How to Become CISSP Certified?

Every information security candidate and professional wants to land up with the best job and a lucrative earning. There are multiple job profile vacancy listings in the U.S job portals which call in for a CISSP certification. And this very clearly hints at the skilled information security professionals to take on challenging and interesting career opportunities.

A CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) is an expert consultant or employee, having the necessary title of security analyst and security manager. Generally, this professional comes with five or more work experience and has in-depth know-how on the IT threat issues. He/she is proficient in the ways to manage and minimize the security attacks. Furthermore, a CISSP certified professional also create the structure for intelligent security controls that oversees software development security and risk management.

Are you thinking how to get CISSP certified? If yes, these are the necessary pre-requisites that you need to stay aware of:

1. Having work experience in information security for five years

It is essential for you to have at least five years of experience in any of the eight CISSP domains, such as Security and Risk Management, Communication and Network Security, Asset Security and the like. The working experience should be a full-time paid job. This experience on the job is vital for both the certification process as well as the exam.

2. You have to prepare and then pass CISSP examination

It is essential that you complete your CISSP examination and score at least 700 on 1000. The exam duration is for six hours and comprises of a blend of advanced and multiple-choice questions. You have to pay about $699 for the exam, and that might vary. Today, you can find the details of this exam online. You can receive your study guide, examination preparation aids, and other practice tests. You can get an official textbook to assess your know-how on CISSP Flash Cards.

Do you require something more than the study materials? If yes, then you can come across several third-party CISSP online training. The costs of online training vary based on the quality of the same. However, classroom training modules are usually more expensive.

3. You will need to endorse the CISSP

Once you finish the CISSP exam, there’s something else you need to do! You will have to subscribe to a related Code of Ethics as per the certification. As you complete this endorsement, you become a CISSP certified professional. It is essential to get this endorsement signed by another professional who is also CISSP certified. This person needs to validate the professional work experience you have. Additionally, you also need to submit the completed form within nine months of clearing the exam to be completely certified. As when you pass the exam, you don’t automatically get the status.

These are some of the pre-requisites to becoming a CISSP certified individual. Today, there are many online classes and training modules available for the same. You can research the same online before you opt-in for the certification exam. It is always better to know the finer details and then opt-in for a CISSP certification.

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