Eco-Friendly Fun: The Importance of Play


Playing is a vitally important part of any dog’s life. From lowering rates of canine aggression, establishing good behaviours and habits and developing motor skills, engaging your dog with stimulating and fun activities is an essential part of making him healthy, happy and fun to be around. With a wide range of eco-friendly dog products from Wild Thought, it has never been easier and more fun to keep your dog healthy whilst also caring for the planet and being eco friendly.


Strengthening bonds

A recent study conducted by Bristol University found that playing with your dog regularly helps to strengthen the all-important bond between canine and human. The study found that the frequency of play is likely to be an indicator of the quality of dog-owner relationships. Wild Thought’s range of eco-friendly toys offers you a myriad of responsible ways to play with your dog and strengthen that all-important relationship between man and his best friend. As they are made from natural ingredients, the toys offered by Wild Thought ensure that you can build a happy relationship with your dog whilst also maintaining a positive relationship with your environment and the world around you.


Motor skills

Playing with toys can also help dogs to develop their motor skills. Toys such as the Spring Fruit Treat Dispenser develop dogs’ problem-solving skills and their motor skills whilst also having a minimum impact on the environment.


A quiet life

More play means less whining and disobedience. Play reduces anxiety in dogs and helps to train them to be obedient. The more you play with your dog, the more you will be able to reinforce the good habits that make being a dog owner a joy. It is easy to use toys like the Natural Eco Rubber Flyer to teach your dog to fetch and return an item. This type of play offers the opportunity to reward and praise your dog, and in turn, this makes him more obedient and settled. Developing these habits early on in your relationship with your dog can save a lot of effort and upset later on.


Social skills

Your dog’s ability to be sociable with people and other dogs is key to happy and successful ownership. Walks become an anxiety-filled burden when your dog looks to attack every dog he meets. Making sure that your dog is calm and welcoming to your visitors is also important – not everyone enjoys being pounced upon, licked and hassled! Playing with your dog will help to make him a more sociable creature, and will encourage him to act in a socially acceptable way around other dogs and people. Being a dog owner should be fun, not stressful.

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