Quality Vape Pens: How to Choose the Safest and Best Vaporizer

A vape pen, also known as a vaporizer pen, is a particular type of electronic cigarette (e-cig) characterized by its relatively small size compared to standard vaporizers. Just as its name suggests, a vape pen is nearly similar in size and shape to the regular writing pens.

Now, the vape industry teams with thousands of vape pens. But with each product marketed as ‘the real deal,’ it may be a bit difficult to hone in on a pen that meets your personal vaping needs.

No need to fret, we’ve prepared a guide on choosing the safest and best vaporizer pen to match your standards.

Why Is Choosing A Quality Vape Pen Such A Big Deal?

There are numerous reasons why you should invest in a top-quality vape pen. First and foremost, you want a product that will give you back the value for your money. Generally, a medium-quality vape pen from a reputable brand costs roughly $50. That excludes the cost of a vape juice. Therefore, you want your pen to last as long as possible before replacing or servicing it. Unfortunately, you’ll never enjoy the benefits of durability if you invest in substandard vape pens.

Note that standard vape pens require their coils to be replaced at least once a month. So, if you find yourself replacing your coil, battery, or the other parts of your vape pen every other day, it’s time to change your supplier.

Another reason to invest in high-end vape pens is that cheap-quality vaporizer pens come with inherent risks of explosion. Depending on the severity, these explosions could leave you nursing some nasty wounds on your body.

According to Tobacco Control, there were some 2,035 vape pen explosions from 2015 to 2017. Many of these explosions are blamed on the vape pens’ lithium-ion batteries. But even with a powerful and reliable battery, you still run the risks of a vape pen exploding on your skin when you settle for cheap products. You can only imagine what would happen if the device exploded in your mouth while enjoying your vaping experience.

How to Choose a Quality Vape Pen

1. Shun Titanium Alloys and Insist On Original Titanium

Differentiating between pure titanium and titanium alloy may be a bit difficult for the untrained eye. But when you’re shopping for your next vape pen, you’ll need to keep your eyes out on alloys and avoid them like the plague.

Alloys are cheaper than Grade 1 and most Grade 2 titanium materials, which explains why many vape pen manufacturers prefer them. However, titanium alloys are weaker than the purest form of the metal. Plus, they tend to lose their glare much faster. Worse yet, titanium alloys could expose you to serious long-term health risks.

The best way to tell that a vape pen is made of a titanium alloy is if the product is labeled ‘titanium’ but without stating the grade of titanium it is. You might also ask the vendor to supply you with a composition test of all the materials that comprise their vape pen.

2. Ensure The Titanium Grade Is Matched with the Device’s Resistance

After honing in on a vape pen that’s made of pure titanium, ensure that the device comes with sub-ohm batteries.

Some unscrupulous or ignorant vendors claim to deal in pure titanium vape pens while offering standard e-cig batteries. Again, shun such vendors as pure titanium pens can only work with sub-ohm batteries.

3. Also Shun Teflon

Teflon, industrially known as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), shares a lot in common with titanium alloys – both are cheaper to obtain but dangerous to your health.

Teflon has a high melting point and depending on your ideal vaping temperature, this material can melt away and exude toxic chemicals and gases. One such gas is polymer fumes which if inhaled, might lead to polymer fume fever, also known as Teflon flu.

4. Understand the Material That the Atomizer Is Made From

We’ve already highlighted the significance of buy halo vape made of pure titanium. In addition to titanium, there are many other materials that might be used to make a vape pen atomizer, including quartz, copper, ceramic, etc.

Quartz atomizers offer the smoothest taste of all the atomizer materials. On the other hand, titanium delivers both taste and huge hits. Copper is relatively efficient but can exude toxic fumes at temperatures above 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

The convention is to familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of each atomizer material before buying it.

5. Check The Battery’s Temperature Control Technology

Many vape pen vendors are notorious for claiming that their vaporizer batteries offer a higher temperature control degree. Note that the expression ‘higher degree’ is subjective and depends on the vendor’s sense of judgment. So, establish the range of temperature control that the battery offers before purchasing the vape pen.

Most importantly, remember that most temperature-control batteries simply work by estimates. Even after setting your ideal vaping temperature, you may realize that the temperature continues to rise as you hold down the button on your vape pen.

