Pedestal vs. Built-In Tubs: What Are the 5 Main Pros and Cons of Each?


Homeowners who want to revamp their bathroom designs can choose a new bathtub installation to transform their living space. Upgrading the bathroom design helps the homeowner increase its value and get more out of their investment if they ever design to sell the property in the future. Two of the most common choices for new bathroom design are pedestal or built-in tubs. Reviewing the 5 main pros and cons of each selection helps the homeowner make a sound choice for their bathroom renovation.

Pedestal Bathtub Pros and Cons

Pedestal bathtubs are elegant designs that aren’t connected to the walls and provide more space inside the bathroom. The bathtubs are sophisticated and give the property owner a chance to enjoy a long hot bath anytime they want. Homeowners who want to review these options consider the pros of the installations first. The Pedestal Tub provides a variety of advantages for homeowners who can afford the designs. The following are the 5 pros of the tub designs:

1. More versatile designs

2. Easier to clean

3. A more vintage look

4. The bathroom looks larger

5. It’s freestanding and not connected to the wall.

What are the Disadvantages?

While these advantages could indicate that the bathtub design is an ideal choice for the property owner, it is necessary to review the pros of the designs, too. When reviewing the disadvantages, the homeowner can determine if the installations could present problems or increase expenses. The following are the disadvantages of a pedestal bathtub installation:

1. The cost of the tub itself

2. The tubs take up a lot more room

3. The installation requires new plumbing lines

4. Shower attachments are less than ideal and messy

5. The water stays hotter for longer durations

Built-in Bathtub Designs

Built-in bathtub designs are the gold standard for most new constructions and present many years of use. The installations are modern and provide homeowners with several benefits. A contractor can work with the homeowner to create a built-in design that is ideal for the property. Reviewing the advantages of the built-in gives the property owner more insight into why the designs are a great choice for their home. The following are the benefits of the built-in bathtub designs:

1. They are connected securely to the wall

2. Uses existing plumbing lines

3. The showers are amazing

4. Homeowners can get a more spa-like experience

5. The price is more reasonable

What are the Disadvantages?

The bathtub designs also present some disadvantages that could change the property owner’s mind about the installations. Reviewing the disadvantages of the built-in bathtubs helps the property owner make a well-informed design. The following are the disadvantages of the built-in tubs.

1. The tubs are smaller

2. There are style limitations

3. The bathroom design isn’t as flexible

4. A long installation time

5. More maintenance costs


Property owners who want to transform their bathroom designs examine their choices and determine what bathtub is the best choice for their new design. Pedestal bathtubs and built-in tubs provide a variety of benefits for homeowners. When choosing the right design, it is best to consider the price of the installation, the dimensions of the bathroom, and how the homeowner will use the bathtub after it’s installed. Each of these factors helps the property owner make a better choice about their design. Reviewing the pros and cons of each choice helps the property owner determine which installation provides them with the most benefits overall.

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