment bags, design-savvy internal compartments, and a solid warranty. Quality wheels on a quality bag bear repeating. No one wants to drag a heavy suitcase through cobblestone streets in an unfamiliar area because the wheels on your now-stuffed suitcase weren’t up for the job. 


Traveler’s tip: Get real fancy with it by finding a bag that can charge your cell phone. Hello, twenty-first century. 


Bottom line: whatever your errand or occasion, there’s a bag for that. Choose wisely, and keep the features important to you in mind. Consider design and practicality-is this something you’re comfortable and confident carrying wherever you go? If so, then click “Buy” and travel in style!