The Language of Flowers: What They Mean and How to Use Them

Flowers are a universal gift for any occasion, from birthdays to expressing love, congratulations on new beginnings, or even condolence gestures. However, the significance and importance of flowers go beyond their beauty and sentimental value.

They have been known since ancient times as messengers with hidden meanings that powerfully convey emotions without words. This system of coded meanings attributed to plants is called “The Language of Flowers” or floriography.

In this post, we’ll explore the origin and significance of different flowers, alongside how you can use them creatively in your daily life. 

Sit tight and read on!

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History and Significance

For centuries, people have used flowers symbolically as codes for communication when direct expressions were prohibited because it was considered improper back then. Floriography is thought to have originated from Persia and Turkey, more than six centuries ago. It gained popularity during the Victorian era as a way to communicate secret messages by exchanging bouquets or wearing them on clothes.

Each flower had its own distinct meaning depending on its species, color variation, or even petal count. This concealed meaning needed to be interpreted carefully, however, so the underlying sentiment would not be misunderstood.

This was an essential factor at the time when social etiquette mandated keeping everything under strict decorum. Therefore, it became increasingly popular among civil society ladies’ (and later spread globally).

Notably, many cultures adopted flower symbolism, often with slight variations based on the cultural beliefs of certain societies.

Common Flowers and Their Symbolism

Roses – The Unquestionable Symbol of Love/Romance/Gratitude

An excellent example is Rose which comes in vibrant hues representing diverse feelings. For instance, red roses signify passion toward someone you’re romantically interested in. On the other hand, yellow roses symbolize platonic admiration and friendship bonds.

If you want to show gratitude or say “thank you” to a dear one, one of the best ways to do so is to say it with pink roses in a beautiful arrangement. Orange roses are often associated with energy and enthusiasm, whereas white roses denote purity-related sentiments such as innocence or reverence.

Lilies – A Representation of Purity, Divinity 

Lilies are mainly flowers of the Christian religion and have a plethora of meanings associated with them in diverse contexts. The most popular interpretation, it symbolizes purity and innocence.

That’s essentially why they are widely used in weddings as bouquets for brides. The lily associates with new beginnings and pure dreams ahead. In churches, however, lilies are also commonly used in funeral wreaths to denote that the deceased passed but will reawaken into everlasting life.

Iris – Signifier of Wisdom and Passionate Ideas 

The Iris holds an ancient Greek mythological reference, symbolizing wisdom, strength, and courage. It’s thought to have been named after the goddess who delivered messages from Olympus to humans on Earth. Among Christian societies, however, they are commonly used as a symbol of hope and faith. Therefore, thoughtfulness is important when gifting irises may have varied meanings. 

Chrysanthemums – Symbolic Integrity and Permanence 

In China and Japan, chrysanthemum sculptures can be seen throughout their cultures– representing cheeriness, friendship, or a newborn. They are also globally recognized as among the best gifts for Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, birthdays, and even funerals.

Creative Uses in Daily Life

Besides making great gifts for special occasions, here are other ways you can creatively use these magnificent creations of nature in everyday life.

  • Decorative Statement Pieces

Instead of empty vases on display add colorful fresh blooms scrunched together into water-filled transparent glass bottles. It’s an amazing way to uplift the aesthetics of your kitchen, living room, or any part of the house. Make sure to choose blossoms that complement the colors in your design, accentuating walls, flooring, and finishing to ensure a harmonious look.

  • For Stress Relief

Using and admiring flowers can help reduce stress levels too. Their beautiful petals and pleasant aromas have been used for decades in relaxation therapy.

  • Making A Personal Statement

Flowers are a perfect way to represent your individuality, just like tattoos. Besides displaying fresh blooms in your living room, you could also display personalized flower upholstery with uncommon patterns on your wall, floor mats, or curtains for a striking appeal and personal statement.

  • Gift Ideas Beyond Anything Usual

Instead of mundane regular gifts on special occasions, why not present an incredibly creative bouquet held together by pearls and jewels? This could make the recipient feel precious, influencing heartwarming emotions beyond what words could express.

As you can see, flowers are not just pretty little things that make us happy. Though they do indeed bring joy, they also possess a deeper symbolic meaning that goes beyond aesthetics. From showing sympathy to expressing love, and even apologizing, different types of flowers can communicate different messages.

