How to Approach Your Household Chores in an Eco-Conscious Way


Eco-consciousness doesn’t require much of a radical change in your way of life. They’re more of minor adjustments. For example, you can start by approaching your household chores in an eco-conscious way.

There are several ways you can accomplish these, as listed below.


Make changes to your laundry routine

A simple change that you can do in your laundry routine that will help you be more eco-conscious is to stop using warm water to wash your clothes.

The energy you’re using to heat the water is unnecessary. You can still have clean laundry even if you’re using cold water to wash them.

Next time you wash your clothes, turn off your washing machine’s heating system, so it doesn’t automatically heat the water for you.


Dispose of all your hazardous cleaners

It is impressive how hazardous to our bodies the cleaners that we use in our homes are. There’s a reason why there are warning labels on these cleaners.

If you want to be more eco-conscious, you might want to dispose of all your hazardous cleaners. After all, if these cleaners are harmful to you, they’re going to be detrimental to the environment as well.

At Planet Maids Home Cleaning Services NYC, we use a lot of green cleaning cleaners upon request.

Green cleaning solutions are quite affordable and are more available and easy to get than one would think. Some are in the same aisle as the usual cleaning agents that you currently use.

If you’re so inclined, you can even make these cleaning solutions from home.


Repurpose old towels into cleaning rags

Plenty of households have a reliance on paper towels to wipe away spills and messes. However, there’s a more eco-conscious and affordable way of getting rid of spills, and these are cleaning rags.

All you need is to wash them, and then you can use them again after that.

You can also make cleaning rags out of old clothes or even towels. If you have an old towel lying around, all you need to do is cut that into little squares, and you’ve got yourself a cleaning rag.

It’s less wasteful, and you aren’t spending money all the time to replace them.


Switch to biodegradable cleaning materials

Besides replacing your cleaning solutions, it would help if you replace your cleaning tools with biodegradable materials.

Of course, don’t throw them out if they are still functional. Otherwise, that in itself is wasteful and not the most eco-conscious step.

However, if you need to replace them, make the switch to biodegradable cleaning materials.

There are plenty of brushes, mops, and even waste bags that are made from biodegradable alternatives. Should you ever need to throw these cleaning materials away, you won’t have to worry about adding to the mounds of trash around the world. NYC office cleaning companies like Maid Marines, use eco-friendly products.


Throw out your air fresheners

If you want to make your home smell good, don’t buy those air fresheners. Many better alternatives will do the job in a better way without potentially harming the environment.

Instead of air fresheners, why don’t you create your version of a potpourri at home? All you need are some herbs, cinnamon, cloves, and maybe apples and oranges.

Boiling these together creates a pleasant smell that will spread throughout your house. If you want a neutral smell, having plants around is the way to go.


Remove mold naturally

If you’ve removed all the harsher cleaning agents in your home, you might think that you don’t have a chance of eliminating mold and mildew.

However, there are also household items that you can use to help you dislodge them with ease. All you need to have is to let the problem areas soak with vinegar for a few hours before scrubbing.

To bring out the big guns, make water and baking soda paste and use it on those areas and start cleaning away gently.


Reduce water usage

To be eco-conscious also means not to use resources excessively. For example, you should reduce water usage as much as possible, including when you’re cleaning your house.

If you want to reduce the amount of water you use when cleaning your house, try and invest in effective cleaners.

There are pollutant-free cleaners out there that don’t need the help of water to work. All you need to do is spray them on your floors or other areas, and they’re good.


Recycle what you can

Even as a kid, we all know the 3R’s of reducing, reusing, and recycling. Let’s focus on the latter part.

There are plenty of items or trash in our home that may not be useful for their original use. Instead of throwing them away, contact your nearest recycling center and ask them which recyclable items you can send over to them.

Instead of sending your trash to landfills, you can be more proactive in your trash management by getting them recycled.


Over to You

Starting your eco-conscious journey by being more aware of how you manage your household chores is an approachable entry.

Of course, once you start doing the things listed above, you’ll slowly begin incorporating that in other areas of your life.

It’s a pleasant change that’s both good for you and the environment!

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