In addition to the above factors, the following are other things to take into consideration while shopping for a high-quality vape pen;

Buy from reputable brands with years of experience in the vaping industry
Consider the availability and cost of accessories
Don’t go looking for the bargain of the century. You’ll hardly find it but even if you do, the chances are that the vape pen will be substandard.

Honing in on the right vape pen isn’t a walk in the park. But it isn’t a herculean task either. You only need to know what to look for in a quality vaporizer. Once you have the device, its longevity and effectiveness will largely come down to how you use it. Avoid chain vaping or exposing your device to drastic fluctuations in temperature and pressure.

Pesticides In Cosmetic Products: What Should You Be Aware Of?

One of the best things about using organic cosmetics is that you know they’re not made using synthetic pesticides and chemicals. However, there are many cosmetics out there that are not completely organic. These cosmetics don’t comply to the strict standards of organic cosmetics and may well be treated with pesticides during their production.

Here we are going to look at three commonly used cosmetic ingredients and the pesticides, insecticides and chemicals that are frequently found in them. Remember that there are plenty of great organic makeup products out there.

Sweet Almond Oil

Almond oil is a very common natural cosmetic product. This is an oil that is used in body butters, mascaras, foundation, lipsticks… the list is endless! It’s a light carrier oil that works well with most skin types. The way they extract almond oil is by cold pressing the nuts, producing a light yellow liquid. The largest producer of almonds is the USA, which provides around 80% of the world’s supply.

Although the almond has a hard shell that protects the nut inside before it’s pressed to extra the oil the almond has to grow. Almonds don’t appear to be some of the most heavily sprayed crops, however, there are reports of various pesticides and chemical residues being found on them.

One insecticide that is commonly found on an almond is called chlorpyrifos. This is found almost 35% of the time. The exposure to this insecticide has been linked to neurological effects, autoimmune disorders, and persistent developmental disorders. The use of this insecticide has in fact been banned in homes and domestic settings because of the side effects. However, it still remains one of the most widely used insecticides.

There is also another pesticide called phosmet that is found on almonds about 5% of the time. This has high toxicity through the skin. Sourcing organic can help. Pest control doesn’t have to be toxic when growers choose companies like Diamond Pest Control Ltd that practice green pest control.

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is used a lot in natural cosmetics because of how moisturizing it is. We often find this in lip balms, lipsticks, mascaras and eye creams. It’s the pale yellow hard fat that is extracted from the cocoa bean.

Unfortunately, cocoa production is frequently blighted by diseases and insects. This is why a lot of pesticides are used in the countries that produce the beans. The amount of cocoa that is being demanded of these countries is on the rise as more and more chocolate and cosmetics are needed, and the regulations for pesticides aren’t being monitored as closely.

As a result, these chemicals are finding their way into our skin and more importantly, the environment.

Citrus Essential Oils

There are over 400 different chemicals used to extract the citrus essential oils. Pesticides used on these fruits gather on the peel – one of the main areas the oils are extracted from. The concentration of pesticides in citrus essential oils is higher than any other cosmetic ingredient. In fact, the pesticide levels found in the oils are higher than if you actually ate the fruit itself.

Thankfully most pesticides are poorly absorbed through the skin. Only 10% of chemicals can be absorbed through our skin. However, no one wants to choose to apply pesticides to their face or body. Which is why the organic movement is on an upward trend and will continue to increase rapidly.

Medical Debt Consolidation Is the Ideal Option for All Your Unpaid Medical Bills

While a number of people consider debt to be related only with credit cards, student loans, auto loans, or mortgages, it is crucial that you understand that medical debt is also one of the huge reasons as to why numerous people are in debt. Most of the people are unable to clear their medical bills. Another issue with people who do not or cannot pay the medical bills is that they get various other kinds of credit, which is also going to become an issue with time. According to www.lendedu.com, more than a quarter of the US citizens who are between 18 and 64 cannot pay the medical bills.

Radiologists, offices of the doctors, hospitals, and the medical labs are known to have huge varieties of options, especially when they are looking forward to receiving the payments. Numerous medical bills, which are unpaid, are responsible for landing up in the collections.

Medical debt collection

If your medical debt is going to the collections, you are going to receive calls either in your home or when you are in your office, from the collection agencies. You can also observe that the collection companies are taking out garnishment against the paycheck or sue you for a particular judgment.