They can be used for different purposes as well, including as gifts on certain special occasions or celebrations. The above few pointers will hopefully keep you informed and help you choose just the right flowers for the right reason –and season!

Best Outdoor Activities to Relax Yourself

Most of us would love to go out and run every day in the cool air while on the road, and we all know that science shows that spending time outdoors is good for us. But where do you start? Take some inspiration from Regatta and try a few of these activities, and you will find a new hobby that can help you enjoy nature in your next vacation.


Mountains are a common activity for going out. Routes are available all over the world at all levels of experience, but passing the first few miles of any hike will take you out of the tourist area and be very alone with nature. Or combine mountaineering and camping on a backpacking trip to really fit out.

Star Gazing

Another great benefit of getting out of the city when you are traveling is the night sky. It is free from minimal pollution, you can look at stars, planets, meteors and more. Finding a beautiful place in the sky or a place far from the cities can open up a place for leisure and good astronomy.


To find excuses to stand on the river and enjoy the sounds, smells and scenery of some of the most beautiful scenery, try fishing by plane. Fishing is a completely productive activity that you can enjoy with children, grandparents or anyone else. With enough practice, you can even catch a trout cutout trout

Horseback riding

Most people can avoid this, citing a lack of knowledge about horses, but most jobs have horses for riders of any experience including anything. Horses can take great distances in a short time, covering an area that would otherwise be difficult or inaccessible.

Bicycling + Mountain biking

On the road or on the road, spending time on the bike allows you to slow down and get to your destination. Cycling in the mountains can provide the ultimate adrenaline rush, while cycling on the road can offer the experience of peace and tranquility. Ride your bike or rent one where you go, and your chances of exploring are already increasing

Whitewater Rafting

Are you looking for adrenaline that will suit your nature? Look for white water rafting in your destination, especially if you are going to a mountainous area. Rafting will allow you to connect with the strong side of nature while enjoying the comfort of a group with an experienced guide.

Rock Climbing

For a more physical and challenging exterior, try your hand at rock climbing. You may feel like going up in the gym, but the real rewards lie in using those skills outdoors. Many popular tourist destinations are rising sharply in the day trip range.

Skiing + in the snow

For many people, hiking in winter means warmer weather, but you can always cover things up by discovering some mountains and learning how to enjoy the snow most of us are afraid of every February. Gathering near the fireplace is good, but it is best after a day spent painting the powder in amazing places in winter. If you feel fast and organized, snow boots are another great way to get out of the snow this winter.

Consumer Behavior Changes in 2021

In a year when nothing could be predicted, consumers were actually like that. Clear consumer behavior over the past few months, even if circumstances have changed.

Advertisers are now looking to emerge from this epidemic with new ways and flexible business models to gain more customers.

1.      Hybrid Purchase Vision

The epidemic has changed the way people shop, but not in the way you can cut and dry as you can imagine. The future of shopping will not be as easy as switching to the internet while brick-and-mortar stores become nostalgic. In fact, 46% of consumers still like to shop inside because they see and hear the products and even those who like to shop online show that they do not just do it.

2.      Longing for Freedom

The Brands had to be creative at a time when business models were transformed and undermined due to measures to distance people. Last year saw high-end restaurants offering exits, retailers added curbside options, and measures that promote hygiene such as cash-free payments and offline delivery are gaining momentum. Consumers are less likely to want to let these simple things go.

As safety precautions increase, product types will need to think about how they will start operating normally while also providing easy add-on options for regular consumers and may continue to demand.

Behavior: Consumers will choose products that offer more convenient service options.

3.      Houses Become Hubs

The home was where people went when they did nothing else. Now? This is where we can do almost everything.

Home is where we eat and sleep, but also where we work. Where we shop. Where we exercise. Homes have become places of our most important work in life, and that does not go away quickly. What we do in our homes has changed forever. Accenture found that 46% of people plan to work remotely more often. Sales of expensive home exercise equipment such as treadmills and stationary bikes have grown significantly by 2020 as people have been working from home.

Smartphones, tablets, and other devices have enabled us to communicate face-to-face with family and friends from afar. Today, we are completely immersed in such participation.

