How to Fuel Yourself for a HIIT Workout

Leading a fast-paced urban life has inspired many people to turn to time-saving, explosive workouts that ensure health and fitness without spending hours at the gym. One category of those workouts is aptly named HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, which encompasses a wide range of exercises, it’s extremely flexible, and allows individuals to work out regularly, at home, and outside. 

Then the lockdown came, and even more fitness enthusiasts turned to HIIT as the perfect way to boost energy levels, grow strength, and stay healthy during these trying times. Now, if you’re new to this training method, it’s time to adapt your menu to have enough energy to perform these workouts safely, and stay energized afterward for all your daily chores. Here are a few ideas to implement!

Keep your water bottle close

You already know that your body largely consists of water, so it’s natural that medical professionals keep insisting that we should improve our hydration habits for the sake of our health. For HIIT specifically, water is vital to make sure that your muscles can withstand the effort you’re about to exert, and to recuperate properly afterward. 

The simplest way to hydrate more is to get a reusable water bottle and keep it nearby all day long. This doesn’t refer only to how much water you drink while you train. It’s key to keep hydrating properly during the day, so that you help your body recover and make the most of all the great nutrients you get through food. 

Refine your pre workout routine

If professional athletes trust supplements to improve their performance, why shouldn’t the rest of us, mere mortals, take advantage? With a little bit of research, you can find the most optimal pre workout supplements drink to add to your training routine, and thus boost your energy levels with all the right ingredients. 

You’ll notice that not only will you have ample energy for every rep in each session, but that you have better focus throughout the entire training, and that you can gradually improve your performance. Additionally, these drinks are designed to help your body recover more easily afterward, so pre workout additions can actually improve your post workout, too.

Don’t be stingy with those carbs

Now that we’re on the subject on post workout foods, many people who are looking to shed a few pounds with this powerful training system will steer clear of carbs. While this is a healthy approach when managed properly, there are also clear benefits to consuming healthy carbs in moderate amounts.

They help replenish your muscles’ glycogen stores, they help your body produce sustained energy for hours after your training, and they are found in fiber-rich foods, which is ideal for digestion. So, it’s good to turn to carbs but opt for healthy carbs such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. 

Make sure you eat plenty of protein

Depending on your lifestyle, whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or you eat dairy and meat, you can diversify your menu in such a way to introduce ample protein. This is a pivotal step in enhancing your HIIT workouts because protein keeps you feeling satiated for longer, it builds muscle, and it’s an essential macronutrient vital for all of your bodily functions, including your immune system.

You can tailor your menu by determining when you train. If you exercise first thing in the morning, the sheer intensity of your HIIT workout will make you feel nauseated if you eat heavy meals. Instead, save those proteins for after training to rebuild your muscles and to give you a sustained source of healthy energy for hours on end. 

Steer clear of sugar

Sometimes, it’s not about what you do consume, but more about what you leave out. While sugar cravings are very common, and you might find that a candy bar is a perfect way to get an immediate energy boost, it’s an unhealthy mechanism that doesn’t really solve the problem.

Instead, aim to reduce your processed sugar intake by kicking sodas, candy bars, and other store-bought treats. You can replace them with fiber-packed fresh fruit, which is also loaded with vitamins, enzymes, and minerals. Plus, when you make sure that you eat enough protein, you’ll reduce the cravings and feel full for longer. 

There you have it! Hopefully, these guidelines will help you revamp your nutrition and hydration in such a way that your workouts will be all the more effective. Plus, keeping an eye on what you eat and how much you eat will allow you to build a lean, strong physique, and to make the most of each HIIT session in your routine. 

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