In case if you are sued, you are going to end up getting a dark mark on the credit score as well as the credit report, which is going to be a huge obstacle, if you require credit in the future. It is going to be extremely stressful when the debt collectors keep contacting you. Therefore, you need to look for solutions, which are going to help you with your medical debts.

Medical debt consolidation

Most people have the knowledge that debt consolidation is basically a personal loan or the credit card loan, which can be used for clearing their debts. However, when you have medical debt, it is not going to be simple at all. Medical bills do not accrue interest, and hence making use of loans, credit cards, or other credit products for consolidating them is going to cost a lot of money in the future. With a new credit card, you are going to end up paying high rates of interest, whereas, with the personal loans, you are going to end up paying money almost immediately.

Credit counseling- An important step associated with the process of consolidation of medical debts is seeing the credit counselors. The credit counseling organizations are responsible for offering a plan as to how the debt can be structured, how budgets can be expensed properly, and how you can work towards financial health.

When you are choosing an organization for credit counseling, it is recommended that you check with the office of the attorney general of your state and understand the laws of consumer protection, in order to know if the organization is reputed. These organizations will also help in pointing out the complaints that credit counseling organizations might have received. This is going to ensure that you select honest credit counseling companies and that you are not being cheated in any manner.

How is debt consolidation going to work?

One important option, which you are going to have with the credit counseling agencies, is the debt consolidation plans. Your counselor and you are going to end up devising a proper plan for clearing the bills. However, as opposed to paying money to the creditors, you will be paying this money to the debt management organization.

The credit counselor is going to be responsible for paying all the medical bills in accordance with the plan that has been designed by him. This means that you are not going to get any more nasty calls from the creditors. However, you also need to understand that the debt management plans are not considered to be quick fixes. Depending on the total amount of money that you owe to the hospitals for the office of your doctor, this plan can be going on for almost four years or even more.

For setting up an ideal plan of debt management, you have to ensure that you are completely honest with the counselor about the total money that you owe and the total number of creditors to whom you owe. Also, you need to inform the total amount of money that you are capable of paying. The counselor will take up the responsibility of contacting the creditors and as soon as the creditors discover that you are taking steps, in order to clear all your debt, there is a chance that they are going to waive a certain amount and lower the total balance that you owe to them.

It is also crucial that you understand that a debt management plan might not be ideal for each and every customer. If the medical bills that you have are almost more than 50% of the annual income, you can consider the consolidation loans as well. You can take help from Nationaldebtrelief as well.

Consolidating your medical bills

Consolidation loans, which are designed to provide assistance with the medical bills, are going to ensure that you pay a certain rate of interest on the interest-free debt; however, it is going to be negatively impacted on the credit score. Numerous lenders have loans that have been designed for consolidation only. Some are also responsible for offering a low rate of interest in comparison to the others.

You can select organizations that are responsible for consolidating the medical bills as well as other kinds of debt that you have. You can also consult your local bank if you are interested in consolidating your medical debt.


Medical debts can be extremely stressful especially if you are not trying to clear them within the designated time period. However, in case if you are unable to clear your medical debts because of a number of personal problems, it is always a good idea to opt for medical debt consolidation.

Two Biggest Pros and Cons of an Outdoor Wedding

Planning a wedding is equal parts exciting, stressful and wonderful. Once you have a ring on your finger and you’ve had your engagement party, you’re going to be dreaming day and night about that perfect day. There are so many decisions that need to be made, and you first need to prioritize. There’s no point in choosing the flower arrangements and centerpieces if you don’t have a venue chosen, is there? And speaking of the venue, the first thing you have to answer is: indoors or outdoors? Let’s look at the pros and cons:

Con: the weather


It’s the first thing everyone thinks about when you mention an outdoor wedding, because it’s one of the few things you absolutely cannot control. And it’s true: the weather conditions on the day can make or break a wedding. So, if you live in a place where the weather tends to change rapidly, you need to have a secondary option, like going inside or hiding under a tent. Secondly, you need to choose the right season. In some places, spring is perfect because the weather is beautiful, the flowers are blooming and it’s not unbearably hot. But if spring, where you live, is filled with showers, harsh winds, and unexpected weather swings, then you might want to consider a different season. If you’re planning a destination wedding, make sure you check the average temperatures and weather conditions at the time you’re planning the ceremony.