Now that consumers have invested in their homework, we may see them sticking to the aftermath of the epidemic. Products whose products can benefit from this practice (such as home furniture) can make money, while products with their own traditional models depending on the customers they come to will need to adjust (such as gyms that offer indoor and outdoor gym classes).

Takeover: buyers will be happy to return to normal, but will still make a lot from home.

4.      Reliability is not provided

Building customer loyalty has long been one of the surest ways to make money and sell. But does customer loyalty to products see a decline?

The resulting behavior? Buyers will try many options, and they will choose the ones they like best without the previous purchase history.

Product reliability is still important and effective, but companies will never think it has been delivered.

5.      Local experience.

Customers who choose an offline business rather than an online partner want one thing above all else: a decent experience – the best of the best. When asked, 90% of respondents said they could return to business when they had a good experience in the area.

Action: Many businesses think of their investment in experience as good to have, but by 2021, forward-thinking businesses should look at what has happened as a unique way to make money.

With simple integration, safety, a healthy atmosphere, efficiency, and good customer service, those who create customer experience can continue to isolate themselves and achieve success regardless of the broader social climate.These are some massive changes faced by #2021customers due to the given situation of the year.

Summer Skin Care Tips You Should Follow This Summer Season

Summer is practically here, which means new outfits, adventures and of course, skincare. Since weather is slowly becoming warmer, it’s important to adopt skincare tips that will keep your complexion fresh, glowy and protected from heat and pollution. But, that’s often easier said than done, especially if you lack sufficient knowledge regarding certain products and skincare steps.

So for that reason, here are some useful tips that will help you achieve your skin goals this summer.

Know your skin

There are different skin types, and they all require different care. If your skin is dry and dehydrated, then it’s important to use nourishing products free from alcohol and other drying ingredients. On the other hand, if you have sensitive skin, then it’s essential to use products that are free from ingredients that might cause redness and irritation. So in order to achieve the best possible results, you should get to know your skin and its characteristics, so you’ll be able to choose the best products and adopt appropriate habits and practices.

Modify your routine

If you happen to have oily or combination skin, then chances are that some products might be too heavy for you during summertime. Some creams and oils contain heavy ingredients such as argan oil and shea butter that can clog your pores and cause further issues such as acne and blackheads. Therefore, be sure to modify your routine by using lighter products that will ensure maximum nourishment and protection without feeling too heavy on your skin. If you’re using face oil, then it’s best to apply it at night, after your favorite moisturizer.

Use targeted treatments

It’s been well-known that the basic skincare routine requires two steps: cleansing and moisturizing. However, if you tend to have issues with blackheads, whiteheads and regular acne, then targeted treatments can be of huge help: serums like niacinamide, salicylic acid and retinol can have a huge impact on your skin if you use them according to the instruction. So, if you’re looking to update your skincare shelf, feel free to consider using these types of products, as they can improve skin barrier and clear your complexion.

Don’t be afraid to splurge a little


Skincare doesn’t have to be expensive in order to work, but if you want to experience maximum benefits and results, then don’t be afraid to splurge a little. There are luxury skin care brands that can yield amazing results if you’re patient and consistent enough. Investing in a quality cream, serum or an oil can add a whole new layer of care and protection, so feel free to invest a little in order to experience the best possible effects. This can be extremely beneficial if you have sensitive skin, because it’s been well-known that high-end brands invest more effort to come up with the most effective formulations and ingredients.

Learn how to use skincare products

Not all products are the same, which is why it’s important to learn how to use them properly. Cleansing is the first step, so be sure to use a gentle cleanser for 60 seconds as that will surely clear your skin from all the impurities that get accumulated throughout the day. After that, you should use a toner and above-mentioned targeted treatments. The application of products should be from thinnest to thickest, meaning, water-based serums should always come before heavier creams and oils.

Protect your skin from the sun

If there’s one skincare step that should be your holy grail, then it’s wearing a quality SPF that can protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB sun rays. Sunscreen application should be the last step in your routine, especially if you plan to go outdoors. Also, be sure to choose sunscreen that will ensure maximum protection during the summer, mainly if you have fair and sensitive skin that burns easily. Choosing the perfect SPF cream might require some time, so make sure to take this seriously. A quality sunscreen should be lightweight enough, so it won’t clog your pores and leave a white case. In case you wear makeup on a regular basis, then feel free to invest in setting spray that contains SPF.

