Enjoy a Better Life Through Natural Living

When you make the decision to live a more organic lifestyle, commonly referred to as natural living, it can seem overwhelming on where to start, what to do, and how to make that change. 

The concept of natural living is to be in harmony with the earth by using sustainable, non-toxic ingredients, leaving as minimal a carbon footprint as possible. 

Deciding to be in harmony with the earth is something that we should all consider, whether in the foods we eat, the products we consume, and our activities. We owe it to ourselves and future generations to make the world as sustainable today as the next. 

There are various ways to change a natural living lifestyle, but like any behavior change, the key is to start small and make incremental gains toward the larger goal

Take exercise, for example. 

Start Slow and Focus on Small Steps Toward Major Gains

When starting, it’s easy to push too far and overdo it. The problem is that by doing too much, you’re more susceptible to injury, soreness, and burnout. All three of these factors can impact your motivation to continue with the exercise routine, and whatever gains you made in a day or two will be lost without maintaining the habit. 

When deciding that it’s time for you to get more fit, it’s better to start slowly. Especially depending on your age and physical condition, starting an exercise routine that builds on your progress every few days will benefit your health and be more comfortable to maintain in time. 

That slow go, step-by-step approach used to get in better shape is also one you should consider in other facets of your life. 

When transitioning toward a more sustainable lifestyle, take stock of the types of products you have in your home and consider ways to replace them with products that reflect your focus on sustainability. 

Choose Natural Cleaning Products

For example, instead of using toxic cleaning products, look at the ingredient list for ones that are safer to use and better for the environment. When scanning through the ingredients, the label looks for a recycled symbol or approval from organizations such as PETA, which supports products that don’t allow for animal testing. 

By switching to more natural cleaning products for your home or kitchen, you’re creating demand for those products and encourage manufacturers to continue to pursue all-natural, green products. 

The move toward a lifestyle focused on eco-friendly actions, and natural living isn’t limited to cleaning products. There are food sources to consider, especially for people with diabetes and people with other chronic illnesses, as well as personal care products. 

For example, you can eliminate much of the waste that your shampoo and other personal hygiene products have by switching to a more sustainable product such as dry shampoo.  

What is dry shampoo, and how is it helpful to the environment? 

Dry shampoo is a product that works to clean your hair without water. That means you don’t need wet hair to clean it and eliminates the resulting run-off.

As the shampoo is almost entirely made from water, it can be heavy and difficult to package.

On the other hand, dry shampoo is more compact, allowing for more cleaning agents in less space. That means that you don’t have to purchase more containers of shampoo and that the waste associated with washing your hair isn’t being flushed down the drain toward your local water source. 

Another tip to help you pivot toward a more natural living lifestyle is to assess the packaging of the products you do purchase. 

As you look at the product label for its list of ingredients, check how the product is packaged. Is it in plastic with multiple layers of packaging? Instead of purchasing a product with multiple layers of packaging, which ends up in the trash bin causing excess waste, look for lighter packaging options. 

Making a lifestyle change that supports more positive choices and lessens the impact on the environment takes a commitment and is also gratifying. Our actions now help make the world a better place tomorrow, and that should be motivating enough to consider transitioning our lifestyle toward one that prioritizes the concept of natural living. 

Taking stock of what’s in your cabinets, what’s in your refrigerator, and what you’re putting into your body is crucial for your long-term health.

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