Quality Vape Pens: How to Choose the Safest and Best Vaporizer

A vape pen, also known as a vaporizer pen, is a particular type of electronic cigarette (e-cig) characterized by its relatively small size compared to standard vaporizers. Just as its name suggests, a vape pen is nearly similar in size and shape to the regular writing pens.

Now, the vape industry teams with thousands of vape pens. But with each product marketed as ‘the real deal,’ it may be a bit difficult to hone in on a pen that meets your personal vaping needs.

No need to fret, we’ve prepared a guide on choosing the safest and best vaporizer pen to match your standards.

Why Is Choosing A Quality Vape Pen Such A Big Deal?

There are numerous reasons why you should invest in a top-quality vape pen. First and foremost, you want a product that will give you back the value for your money. Generally, a medium-quality vape pen from a reputable brand costs roughly $50. That excludes the cost of a vape juice. Therefore, you want your pen to last as long as possible before replacing or servicing it. Unfortunately, you’ll never enjoy the benefits of durability if you invest in substandard vape pens.

Note that standard vape pens require their coils to be replaced at least once a month. So, if you find yourself replacing your coil, battery, or the other parts of your vape pen every other day, it’s time to change your supplier.

Another reason to invest in high-end vape pens is that cheap-quality vaporizer pens come with inherent risks of explosion. Depending on the severity, these explosions could leave you nursing some nasty wounds on your body.

According to Tobacco Control, there were some 2,035 vape pen explosions from 2015 to 2017. Many of these explosions are blamed on the vape pens’ lithium-ion batteries. But even with a powerful and reliable battery, you still run the risks of a vape pen exploding on your skin when you settle for cheap products. You can only imagine what would happen if the device exploded in your mouth while enjoying your vaping experience.

How to Choose a Quality Vape Pen

1. Shun Titanium Alloys and Insist On Original Titanium

Differentiating between pure titanium and titanium alloy may be a bit difficult for the untrained eye. But when you’re shopping for your next vape pen, you’ll need to keep your eyes out on alloys and avoid them like the plague.

Alloys are cheaper than Grade 1 and most Grade 2 titanium materials, which explains why many vape pen manufacturers prefer them. However, titanium alloys are weaker than the purest form of the metal. Plus, they tend to lose their glare much faster. Worse yet, titanium alloys could expose you to serious long-term health risks.

The best way to tell that a vape pen is made of a titanium alloy is if the product is labeled ‘titanium’ but without stating the grade of titanium it is. You might also ask the vendor to supply you with a composition test of all the materials that comprise their vape pen.

2. Ensure The Titanium Grade Is Matched with the Device’s Resistance

After honing in on a vape pen that’s made of pure titanium, ensure that the device comes with sub-ohm batteries.

Some unscrupulous or ignorant vendors claim to deal in pure titanium vape pens while offering standard e-cig batteries. Again, shun such vendors as pure titanium pens can only work with sub-ohm batteries.

3. Also Shun Teflon

Teflon, industrially known as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), shares a lot in common with titanium alloys – both are cheaper to obtain but dangerous to your health.

Teflon has a high melting point and depending on your ideal vaping temperature, this material can melt away and exude toxic chemicals and gases. One such gas is polymer fumes which if inhaled, might lead to polymer fume fever, also known as Teflon flu.

4. Understand the Material That the Atomizer Is Made From

We’ve already highlighted the significance of buy halo vape made of pure titanium. In addition to titanium, there are many other materials that might be used to make a vape pen atomizer, including quartz, copper, ceramic, etc.

Quartz atomizers offer the smoothest taste of all the atomizer materials. On the other hand, titanium delivers both taste and huge hits. Copper is relatively efficient but can exude toxic fumes at temperatures above 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

The convention is to familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of each atomizer material before buying it.

5. Check The Battery’s Temperature Control Technology

Many vape pen vendors are notorious for claiming that their vaporizer batteries offer a higher temperature control degree. Note that the expression ‘higher degree’ is subjective and depends on the vendor’s sense of judgment. So, establish the range of temperature control that the battery offers before purchasing the vape pen.

Most importantly, remember that most temperature-control batteries simply work by estimates. Even after setting your ideal vaping temperature, you may realize that the temperature continues to rise as you hold down the button on your vape pen.

In addition to the above factors, the following are other things to take into consideration while shopping for a high-quality vape pen;

Buy from reputable brands with years of experience in the vaping industry
Consider the availability and cost of accessories
Don’t go looking for the bargain of the century. You’ll hardly find it but even if you do, the chances are that the vape pen will be substandard.

Honing in on the right vape pen isn’t a walk in the park. But it isn’t a herculean task either. You only need to know what to look for in a quality vaporizer. Once you have the device, its longevity and effectiveness will largely come down to how you use it. Avoid chain vaping or exposing your device to drastic fluctuations in temperature and pressure.

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