Planning to Host Muslim Guests at Your Next Dinner? Follow These 3 Tips to Ensure They’ll Be Having a Great Time

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Anyone who desires to play host to a dinner party knows the importance of ensuring that the guests have a good time. After all, if a person is rumored to be a bad host, he or she may not be able to get anyone to come to the next dinner party. There are some things that hosts should know when they are planning to invite guests who are of a different culture, religion, or social practice. This article will focus on what people should know who are planning to host guests who are of the Islamic faith.


Tips for Serving Guests of the Islamic Faith

The first thing a host must keep in mind when serving Muslim guests is that they have a strict dietary code, which means all of the meat they consume must meet halal guidelines. Halal means that the meat used for food preparation must come from a live animal that is slaughtered through the jugular vein, windpipe, and carotid artery. The animal must also be healthy, and if the host is unsure, there are affordable halal catering services in Singapore who can supply the meat for those in the area. This is one way to avoid doing something that would insult the Muslim guests.


More Tips for Serving Muslim Guests

Another thing to keep in mind when serving Muslim guests is that it is not considered bad manners to ask questions about what the guests would prefer. It would be better to know of all and any restrictions that a particular guest may have. It is also not necessary to have food and drink that only the Muslims can eat if there are other dinner guests at the dinner party who are of other faiths or are not particularly religious. In addition to finding out what foods people can’t eat because of religious reasons, the host will want to know if there are restrictions because of certain illnesses or allergies.


More Information about Halal Foods

There are some other things people may want to know about Halal dietary guidelines, other than just the way the meat has to be prepared. There are some companies that offer Halal processed foods and products if the hosts will take the time to do the research and find the companies that offer such. In cases where Halal foods are not readily available, Muslims may be permitted to eat foods that are Kosher. As a last resort, if the choice is between eating non-Halal food or starving, they are permitted to consume the food, although they may want to eat sparingly.


A Final Thought about Halal Cuisine

In addition to the food being Halal, Muslims are also forbidden from using other products, such as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, that have been produced by non-Halal methods. Once the host has every possible difficulty removed that would prevent his or her Muslim guests from eating, then it will be certain that the dinner party will be a success. It may also worth mentioning that prior to slaughtering the animal being used in Halal-prepared foods, that the animal should be stunned to prevent it from suffering much due to its throat being slaughtered. This is only humane.

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