Right Along with the Pattern of Your Earlobe: 5 Things to Keep in Mind About Huggie Earrings


Huggie earrings are a unique type of earring in the way that they are very small and don’t require an earring back to be open and closed. They are referred to as huggie earrings, or huggers, based on their compact form designed to hug the ear. They vary in shapes, but mostly small compact designs that can be easily replicated into earring form.

The Price

Just like most jewellery, huggie earrings prices can vary greatly due to the different aspects of the earring that can be made out of different material or made a different size. There are now stylish, yet very affordable huggie earrings now at adinasjewels.com. Most huggie earrings are made out of sterling silver or pure silver.

This is due to the earrings’ visibility, so most people do not want to splurge on a twenty-four karat gold huggie earring since it can’t be distinguished as real or fake gold. However, some people still enjoy the self-awareness of their earrings being made out of non-fake material. This can vastly increase the price compared to the more common sterling silver model.

The Shape

The most common shape for huggie earrings is a circle. Since the earring is small and compact, it can be difficult to create complex designs that still manage to fit around the earlobe. Shapes such as stars, hearts, and letters are the most optimal.

Versions of these shapes can be made. This can include an oval or circle with two lines, a star with more or fewer points than the average five-pointed star, or letters in various fonts.

Are They in Style?

Huggie earrings first started gaining notice in early 2019. After being seen worn by several celebrities and influencers with a wide range of fans, huggie earrings took off. Nothing has pointed to the downfall of huggie earrings, supporting the current idea that they are still very much in style.

Their affordable cost and sleek and simple designs make them very optimal for people looking to add some subtle nice jewellery that isn’t too flashy.

What are the Downsides?

Since huggie earrings do not require an earring back, they use a lever back to open and close. This can be bad as opening and closing the lever back can possibly take more time than using a normal earring back depending on what you are used to.

Since a leverback involves a stick-like piece of metal sitting inside a circle, the stick can be noticeable which may deter some people from purchasing the earrings. Also, the stick can sometimes come loose and poke the person wearing the earrings, although the pain is not excruciating, it can get quite irritating.

Personal Preference

In most jewellery purchasing cases, there are many different colours and material combination’s to choose from. The same goes for huggie earrings, as there are multiple aspects to the earrings that one may favour or dislike.

Choosing between different colours, styles, shapes, or materials can be a strenuous task as there is so much to choose from, resulting in making the decision difficult. Just like anything in life, it’s beneficial to go in with a plan and to know what you want.

Huggie earrings are one of the most in style fashion pieces right now due to their sleek and simple design, their affordable prices, and the media influence behind them.

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