Nature’s Calling: How to Afford Luxury in Your Backyard

Customizing the look of your home’s exterior is one way to create a space that reflects your personality. This has become even more important as most of us spend more time at home during the pandemic. After all, being able to spend time outside while adhering to social distancing rules is something to be treasured. Making the most of the environment in which we spend so much time is only one part of the story; maintaining one’s backyard, can actually have a therapeutic effect which is invaluable in these times of elevated stress.  There are many frugal ideas that you can try for yourself and that will bring a high-class look without high prices.

Comfortable and colorful

Undoubtedly, the best utility you can give to your backyard is to make one more room in your home. Provide functionality and comfort in your new space by using furniture that’s not needed inside the house. A bench with comfortable cushions, functional tables, and large armchairs, where reading a good book or taking a nice nap is a heavenly pleasure, are a simple solution for a chic feel of your backyard.

A garden shelf DIY

If you’re good with your hands, here’s a DIY idea that you can apply to any outside corner of your home. For this artistic decor, you will need an external shutter (also known as Mallorca window) that you can paint to your liking. And in it, using the slots of the shutter, you can place several pots with beautiful plants in the arrangement that you like.

Hammocks for total relaxation

If you are lucky enough to have trees in your courtyard you cannot miss the opportunity to have one of the traditional objects for the summer. A macramé or fabric hammock will be perfect for reading in the summer afternoons besides being a great decorative addition.

The rustic look is always in style

The rustic style is always a safe bet for patios and other outdoor areas. The stones, tiles, or pavers will be the best allies to your decor. Alternatively, you can use a tree shadow to create a seating area with comfortable and functional furniture.

In addition, rugs are a great and low-effort way to liven up outdoor spaces. Layering patterned outdoor rugs will provide a cozy, rustic feel that’s easy to change depending on the season or the occasion. Having separate sets of rugs for summer, spring, and early fall will add an extra dose of chic to your backyard.

Take care not to overdo it with the cozy vibe, or your friends might never want to leave.

Keep it minimalistic

For a minimalist style backyard, you would need a wooden floor resistant to fire and water, some pots of bamboo, and artificial grass. To create a more relaxed atmosphere, lighting sources are always good allies, especially if you`re using your outdoor space during colder time.

Vertical garden

A good example of how you can create an ideal courtyard even if it’s small is using a combination of boulders and vertical gardens consisting of several plants that give life to the courtyard and serves as a decorative element.

Come on baby light my fire

With this idea, you can make use of 100% of your yard. You will have a handy kitchen to prepare meals and enjoy them with your family and friends. A grill with burner kits will make the grill look more refined and elegant and you can put hooks in the wall/fence to organize your cooking accessories. Moreover, you can have a fire pit in the center of your backyard as a place of reunion. It’s nice, decorative, and calls for telling stories around the fire. It invites people to socialize in the evenings because of the magical atmosphere and allows everyone to stay outside even when the weather gets colder.

Use geometric patterns when decorating

If you’d like to spruce up your yard, one inexpensive idea that creates great visual impact is the use of paver and the surface layers. If you have unused space of the soil in your yard or bare ground that you want to cover up, the use of recycled materials is a great solution. Create a mosaic of your choice. Use moss in the cracks for greater contrast. The combination of these two materials is very cheap but looks very effective.


Of course, every yard is unique, so try to give a personal touch to everything you do. Remember, a simple design is often more beautiful and more effective than complex creations, and minimalism is sometimes essential for a harmonious and luxurious look.

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