Pro: the scenery and view


There is just no denying it: outdoor weddings are some of the most beautiful you will ever see. Whether it’s a morning ceremony surrounded by nature that is just waking up or an evening party filled with lanterns and stars, some of the most beautiful venues are outdoors, surrounded by nature. Just by looking at the outdoor wedding venues in Sydney you can see how a combination of sea, sky, a beautiful view and a great location can make a wedding look like a fairy tale. You often don’t need too many decorations because nature is doing it for you, and if it’s a clear, sunny day you will have some of the most beautiful photos you have ever seen. If you want the security of the indoors with the beauty of the outdoors, you can consider a venue that offers you both, with the seating inside and a large outdoor space for lounging, pictures and generally hanging out.

Sure, there will be other factors that you can consider, like the pricing of the venue, the music volume, nearby areas and neighborhoods that might require the event to end early, etc. In the end, you should choose a location that speaks to you and that allows you to have the wedding of your dreams. Remember that not all outdoor venues are the same, and you should look at all of your options before making a decision. And even if the weather goes bad or the cake melts in the heat, you will still have some amazing memories and a story to tell.

Fall Is Coming To Your Closets

The most painful time of the year has come. Even though it is still summer, days are becoming drastically shorter, the holidays are over, and the cold weather is at our doors, with that evil smile, slowly raising its hand to start knocking. I know what you’re thinking: “Oh my God, it’s not enough that I’m seeing all those ‘BACK TO SCHOOL’ sections in every single store, but now my favorite blog is also writing about fall!”

Jokes aside, fall really is right around the corner, and in order to avoid the whole ‘summer is over what do I do’ rush, start preparing on time and get ahead of the curve by carefully going through this ultimate list of 2018 autumn trends.

90s baby

I’ve once seen one Twitter post that had a bunch of nineties’ fashion show photos and the title said: ‘90s fashion was an ART’ and I just couldn’t agree more. It really was, but neither we nor the designers were aware of that until now. However, the 90s fashion got a little modern upgrade since it is now fused with our beloved athleisure. There is everything – from full tracksuits, over oversized “fugly” sneakers, all the way to lux-y shell suits. And if you ask Prada, you shouldn’t be leaving your house without a logo bucket hat. Oh, and what about dropped shoulder tees? Well, like them or not, they are this fall’s basics according to Dior and Vetements, who were apparently having a nostalgic 90s sk8er boi moment.


  1. S. you might wanna book a hairstylist appointment, go bleach and spike your hair and finish the whole look with square tortoiseshell sunglasses (wink).

Brown all the way

Were you in girl scouts when you were little? No? Do you order stuff a lot? You do? Well, have you checked out how sick the uniform of that UPS delivery guy is? Now, seriously, brown really is a huge hit right now. It all started with the interior design and now it has also found its way into the world of fashion. And it was about time – enough with the black already, geez. This season, you’ll be seeing it all – F-clad worker jackets, cagoules, shearling fleeces, bark-hued overcoats, bombers and deconstructed blazers – all in, that’s right – brown. And if you are a fan of this color, you can get one of those cool vintage 90s style brown suits in milk chocolate brown.

Old boy cowboy



Slow down with packing away those spurs of yours, honey! If you were watching the latest fashion shows, you have probably noticed that abundance of cowboy boots on models. They were everywhere, paired with, logically, denim jackets, western shirts, and cowboy hats. And, of course, these were the times when you could see some of the best men’s jeans models displayed on catwalks. After all, these pants were originally made for hard work on fields and horse riding – you know, basic cowboy things.

Vertical logos

Now, you’re thinking: “Okay, we got the memo, logomania is back” – BUT, do you know about the latest update? Think vertical. This season, you’ll be seeing logos and slogans running down the sides of pants, along sleeves, or simply positioned vertically on the back sides of jackets. This is a pretty smart move if you ask me – they referenced the season without having to invent and develop new lines. Maybe next year they will go diagonally, or in circles, who knows. If that happens, I want credit!

Baseball caps


It’s not like they have ever been out of style, but it’s just that this season the 90s’ caps with curved fronts are the ultimate styling accessory, especially when combined with football scarves.

And that would be it – all you’ll need to rock the streets this fall. Which of these is your favorite? Let me know in the comment section below!

