Sustainable Gift Guide: Eco-Friendly Gifts to Give Right Now


With the holiday season around the corner, we’re all on the lookout for the best presents for our loved ones. There are some safe options if you want to make your friends and family happy, but if you want to think about the environment and do something new and fun, you can opt for sustainable presents instead. There are many options to choose from and you can share the reasons why it’s important to practice sustainability in our lives, even when it comes to presents, so here are some of the options you might want to take into consideration. 


If you know someone who’s so used to driving a car, picking a bike is a great way to go. Although it may sound like someone who spends tons of time driving around won’t transfer to anything else, this is the perfect opportunity to show that person all the right reasons to start riding a bike. You can opt for a traditional model or an electric one that’s also on the eco-friendly side of things. It’s important to show others how a small change can benefit their lives – not just for the environment around them, but also their own health as well. 

Sustainable fashion 

Many dresses are hung using the clothes hangers

Lots of fashion brands are turning to sustainability as their prime source of fabrics and we’re all witnesses of recycled materials and sustainable cotton being among the most common materials at the moment. If you have an avid fashionista in your environment, you can choose different pieces of clothing based on your budget. There are even some pieces with important messages regarding climate changes and what we can do to help nature recovers, so this can also be a learning present everyone will enjoy. Combine a passion for fashion with sharing an important message that so many people could see, and embrace sustainable fashion.

Natural materials 

Items made from natural materials are always a great choice and if they are also practical, you have a winner. One of the best items for men in your surrounding is a practical metal minimalist wallet that’s stylish and perfect for anyone’s style. In addition to that, wallets are one of the most common gifts for men so if you plan on buying one, make sure it’s made from the best materials and comes with great design features. These minimalist wallets are great for anyone because they’re practical and can fit into any bag or pocket, which is why they can suit everyone’s needs. 

Reusable items 

Personalized mug
A personalized mug is an ultra-modern and useful way of consuming coffee

Any avid coffee lover would like to have a personalized mug that can be used over and over again. Try to calculate how many cups of coffee we all take daily and how much waste we create that way. By using reusable straws and mugs, we can fix this issue and take it to a level where it’s not too problematic. In addition to that, reusable bowl covers, kitchen towels, and napkins can always be made specifically for your loved ones so they suit their style, which is something anyone would appreciate. For avid bakers, just add a few silicone baking mats and your present will wow them straight away! 

Living composter 

People buy organic food and spend more money on something that has no harmful chemicals, but they don’t realize that they can produce some of it in their backyard. By creating compost, you can make organic food on your own and always have some fresh ingredients by your side. If you know someone who would like to try and produce some food themselves, a composter is a perfect start. Add a few seeds as well, and you’ll have a starters kit for any gardening enthusiast. Composting has never looked so easy and simple with these helpful hacks and people will be blown away by this idea. 

Presents can be an opportunity for people to learn something new, so use them to educate people why it’s important to think about the usage of natural materials and how things can be practical and sustainable. Just because these presents are eco-friendly doesn’t mean they lack style – on the contrary, they look amazing and can easily be blended into anyone’s style. 

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