How to Help Kids Adjust to a Move

Being a parent is a massive job of always just wanting what’s best for your child.  We want them to be happy, healthy, and well educated- sometimes that means a move.  If you’ve scoured for real estate for sale in Whistler and sought out the best moving companies and dates- it’s time to start helping your kids through the process, as well.  Whether it’s down the street or across the country, a move is a significant life change that can leave kids feeling lost or confused.  Instead of letting them sit in those negative feelings- here are the top ways to help kids adjust to a move.


Tell Them Sooner

Please don’t hold off on telling your kids about a move to try and spare their feelings.  Talk to your children early, and be clear about what’s happening.  If you’re still looking for a house, let them know that and help them see how this move will improve their lives.  Some people wait until they can’t anymore try and avoid conflict, but giving your child ample time to accept the news and prepare for the move could be all they need.


Let Them Be A Part of It

If you haven’t chosen a home yet, ask your child to help you!  Pick a couple of options that you like, and ask them to go to the open houses with you.  They’ll get to tour possible homes, and getting to have a say in it may help them feel more attached to the decision you make in the end.  Regardless of age, this allows your kids to feel like a respected member of the family, and it lets them know that their opinion matters to you.  This plan is a fantastic way to build trust and respect.


Ask For Their Help

Moving is a huge undertaking!  Ask your kids if they’ll help you pack, unpack, or pick out new furniture.  How much they can do depends on their age, of course, but it also relies on their maturity level.  Buy some of their favorite food, and have a packing party in the living room or dining room.  You can make this a fun and exciting moment instead of a tumultuous one!


Say Proper Goodbyes

Give your kids the chance to say goodbye to those they won’t see for a while, or maybe ever again.  Thankfully, due to the magic of the internet, a move isn’t as permanent of goodbye as it used to be, but it’s still good for your kids to be able to say some last words to the people who made living there worth it.


Don’t Rush The Home Feeling.

Although we may often feel like we should show our kids how to think by expressing ourselves, this isn’t always the best option.  Forcing an ingenuine emotion on your child could leave them feeling even more confused and frustrated.  Instead, help them see why the house and move itself are right.  Eventually, your kid will come to see this new building and city as their home, but they’ll have to work through that at their own pace.

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