In conclusion

Summertime is a fun time, however that doesn’t mean you should neglect your skin. On the contrary, you should make sure to treat your skin properly during the summer. Wearing sunscreen regularly and using products aimed at your skin type will help you achieve a beautiful and healthy complexion during the summer.

Want to Step Up Your Dress? Here is What You Should Do

Your clothes are an essential part of your lifestyle. They define how people see and interact with you to an extent. No doubt, you have the right to wear whatever you like. But have you thought of what that does to your persona? Clothes are not just about covering the body, they communicate a language, which aligns with other elements, including occasion and season. For example, people who wear cool breezy flowing clothes during summer communicate a message, which says, “It’s hot and I need to be free.” But it doesn’t end there, you may wear your clothing to create an impression – attract some admirers. But not everyone understands such language. Hence, this guide is here to show the way.

Having an Amazing Shopping Experience with the Right Dress

When shopping for clothes, one mistake people make is focusing solely on the fabric and forgetting that they are also essential. Colours, occasion, material, cut, shape, and even labels all influence what cloth you take to the store’s checkout counter. You may not be aware, though, that your body shape is indeed considered. This is an important consideration when looking for a dress that suits “you” in such a way that your physical characteristics are highlighted. For example, if you have an hourglass body shape, clothing designed for an oval shape individual will not suit you.

Another aspect worth considering is the style of clothing. Similar to body shape, styles play an essential role in highlighting your best qualities. You can accessorize to get the best look. While shopping for dresses for women, check out clothes that match your preferred style. If you love long dresses, stick to them. Going for a mini dress may counter your preference, and, in turn, affect your looks.

Sizing is Essential to Getting the Right Match

Sizing is as important as your body shape. There is no point in purchasing a dress that falls in your body shape category if it will not fit. Test your choice outfit before checking out of the store. For online shoppers, visiting an online store that has a size chart will save your time, money, and other resources. Some of these virtual stores have measurements and size charts are contrasting to the ones you use. As such, adding a dress from a catalogue to the checkout page without verifying its actual size may affect your shopping experience. Use the size chart provided by the store to get the best fit.

Highlighting Your Physique

Do you have a small waist that needs highlighting? Choose a fitting outfit with flares to accentuate that part. Your lower section should spot a dress with a strong neutral colour, while you highlight the waist with a bold, block-coloured material. By doing this, you focus more attention on your upper section. If you want to downplay your bust area, opt for long shirt dresses. To accentuate your large bust or curvy silhouette, get a wrap dress. This piece of clothing wraps around your body, stopping at your waist. You can either tie or clip it. Wrap dresses form around your curves smoothly without grabbing other areas.


How to Maximize Your Heat Pump Performance During Winter

Do you know that heating can account for over 35% of your winter power bill? That’s why choosing the best heating option for your home is essential.


Heating pumps are also more cost-effective than traditional ones since they move heat rather than generate it. That said, they’re more energy-efficient and cost-effective in keeping you warm during the winter season.

Heat Pump Works Differently in the Winter

In case you don’t know, heat pumps work differently during winter.


There are also a few precautions that you should be aware of. Thus, you should talk with an Auckland heat pump installer Air Conditioning Specialists before purchasing heat pumps.

6 Tips for Maximizing Heat Pump Performance

Here are six helpful tips that can help you ensure your heat pump performance during winter:

Stop setting it at a high temperature

Placing the settings up to the 90s won’t heat your house any quicker.


What it will do, however, is to burn more energy, especially if your system has an auxiliary/emergency (electric) heat back up.


When you equip your system with a handy home thermostat tailored for a heat pump system, this ensures more comfort and savings on your part.


That’s because the system isn’t turned off when you’re home, allowing you to create a schedule and ensuring a warm, cozy place once you get back.

Clean your filters regularly

Your heating pump circulates air which will pass through a fine mesh filter found inside the heating pump.


Therefore, it’s no surprise that the heat pump will work more efficiently if the dust filter is clean. Clean filters protect the lifespan of your system. It also ensures good indoor air quality.


The dirty air filter will restrict the airflow, and if it’s filled with gunk, your heating pump’s heating function will be working a lot harder.

