Planning for a Family Reunion? If Yes, Try These Personalized Gift Ideas

Everyone is so excited about the family reunion and there is a reason for it. First of all, it is one of the events that make the entire family meet each other. And it also makes them recall the fun times by exchanging stores of the good old days. Planning for the family come-together event is as critical as attending one. You will need a powerful gift that your loved ones feel cherished and feel fortunate to have you as a part of the family. One fantastic thing that you can gift is a customized printed shirt that can be useful for special occasions. You can ask a reputed Singapore shirt printing company to achieve this endeavor.

Apart from this, there are lots of other wonderful personalized gift ideas that you can give you to your family members on this special occasion.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

Embroidered Kitchen Napkins

A kitchen is a special place in every house and so adding one or two sets of customized handkerchiefs or napkins is the best way to showcase your affection for your loved ones. If you wish the napkin to stand out, it is essential to print specific sweet words that reflect your love with the help of a personalized message.

In case you select cotton or linen material, the best thing to do is stitch the message with the help of a cool, non-shouting color trend that syncs well with the sewing fabric. For best results, we suggest you select the ready-to-stitch napkins and try certain variegated thread in such a way that the message alters the color. The vital thing to note is that the stitching code and color pattern needs to blend together without looking exaggerated.

Personalized T-Shirts

If you have people in your immediate family who love t-shirts, we suggest you go for some personalized t-shirts with prints and portraits as gifts. This is the perfect way to celebrate your reunion. It would not be a difficult task to select the best style to personalize your gift t-shirts. The only thing needed is to choose the type of fabric and determine whether to go for custom made-to-order apparel or DIY.

It has been found that personalized printing goes beyond modern heat transfer and silkscreen printing. Due to the advancement in technology, we are seeing other forms of printing like Direct to Garment (DTG), vinyl cutting and seam-to-seam gaining in popularity.

According to your specific expectations, ask a company specializing in T-Shirt printing Singapore and lay down what you wish for while ordering the made-to-order t-shirts. In case you are going DIY, ensure that you select the right fabric to go well with the printing type of your preference.

Family-Printed Mugs

Little personalized things can make a huge difference to display our affection to our loved ones. Imagine the kind of impact it will create on your parents if you gift them a coffee mug with their picture. It will create an everlasting memory. We do not suggest you get an imported glass material or expensive ceramic ones,  only need is to print the best lines besides the portrait.

There are times when a family group photo can make a huge difference. And if you are good at creative writing then it is your best chance to showcase your talent by writing something great that showcases your feelings for your extended family. For example, you can have your family reunion printed on a mug and gift them as a souvenir.

Customized Sports Bottle

People carry sports bottles as their personal items everywhere daily. If in your close family, there is someone who loves to go to the gym or carry water bottles to office, you can gift a customized sports bottle to refresh their memories of the family reunion every time they take a sip from the bottle.

Take this idea to the next level by printing their favorite movie or book quote on it. This way, you can add a spark to your gift and also let your loved ones know that you care about the things that they love.

Building-Block Photos

If you are too tight on your budget and are not able to think of something better to gift, then the safest bet is to gift building-block photos. Remember, a usual photo of your family members will not create a much-needed impact.

However, if you use one with the help of construction blocks, it will give uniqueness to your idea, and you will be able to create something wonderful with the readily available resources.

One way to add spice to your project is by printing a favorite family photo on a selected construction cube. Next, make the necessary cuts in it according to different shapes. Disassemble the shapes and make them into a fun puzzle for adults and kids. To take it to the next level, opt for 3D print and then cut them into complex shapes and then ask your extended family to resolve the puzzle. Isn’t it a great idea to try for a family reunion?

Mini books

SimplePrints is the easiest photo book and wall print maker around. They work hard to make sure you don’t have to. Their new product, Mini Books, is a perfect way to memorialize your family reunion and make sure everyone that attended gets a copy they can take with them for years to come. Starting at $28 per set of 3, these pocket-size photo books can be customized to have a single photo, collages, or text-only page area to easily highlight your family reunion activities.
You can download the app here.

Final Words

It is never an easy task to gift your parents, uncle, grandparents, grandchildren, etc. You need to know the likes of every person in the family to find the right gift. However, with a little bit of creativity and a handful of money, you can plan for a gift that is relevant according to the age, taste and preferences of your family members. Can it get any bigger than this?

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