Evergreen Bridal Outfits and Ideas

Bridal fashion is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the fashion world, with new trends and styles coming to us every single season. This is great news for brides that want to be hip and on-trend with their looks, but what about the more traditional brides? The ones that want to feel and look like a princess on their wedding day? Well, the classic cuts aren’t going anywhere, either, and here are the style looks that will never go out of style:

The princess ballgown

Let’s not lie – every girl in the world dreamt of spending a night at a ball in a big, beautiful ballgown. And for many women, the chance to make that dream come true is their wedding day. Dressing in a classic ballgown, with a long white veil and having everything look like you’re a true royal is the way to go, and it’s the one look you can absolutely not go wrong with. The customization and personality can shine through in the top of the dress, which you can really take in any direction you want.

Boho beach look

Beach weddings have been popular for a long time now, and the brides have a pretty classic look to them: a lightweight, not overly-structured dress, usually with thin straps and decked out with some lace or fringe. Go barefoot or in strappy flat sandals and complete your look with an organic headpiece, like a flower crown, short lacy veil or a natural hairstyle with some embellishments. If your dress is going to be floor-length – like many beach dresses are – make sure you’re not being fussed about the edges of the dress getting dirty, because you are on a beach, after all.

Color me slightly

Not all wedding dresses are white, but for a classic look, you want to stay on the lighter side of the color palette. Think of blush tulle forming a skirt with an off-white corset on top, or go the very classic route into the land of ivory. Ivory is such a classic color for weddings because it is almost white but still provides warmth to the entire look. Remember, if you’re going color, color it all, because a bright white veil with an otherwise ivory ensemble will not work. You can find amazing ivory wedding shoes for brides to match your dress, no matter what style you’re going for.


Bridal dresses are traditionally floor-length gowns, but how often do you wear floor-length anything in your everyday life? Well, plenty of brides feel the same way and rather than thinking of their wedding day as the one time they get to wear something long and elegant, they want to make sure they have a good time in something they are comfortable in. This doesn’t mean sacrificing the elegance, nor the style, but a shorter dress is much more versatile for the afterparty. You can go for something more fun with a tulle skirt, or keep it classic with a very fancy satin pleated skirt. You probably don’t want to go in the direction of body-con, because it might end up looking a bit too much like a party dress.

Bridal suite

Throw the dresses out the window – it’s time to show some power with a beautiful tailored suit. Pay attention to the word “tailored”, because a suit that is just bought off the rack will never do justice to you on your big day. You can go for a pencil skirt or go all out with the pants – whichever you choose, make sure you stick to white because any other color might make it look like any old suit and not your beautiful bridal suit. Make sure you have something beautiful (and maybe backless?) under the jacket, so you look amazing when you take it off for the party afterward.

Looking amazing on your wedding day is one of the prerequisites of having an amazing day, so make sure that you are putting enough thought and effort into your look. You don’t have to spend a lot of money if you put enough thought and time into it, so be realistic! Whether you go classic or modern, make sure that you are showcasing yourself in your outfit and really being true to who you are.

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