Eco-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

One of the best ways to show your love for your significant other on Valentine’s Day is to help the environment. You’ll probably create a stronger bond between the both of you because you’ll make it more meaningful. If you want to help save the planet this Valentine’s Day, there are many ways to have an eco-friendly holiday.

Buy Flowers and Chocolates from Sustainable Sources

You can buy plenty of different types of sweets from sustainable sources, like caramel chocolate candies and truffles. Besides this, beautiful flowers can be purchased sustainably. For example, choose locally grown flowers, inquire about sustainable growing methods and avoid plastic. When you buy eco-friendly items, you have the chance to support the ethical treatment of laborers, offset carbon emissions, save rainforests, and protect wildlife and the ecosystem, among other things. You can give your valentine chocolates and flowers together or choose only one.

Choose a More Ethical Restaurant to Dine At

Instead of dining at an ordinary restaurant, go somewhere that has higher ethical standards. For starters, you can dine at a restaurant with locally-sourced ingredients on the menu. Another idea is to eat out at a vegetarian or vegan place. Going vegan can help fight climate change and is often recommended by health professionals for better health.

Rescue an Animal from a Shelter

One of the most selfless things you can do for Valentine’s Day is to rescue a shelter animal. You can adopt a dog or cat and give it to your significant other. Additionally, you’ll be saving an animal’s life and giving it to someone who could give it the unconditional love it deserves. Beforehand, be sure your valentine would like to have a pet, so you don’t end up having to give it back.

Make a Charitable Difference Together

Giving love to those less fortunate is one of the best ways to show you care about your valentine. Make your connection more meaningful than ever by sharing experiences you’ll always remember. For example, give to the homeless, an animal shelter, or an environmental nonprofit. Furthermore, consider making donations to worthwhile charities in each other’s names, and wait until Valentine’s Day to reveal the details.

Express Your Emotions by Creating Art

Getting creative with the person you adore can help you express your love for one another. You can paint a picture of him/her, draw a rose and color it red or make a bouquet of pretty paper flowers. Another idea is to make a Valentine’s Day card to express your personal feelings. You can develop your own ideas for creating lovely art that shows just how much you care.

Create a Romantic Playlist

Music can be one of the best ways to communicate your love. You can make a romantic playlist of love songs you both enjoy listening to. Alternatively, if you’re musically inclined, try creating your original music to share with your valentine; this could be playing a musical instrument or even singing a love song.

Other eco-friendly ideas include eating a romantic dinner you cooked yourself at home, purchasing a handmade gift that supports charity, planting a tree together, among others. Contributing to help the earth for Valentine’s Day can improve your relationship. You have the chance to grow your love by doing meaningful activities. After all, real love comes from selfless acts of charity towards the person you love and for those in need.

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