Supporting A New Mom In 10 Different Ways

The first few months of motherhood (especially for the first time moms) are tough. The late-night cries and breastfeeding, the anxiety of what you are expected to do might lead to burnout.

Every baby comes with a ‘HELP’ sign but letting the new moms internalize what they really need is important.

Different moms need different support and help.

For example, one new mom may be in need of someone to talk and chat with while the other may be in need of the alone time with the baby while others will want a break from the baby.

The following are ten ways we’ve taken from to support a new mom.


New moms are excessively exhausted to think of what they are going to eat or drink. At this point, there is no need for any coffee or alcohol (just in case you were thinking of giving them any coffee maker such as those from or a wine chiller from

So, why not try dropping already-cooked food at their place will help a great deal. Don’t expect for the new mom to have time for socializing. If possible just drop the food, and give the mother and child their space.


What does she really need?

Asking someone ‘what can I do to help?’ may feel awkward and confuse a new mom. ‘I am at the grocery store, need anything?’ might sound as a better offer.

Capture the moment.

Take photos of both mommy and the baby or even short films. Surprise the family later with the printed copies or just send the digital files through email.

Every moment of motherhood and childhood is a precious. Videos and photos are the best memory conservative.


Your conversations will shift from the norm. She now has new priorities. The conversation will be more about the baby and the motherhood experience.

She might be more interested in chatting about diaper pails, diaper rash, baby minutia, breastfeeding etc. Listen and empathize with her. Reassurance that she is doing it right is what she needs.

Reading material.

Besides offering the new moms baby gifts like organic crib mattress and strollers, giving them reading materials about motherhood or about babies, is helpful.

Most of the new moms are clueless about motherhood. However, with reading materials on babies and motherhood will help them know what they should do.

Take them for a walk.

New mothers spend most of their time in bed or seated breastfeeding their babies. You can offer to take the baby and the mom for a walk. Use a stroller for the baby during the walk.

Encourage them to join a new mom’s group.

Sometimes the new mom needs to know that she is not the only one undergoing this experience.

Hearing different stories from different experiences might help the new now conclude that ‘ my experience is not that bad after all’


One of the major problems with the new moms is the lack of sleep. The worry of ‘what if I fell asleep and the baby wakes up’? is inevitable.

Consequently, it may result in depression and anxiety. Help to care for the baby for few hours a day for the mom to relax. You can also suggest a very good babysitter you know about.

Chores help.

The new mom may not be able to ask for household chores help. You can offer to help without being asked and not make the family feel awkward. The new mom needs all the help she can get and ask for it might not be easy.

Offer to go with her for the baby checkups.

Offering to accompany the new mom to the hospitals for checkups is very thoughtful. Even if the father of the baby will be there, your presence might be very helpful knowing there is someone that she can count on if the father is held up or is not around.

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