The History of Cheerleading Apparel

As cheerleading changed from being a male-dominated sport to a female sport, the clothing changed to reflect the athleticism needed to be a successful cheerleader. Nowadays, the sport is predominantly female and the uniform mainly includes short skirts and tank tops.

Practice Wear and Cheer Camp

Lawrence Herkimer created the initial cheer camp in 1948, and it brought a big change to cheerleading outfits. Because cheer camp is a place where a cheerleader goes to perfect her moves, the clothing worn needed to be comfortable to allow them to practice safely. In the early 1900s, cheerleaders wore khaki shorts but they were changed to Soffe-knit ones and paired with tank tops to allow easier movement.


As the camps expanded and new traditions came up, it became increasingly important for people to demonstrate their spirit and support by donning matching apparel. This is now common at camps and each team matches from the hair bow to the socks. In the beginning, tanks and shorts were only available in a few colors but as the number of squads went up, so did the designs and colors.


To make their uniforms unique, squads started making custom cheer uniforms with embroidered school names and logos. Customizing cheerleading uniforms makes it easier for squads to represent the school spirit. As this sport became more common, many clothing companies started meeting to expand the needs of cheerleading.


In 1982, ESPN showed their first cheerleading competition on TV and this put cheerleaders in the spotlight for the first time. From this point on, the fame of cheerleading took off and athletes started taking more pride in their sport. As a result, cheerleading costumes did not only represent the school’s pride but they also showed pride in being a cheerleader.


Instead of letting their differences tear them apart, the cheerleaders started having common triumphs and challenges to unite and bring them together. Cheer-specific phrases and bright-colored clothes became a way for cheerleaders to show off their unique personalities. You could now tell one cheerleading squad from the other by their uniforms.


In the 1990s, cheerleading uniforms were just as we know them today except for slump socks and canvas sneakers. Tops were waist-length sleeveless vests that could be worn with a turtleneck underneath. In some cases, the athletes wore turtlenecks under sweatshirts and paired them with pleated skirts that had a striping design at the bottom.


The preferred skirt length was mid-thigh and the rule was that the skirt had to touch the ends of the fingers when hands were straightened at the sides. Skirts that were shorter than this were considered too short and not acceptable.

The Rise of Cheerleaders

Parents are the number one cheerleaders of cheerleaders. Not only do they support their kids by taking them to practice and competitions, but they also want people to root for them. Friends, families, and communities would also like to show their love and support, which means that now there are some dedicated fashion lines that deal with cheerleading costumes only.


The fashion lines usually include polo shirts, sweaters, hats, and bags as well as anything that the cheerleaders can think of adding to their uniforms. Moreover, they wear clothing collections that allow them to support their favorite all-star teams and cheerleaders. When they do this, they might feel more complete and stylish.

Dressing for All-Season Sport

As the sport became more physical, the length of cheerleading skirts got shorter and the cold months did not encourage an increase in length. Instead of making the skirts longer, warm-ups became a great way for cheerleaders to stay warm in the winter. Although they were offered as in-stock pieces only at first, you can now buy warm-ups as part of your cheerleading costume.   


You can purchase them to match your uniform or customize them to fit your unique style. As the popularity of cheerleading increases, the costumes continue to focus on keeping athletes comfy while allowing more flexibility for complicated stunts and tricks. The costumes also focus on highlighting squad, cheerleading, and school pride.

Cheerleading Uniforms Today

Cheerleading is now a sport in its own right, so the outfits need to reflect the ability to jump and perform hard moves. Because the uniforms are made from a spandex-polyester blend, they are more flexible than ever. Skirts are about 12-14 inches in length to make it easier to move about and to prevent tumbling.


You can wear your skirt over a pair of spandex spankies to avoid flashing the audience when you are three feet in the air. The top is tank-like and form fitting and you can choose from a number of colors and designs. Cheerleading uniforms for professional teams and colleges are not regulated but in high school, the guidelines state that the top must cover the midriff when the arms are at rest.


All-star teams have different guidelines: teams can wear tops that cover just the bra or the whole chest and tummy area. Nowadays, some tops have a bit of material cut off to expose parts of the chest or midsection. If you do not have to follow any guidelines, you should choose a style that reflects your fashion sense. Just make sure that you feel comfortable jumping up and down whilst wearing the uniform.

If you are looking to buy cheerleading costumes, it is important that you understand their history so that you can buy the best ones.