How to get free Lakeside Collection Catalog?

Whether you are looking for home decor, furniture, gift articles or apparel, Lakeside Collection Catalog features it all. Lakeside is located outside of Northbrook, Ill. The free catalog features items for the home, office, pets, family, and hobbies. Apart from Lakeside Collection, there are other catalogs like LTD Commodities Catalog, Brylane Collection, Collections Etc, Frontgate, Carter And Barrel, etc that display similar products and can be mailed to you for free.

Other than these, Lakeside Collection also showcases a wide range of gift articles like electronics, DVD’s, show pieces, books, etc which make perfect gifts for your friends and family during festive seasons.

Lakeside Collection makes available quality products for affordable and low prices which lets you decorate your home while having money.

Requesting a Lakeside Collection Catalog

To order free Lakeside Collection Catalog you need to visit their home page. At the top right side of the home page, you need to click on Free Catalog symbol. This will take you to the catalog request form. You need to fill in essential information like your full name, detailed address, email address, etc. While you provide your personal details to order a free sample of the catalog, you are not obliged to create user ID or pay money for shipping.

You are by default set up to subscribe for receiving promotional emails by Lakeside Collections before you opt for a free catalog. If you don’t want to receive any promotional emails or other such email alerts, all you need to do is uncheck the small box that is situated at the end of the form. Unchecking this box will unsubscribe you from getting emails. Getting catalog mailed does not depend on subscribing or unsubscribing for emails.

Once you are done with filling the form, all you need to do is hit the ‘ Sign Up’ located at the bottom of the page to turn in your form. The moment you click on ‘ Sign Up’, you will receive an email from The Lakeside Collection confirming your request for a catalog. You don’t have to respond or do anything as this email is aimed at providing information. You can expect the catalog to be delivered by mailman within next three weeks. Delivery time may vary from location to location.

If you don’t wish to wait for weeks to have your catalog delivered, you can browse through the number of virtual upcoming and currently available catalogs on Lakeside Collection’s website. Accessing online catalogs is handy as you don’t have to wait for weeks and can browse through catalogs instantly with good internet and any smart device. Also, you can see all the available products which are not possible with catalogs.

Other ways to shop at Lakeside Collections

Apart from catalogs, you can directly shop from Lakeside Collection website. This enables you to browse through a wide range of products that are divided into various categories and subcategories. This makes shopping comparatively easy. You can also search for products by punching in the product name or product code from the catalog in the search bar. Again the use of filters helps you to narrow down your search and select a most suitable product. Clearance sales have amazing deals for various products.

Their Quick Order Form lets you shop various items in large quantities easily. You don’t need to add products to your cart one at a time and this makes shopping fun, fast and easy.

Catalog Restrictions

Few home decor, furniture, and gift catalogs from other companies can be mailed internationally. But Lakeside Collection catalog is available to only U.S residents with U.S addresses.

Other Similar Catalogs

If you like Lakeside Collection Catalogs, you may also like catalogs from Frontgate, Collections, LTD Commodities, Brylane Collection, Carter and Barrel, Country Door, Blair, Montgomery Wards, etc. that feature similar items and can be mailed to you for free.


Requesting a free catalog from Lakeside Collection is a matter of mere few clicks. All you have to do is filling up the request form and hit the ‘Sign Up’ button to submit it. They definitely make shopping fun and exciting.

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