From Fence to Pergola: 6 Easy Ways to Make Your Yard More Private

These days, due to the Coronavirus, the safest trip you can take is to your backyard and garden. Many people took up gardening and landscaping as a hobby in the past year, trying to grow flowers, veggies, and other plants in their yard to boost relaxation and aesthetic appeal of the space. But no matter how big you go with plants and how cozy you make your furniture, you will never find relaxation unless you work in the privacy of your yard. So to prevent curious eyes from peering in, here are a few privacy ideas for your yard. 

Grow your fence

If you prefer to go all-natural with your privacy screens, opt for hedges. This type of greenery has been a hallmark of privacy landscaping for hundreds of years. Benefits of these plants are that, if secured and planted well, they can reach virtually any height. But hedges also have cons. It takes a lot of money, time, and effort to end up with a high hedgerow. However, if you place it right, even a modest hedge can provide a fair amount of privacy. 

No time? Choose bamboo!

If you’re into exotic plants, don’t hesitate to welcome bamboo to your yard. This plant offers great natural privacy because it can easily grow tall enough to shield your little backyard oasis. Plus, bamboo grows quickly and requires next to zero maintenance. You can plant it in its own planter or use it to fill gaps in the fence or pergola. However, be careful since bamboo is invasive and can easily take over your garden if not planted in beds or strong containers. 

Go classic with wood

Wood fences are common across the world and they are the most classical way to shield your property. They can also do wonders for your yard design. Since you can choose from a variety of different woods (ranging from blond to very dark) and a variety of different styles, every yard can find its match. Additionally, wood is also relatively inexpensive, and with proper construction and maintenance, quite durable. Easy to put up, a wooden fence can be constructed using only basic woodworking knowledge, so a DIY fence is not out of reach. 

Take a modern road

If a classic wooden fence doesn’t match with your minimalist and modern aesthetics, you can choose a different road with materials like Colorbond. Contact an experienced fencing supplier and see whether they offer this type of fencing that provides privacy together with much better sound insulation. If you live by a busy road, this type of fencing will be perfect for your backyard. And yes, Colorbond fencing also comes with additions like lattices and plinths for extra privacy, security, and aesthetic appeal. 

Go with a backyard trellis 

A nice wooden trellis provides any backyard with a solution to its privacy problem. You can go simple or elaborate with your design, order some online or have it custom-built, but you will surely end up with something aesthetically pleasing and effective. A trellis will interrupt sightlines, but also soften the breeze and direct sunlight. Plus, if you have any climbing plants or flowering vines in your garden, they will instantly feel attracted to your construction, climb it and create a focal point in your outdoor living area. 

Install a pergola

If you want some privacy, but don’t want to block your breathtaking backyard views, consider a pergola. These little backyard buildings are perfect for placing atop an elevated deck, and even though they don’t have walls, their various beams and columns will obstruct the sight line for neighbors. And if you hang outdoor curtains around your pergola, you can dictate just how much privacy and element protection you wish to achieve at any given moment (you will be able to use your outdoor space even in winter).

See whether any of these ideas fit your yard and start building to welcome nice weather with open arms. If you boost your yard privacy, expect to spend the entire summer outdoors relaxing, entertaining and enjoying your creation. 

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