Reserve “Emergency Heat” for actual emergencies

Just what the name is implying, you should only use this for emergency purposes. Not only is this highly inefficient, but it will drive up your energy bills as well.


Often, this is used when there’s an issue with the first stage of heating (the heat pump itself.)


Let’s say that your place is cold (the heating isn’t working correctly,) and you went out to find out that a tree fell, crushing your heat pump. This is the perfect time to switch to Emergency Heat.


Save your emergency heat only for real emergencies.

Familiarize the different modes of your heat pump

You also have to know the different heat pump modes. Know these different heat pump modes so that you’ll know what works best.


Generally, you might want to avoid the Auto Mode and opt for the Heating Mode instead.


During the Auto Mode, your heat pump stays at a set temperature. It will then switch to cooling and heating each time the room temperature changes to help maintain the equilibrium.


These changes lead to waste of energy. Therefore, Auto Mode is an inefficient way of using your heat pump.

Don’t cover your system

Your system is tailored to survive outdoors. So, you don’t need to cover it during winter. In fact, it’s counterproductive. Covering it at this time can lead to severe issues later on, like mold growth and pest infestation.


If the weather is frigid, then it’s better that you leave the ice alone. That’s because it’s sharp and dangerous to your system, and your heat pump can manage this well during defrost mode.


Defrosting the frozen components of your system is part of normal winter operations. But you have to be aware that this cycle is typically short.


If your system stays this way for a long time, you might have to call a heating repair professional.

Don’t skimp on maintenance

You need regular professional cleaning and maintenance of your heat pump as well. This should be done at least once yearly. Doing so ensures efficient performance and avoids any unexpected breakdowns.


Doing it during the spring and fall also ensures that your systems work efficiently during extreme weather conditions. Therefore, it prevents the need to use emergency services.




If you want to cozy up for the cold weather, make sure to follow the tips listed above. That way, you can maximize your heat pump’s performance during the winter season

Top 5 Restaurant Design and Decor Trends for 2021

Hopefully, the COVID-1 pandemic is getting under control, which means that in many places, restaurants are cautiously starting to open again. Even though most of us spent the majority of 2020 in our homes, that doesn’t mean that this year is going to be the same. Many restaurant owners are trying to come up with new enticing ideas to attract new customers. So, if you own a restaurant, this is the ideal chance to redecorate it to make it more natural, eco-friendly, appealing and prettier. So for that reason, here are the latest restaurant design and decor trends that you might consider for your establishment. 

Wooden elements to bring outdoor peace and serenity 

Wooden elements in the restaurant idea. They make space look cozier and home-like, which should be the ultimate goal. The best part about wooden indoor design elements is that they’re equally appealing to all demographics, so if you decide to incorporate them, then you’ll likely see a lot of different customers coming in and coming  are always a good back. If sustainability matters to you, feel free to use reclaimed wood and other sustainable materials that will make your space more eco-friendly and interesting to like-minded customers. 

Some plants will soften the interiors

Keeping plants is quite trendy right now, especially among the millennial population on TikTok and Instagram. Therefore, adding some easy-to-maintain plants to your restaurant will likely improve the perception of the space. Plus, keeping indoor plants is beneficial to one’s health, and if your restaurant has an indoor smoking area, then be sure to place plants there to improve the air quality. Plus, plants are guaranteed to provide your restaurant with a lively, friendly and eco-friendly vibe. 

Mixing and matching furniture

Mixing and matching furniture might seem strange, but if it’s done well, it can yield some amazing results. However, it’s important to pay attention to the colours, shapes and size of each piece, so they’ll be able to look cohesive, even when totally different. If you’re looking for some extraordinary pieces, you can check out the cafe furniture company, as chances are, you’ll be able to find something for your café or a restaurant. Mixing and matching furniture is the sure way to make your place authentic and unique. 

Experiment with the ceiling

Sure, you can just paint the ceiling, install some lighting fixtures and just be done with it. However, turning your ceiling into a work of art is a 2021 trend that is likely to stay. This is probably due to the fact that a decorated ceiling can bring a whole new dimension to your restaurant. Of course, if you don’t have any concrete idea, you can just paint the ceiling in a bright colour such as turquoise, yellow or orange. That way, your restaurant will automatically look better and more upbeat, which is important if you want to set the right mood. 

