Green Tips for an Environmentally Friendly Office

Green Tips for an Environmentally Friendly Office

Let’s be clear. The planet Earth is in danger. All thanks to selfish individuals who put their needs and profits way above common good. Unfortunately, individuals aren’t the only ones to blame. Companies and corporations all over the world carry a burden of guilt too. Nonetheless, the number of eco-friendly organizations is slowly starting to increase. If your company is one of them, take a look at some green tips to help you build a more sustainable work environment.

Put Together a Sustainability Team

The truth is, you, as a manager, can’t accomplish much all by yourself regarding sustainability around the office. For this reason, you should put together a team in charge of coming up with ideas, educating others, and implementing sustainability policies. For example, the team can launch projects such as getting involved in recycling or advising the management of energy-efficient pieces of equipment and eco-friendly office supplies. More importantly, team members can attend green meetings with employees and local authorities. They can use these meetings to inform on sustainability and work together on finding sustainable options for using water and energy. Additionally, they can think of new ways to reduce waste around the workplace. In the end, the team has to keep track of office supplies and monitor utility bills. Based on their insights, the management can make adjustments thus positively affecting the environment.

Avoid Using Paper

One of the most important aspects in which your company can become more eco-friendly is paper consumption. Employees spend most of their time working on projects, drawing up documents, revising them, and printing them out. These processes in the end lead to creating over 90% of office waste around the US while the rest is kept in numerous storage units. Additionally, you no longer have to print out notifications, memos, or notes from the meeting. Why waste paper when you can rely on technology and the Internet to help you reduce paper waste? In particular, try using alternatives to Slack to keep staff posted not only on work assignments but also on sustainability policies. Similarly, you can always ask your vendors to send invoices or e-statements instead of paper ones.

Use Renewable Sources of Energy

Wind or solar energy are considered green sources of energy. Unlike a few decades ago, these sources are today more accessible than ever before. Companies going green are deciding to install solar panels on their rooftops or wind farms. The best part about this step is that companies of all sizes, including start-ups and small businesses, can start embracing renewable energy. Depending on your business’s location, you can opt for a renewable energy plan instead of the regular one. However, you have to bear in mind that going green in this respect is going to cost you more than the traditional power plan. In the end, the expense is incomparable to how much good you do for your company and the planet by choosing to turn your company into a more sustainable one.

Choose Natural Air Purifiers

Companies adopting sustainability as a business mindset have started doing so by selecting natural air purifiers instead of chemical ones. For example, employees can bring their plants to decorate their workspace or the HR department gives a plant to new employees on their first day as a gift. Namely, plants not only improve the quality of air in the closed office space but also add a natural touch to the work environment. Additionally, they are known for producing oxygen and purifying the air, which means employees will work in a healthier and cleaner work environment. Fresh air and decorative plants will also help them concentrate and relax in between tasks and meetings. This way, not only do you get highly productive and satisfied employees but also eco-friendly offices.

Remember to Turn Off Appliances

One of the major green tips for an environmentally friendly office state you should instruct your employees to turn off all appliances once they leave work for the day. They shouldn’t leave them on overnight as they consume too much energy, and your utility bills could go through the roof. In case the last person to leave the office forgets to switch or unplug appliances, they can put money in the special jar. All the money collected this way your company can use to support environmental organizations in the local area.  Therefore, you will be raising awareness on environmental decency not only in the workplace but also locally.

In the end, we still have enough time to turn things for the better and put an end to the global climate crisis. If everyone does their part, from individuals to organizations, the world can become a much better and healthier place.

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