Making Your Dream House a Reality

Whether you are looking to start a family, retire, or simply update your home, building your dream house is something that takes planning to pull off. From getting a design that you like, budgeting for construction and the interior, there’s a lot that building your dream house requires. Also, don’t forget to find some garden care tips and tricks to circle up everything nicely. 

Four main steps go into making your dream house a reality. First, you need to make a plan and get it on paper. 

A good contractor can utilize an architect from their in-house talent, or you can contract out with one to design the plans. Finding the right contractor with a track record of working on the types of designs and elements in your designs is the next step. 

Coordinating with an interior designer to make your living space inspirational should be used in every phase of the overall designing process, and we’ll discuss these points at length below. 

Making a Plan

Making a plan for your remodel or build is crucial. We mean by making a plan, how does the exterior construction enhance the interior decor, the room’s planned usage, and what is your budget for the project? 

By getting a plan together, you can next look for the best options to design and build your project. Some contractors offer in-house architecture and interior design teams, while with others, you may need to subcontract out each of these types of roles. 

If you choose a contractor and separate architectural and design teams, be sure to include them in initial discussions of your drafts to save time and money. If you can get every team member on the same page, you will have fewer hiccups down the road that could slow the process down or create costly overruns. 

Finding a Contractor to Build

The most crucial phase of your planning comes down to choosing the right type of contractor for your job. Sure, all contractors claim they can build what you want, though it may not be their specialty. Some contractors focus on small home construction, others work in a commercial building, while others still specialize in one aspect of home remodels such as kitchens or bathrooms. 

Interview a variety of contractors and have them give you an initial bid of their services so that you can compare. As you review all the proposals, check out what previous customers have to say about their work and their service through online reviews and social media to give you more data to evaluate whether they are a good fit for your job or not. 

By taking the time to review past customers’ reviews of their services and deciding if you want an all-in-one shop that includes other design team elements, you are better educated in your decision-making. If you plan to subcontract out those tasks is essential. You don’t waste your time or theirs and find yourself paying more than needed. 

In addition to the above, there are five simple questions you should ask every contractor before you hire them. 

  1. Ask about similar past projects and recommendations
  2. Ask about licensing and insurance
  3. What are the timeframe estimate and cost
  4. Who are the people coming to the home every day
  5. What process is there if changes need to occur

When you discuss the project with the builder and design team, ask them if they think they can keep the structure intact or need to take it to the studs. You may be ok having a home without walls for a little while, or you may not, so understanding the work to be done and the timeline for it is vital. 

One of the subtleties in remodeling is updating your insulation and wiring. You may need some attic insulation replacement to be done during the project as lousy insulation can be home to pests and vermin, as well as cause costly repairs and replacements down the road. 

Interior Design 

As you are in the process of making your dream home a reality, having a plan for the interior is just as important as the exterior curb appeal. A good interior design team will help you create the right tone and feel for each room, enhancing the environment and enjoyment of the time spent in those spaces. 

Once you have a plan in place, a team ready to design and build your dream home, and estimates of time and money needed, you can set a budget for the project, select a team, and sit back and get your dream house ready. 

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