Use handmade crafted items 

Handmade crafts are gaining popularity, which is no surprise, considering that they represent creativity, persistence and sustainability. So, opting for handmade utensils, candles, plates, mugs and bowls will make your restaurant truly special. And the best thing you could do is use such goods from local artists and businesses. That way, you’ll also be giving back to your community, while showcasing other people’s talent and creativity. 


Owning a restaurant is a serious business endeavour that requires patience and hard work. These trends will be more prominent in 2021, so if you’re looking to open a new establishment, then feel free to rely on them, in order to make your restaurant current, friendly and elegant. However, keep in mind that in order to succeed, you should have kind staff and treat your customers with respect, as that is the true recipe to make them come back again. 


Choosing The Right Childcare Centre For Your Youngster

There are so many choices when selecting an early childhood centre for your child, and there’s no doubt the process can get a little daunting. By planning ahead of time, it gives you time to find the right centre for your child. You want a loving, stimulating and healthy environment, where your child feels nurtured and is provided with fun and successful learning outcomes. 

To find the right centre, the following advice should help.

Location, Location, Location

When you first start your search for a childcare centre, the location isn’t always on your radar, but it’s crucial. Think of the logistics. The biggest mistake many people make is that the time it takes to drop off and pick up each day. If you work, a centre that is on route between your home and your office is going to make life a lot easier than if you were to choose a centre that’s 20 minutes out of your way. To search locally, you might look for “childcare centres in Cranbourne”, for example. Another great search option is “childcare centres near me”, which will bring up any listed childcare centres in your local area, no matter where you are in Australia. 

Consider The Facilities

Childcare centres have come a long way in the past 10 years – and some are custom-built, architecturally designed, they have specialist playrooms, in-house chefs, and so much more. You need to think about what your child needs and see if centres nearby offer those facilities. Do they have plenty of play space both indoors and out? If they provide food, do they have a healthy eating policy they adhere to (and does the centre cater for allergies)? Are there plenty of opportunities for children to play, learn and make new friends? You may also need to consider if they cater to your child’s age (babies have different needs to kindergarten-age), or if your child has special behavioural or learning requirements.

Ask The Right Questions

When it comes to your baby, you don’t want to leave any stones unturned, so you need to ensure you ask all the right questions before you enrol. Here are 10 essential questions to ask that will help your decision-making:

  • What age children do you have at the centre?
  • What hours do you operate?
  • Are you open all year, public holidays, or closed for holidays?
  • Can I visit the centre at any time?
  • Am I charged if my child is on holidays or sick?
  • Do you provide meals, nappies, formula, bedding?
  • What are the staff’s credentials and experience?
  • Which staff members would be taking care of my child?
  • What National Quality Standard rating did your business receive?
  • Is your program CCS approved?
  • What programs do you offer?

Give Yourself Options

Choosing a childcare centre for your youngster is even more important than choosing a home, or a job, for yourself. You want a centre, and educators, that you can trust taking care of your little one – so they are not only safe and secure, but also learning and having fun. 

Make sure you keep your options open. Even if you do find the “perfect” centre, there’s no guarantee they’ll have a space for your child. Have a backup plan, or a few, and as mentioned earlier, don’t be afraid to start planning early! The sooner you start researching, the sooner you can secure a spot.

Try These Surprising Hacks for a Bug-Free Kitchen

Many people spend much of their free time in the kitchen. It’s where you can experiment with fun recipes and bond with your family members. Pests also prefer to hang out in the kitchen so they can snack on all of your food. Try these surprising hacks for a bug-free kitchen if you can’t seem to get rid of hungry, curious pests.

1. Spray Indoor Plants Daily

Growing herbs in your kitchen is a rewarding hobby until aphids and whiteflies start living in the soil. They’re annoying to deal with and can even kill your plants. Spray your indoor plants daily with a mixture of rubbing alcohol and liquid soap to kill pests and keep them from coming back. After 20 minutes, gently rinse the leaves so the combination doesn’t cause long-term damage.

2. Trap Fruit Flies With Soap

There’s nothing worse than buying bananas and fighting off fruit flies just a day or two later. If you can’t seem to get rid of the tiny pests, mix apple cider vinegar and soap in a glass. Cover it with plastic wrap and poke holes for the flies to climb through. The flies will get trapped in the sweet mixture and you’ll have a bug-free kitchen.

