Plan For a Brisbane Sunset Helicopter Ride on the Weekend!

When in Brisbane, you have so many fun activities to do, whether alone or with your loved one. You can go hiking, swimming in beaches, go on huge adventures in parks, or even get a helicopter ride to watch the amazing Brisbane sunset! Helicopter rides have become more popular because of the breathtaking experience and spectacular view of the entire city (and more). 

But how can you plan helicopter flights for you and your loved ones? I’ll show you why you should try a helicopter ride and how to plan for one to view the Brisbane sunset!

Plan a Brisbane Sunset Helicopter Ride

There are many reasons why you need to experience a Brisbane sunset helicopter ride at least once! It can be as a way to celebrate a milestone with that special someone, or for your entire family to enjoy. Or it can be for the travel junkies and adventurous souls out there with a bucket list they’d like to complete.

Whatever the reason is, anyone would love to appreciate the beautiful sunset and see the city from a whole different perspective. The city skyline is absolutely amazing from the top, and it’s something you’ll be telling to others for years. Sure, it may be a bit nerve-wracking at first, but once you’re on top, you have nothing to worry about and you can enjoy the spectacular views with experienced pilots and staff taking care of you.

It’s best to do this on a weekend, when you’re most likely free and when the city is at its liveliest! But I know how tough it may be planning a whole helicopter ride, from budget to timing. So here are some tips and points to consider as you plan the perfect Brisbane Sunset helicopter ride. 

1. Plan Way Ahead

While helicopter rides can be quite pricey, did you know that hundreds of people book in advance? You’re less likely to get a booking if you did it last minute, with many interested people wanting to have a memorable experience. This is especially true during the hectic weekend!

That’s why you’ll want to plan and book in advance, paying a small reservation fee for it. Some companies offer bookings up to six months before the scheduled date!

2. Consider Your Budget

As mentioned, helicopter rides can be quite pricey. On average, helicopter rides are about $150 to $200 per person! However, there are companies that offer reasonable prices and promos if you search enough. 

Some companies offer low-peak rates, which you may want to book ahead from, or promos with special discounts or inclusions to save a few bucks. Or, you can search online for vouchers and discount codes. Even $10 off can go a long way.

3. What Comes With The Ride?

Get your money’s worth and learn what’s included with the helicopter ride! Usually, these are included:

  • 15-20 minute private helicopter ride good for two to four people
  • A glass of champagne before the flight
  • Bouquet or chocolates for your partner (optional)

Some flights can go on for longer, though sunset helicopter rides are usually only half an hour long. You may want to check with your chosen companies to see if they have more inclusions to their packages!

4. Look Into Their Terms

Make sure that you read the company’s terms before you make a booking. They have maximum passengers and weight limits, as well as a few rules to follow while in flight.

For instance, there is a maximum of three to four passengers per flight, with a maximum passenger weight of 110 kilograms each. Furthermore, you will need to be in the area for a briefing at least 20 minutes before your scheduled ride.

5. Find Reputable Companies

And lastly, select a reputable company that has provided helicopter rides without any major issues or complaints. Look into previous customer reviews and research the company’s history and experience. You’ll want trusted pilots and staff to take care of you while you’re up in the air, so you know you are safe and can enjoy the entire time without a hitch.

Wrapping It Up

Are you planning to share a beautiful moment with someone special? There’s no better way to do it than to have a helicopter ride together and watch the sunset over the Brisbane skyline! Many companies offer packages and with the right planning, you can have the perfect and memorable night to remember. 

I hope that this article on planning for sunset helicopter rides in Brisbane helped you out. So don’t wait any longer and look into any reputable companies that can take you up to extreme heights!

Do you have any questions or want to share your experiences taking helicopter rides in Brisbane? Share it in the comments section below, all your thoughts are much appreciated! 

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