3. Vacuum Your Pantry Shelves

Vacuuming the floors is a normal household chore, but when was the last time you vacuumed your pantry shelves? Getting rid of crumbs helps avoid attracting any more pests that might climb inside to eat. Flour dust, forgotten chocolate chips and even cracker crumbs are a few foods that inspire cockroaches and ants to take up permanent residency in a home.

4. Make Sticky Fly Traps

Standard flies are easier to kill than fruit flies, but they’re still bothersome. Boil sugar or corn syrup in some water to lure flies into homemade traps made with mason jars and paper cones. The insects love sugary liquids, so the traps will quickly solve any fly infestation.

5. Mix Citrus Peels and Ice

Kitchen sink disposal systems are an easy way to deal with food in your drain, but they can also collect buildup that becomes a constant meal for bugs. It also creates a terrible smell, so mix a few citrus peels with ice cubes.

Turn on the disposal and dump the mixture into your drain before running the faucet. The ice will grind away any food that’s attracting pests while the citrus peels remove the odor.

6. Line Windows With Essential Oils

Spiders and other bugs might climb through your open kitchen windows. The next time you want to let a fresh breeze in, make an essential oil spray and spritz it on your windowsill. Some essential oils repel bugs because of their odor, like:

  • Lemongrass
  • Peppermint
  • Pine oil

Dilute the oil with water and you won’t need to worry about ongoing pest problems or lingering odors.

Surprising Hacks for a Bug-Free Kitchen

Everyone deserves a clean kitchen where they can enjoy cooking and eating together. Pests can make it the last place you want to be. Try these surprising hacks for a bug-free kitchen without breaking your budget. They only take a few minutes to try and they’ll change how you keep both bugs and chemical-based products out of your home.

Coronavirus Anxiety: Coping with Stress, Fear, and Worry

At the beginning of 2020, many people were optimistic about how this new year would go. Cut to near the end of 2020 when most people are stressed out and trying to avoid the Coronavirus. If 2020 has taught us anything it is that Americans are both resilient and committed to maintaining a sense of order even in the midst of a global pandemic. Thousands of people in the United States have contracted the Coronavirus in the last few months.

If you are like most people, the thought of catching this virus is something that freaks you out a bit. For people who already had anxiety before COVID-19, this pandemic has added a new level of worry to their life. Instead of letting Coronavirus anxiety get the better of you, consider the great tips in this article on how to cope with your problems.

Talking to Someone About Your Problems

Identifying the things that trigger your anxiety is crucial when trying to get better. Talking through your problems with a certified mental health professional can help you get this information. Some people make the mistake of bottling their feelings up and burying them deep within. While this may work temporarily, it will generally lead to a breakdown in the future.

This is why you need to take control of your Coronavirus anxiety by reaching out to an experienced counselor for help. Companies like Horizon Counseling Services can help you manage your stress and anxiety. Going to therapy sessions on a regular basis will also give you an outlet to talk about other problems in your life.

Preparation Can Help Calm Your Anxiety

The COVID-19 pandemic has made a number of people feel helpless. This feeling of helplessness is usually accompanied by a significant increase in anxiety and stress. If you feel like you are spinning out due to these types of feelings, you need to work on getting prepared. Doing things like researching COVID-19 health guidelines and buying the right PPE is a wise move.

By doing this, you can calm your fears a bit and do your part to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Ignoring the need for this type of preparation during this pandemic can result in a number of problems developing over time.

Find Ways to Take Your Mind Off of COVID-19

Instead of taking pharmaceuticals to treat your anxiety, you need to find natural ways to control these feelings. Finding a hobby or volunteering with a local charity can help you focus on more important things. By participating in these activities regularly, you can get a break from the bad news about this pandemic. Throughout the quarantine, Americans have rediscovered old passions and embraced new hobbies in an attempt to keep their sanity. While you may have to try a few different activities before you find one you like, it will be worth the effort you invest.

Putting These Tips to Good Use

Now that you know how to get rid of your Coronavirus anxiety, it is time to get to work. Implementing the tips in this article can help you reduce your anxiety levels significantly.