The Yoga Etiquette: What to Wear and What Not to Wear to a Yoga Class

Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice intended for relaxation and meditation. Yoga can be done at Home, Fitness centers, Hotels, and many other cool places. Yoga with short hike and trekking in the Himalayas is the best way to spend your time to make your mind, relax and stress-free. Practicing yoga increases your flexibility, improves muscle strength, enhances concentration, and reduces stress. Practicing yoga increases your flexibility, improves muscle strength, enhances concentration, and reduces stress.

But before you can acquire these benefits, you need to consider the basics, particularly the clothes you wear in the class. What you wear is as significant as the exercise itself. A lot of misfortunes come to pass because of inappropriate yoga outfits.

A big part of being relaxed and comfortable requires the right attire during your yoga class. The easiest advice is to ensure that it fits firmly.  The following guide breaks down what to wear and what not to wear in a yoga class.

What Not To Wear

Some clothes and accessories will seem off if you choose to wear them when doing yoga exercises. Therefore, you need to know what not to wear for you to pull off a perfect yoga pose.

Socks and Shoes

Selecting the shoes and socks to complete your yoga outfit is probably the simplest part because you do not have to choose one. Yes, that’s right, yoga students do not wear socks or shoes during the class.

Thus, you do not have to spend money just to purchase the latest and trendy brand shoe. Even though some yoga students wear sandals and flip-flops, they instantly remove it when the class begins.

Wearing socks or shoes impedes the foot’s grasp on the yoga mat, and can lead to a miserable slip and fall.

Also, your feet cannot adjust to uneven and rough surfaces when you wear shoes, and this restricts the flexibility of your feet. Practicing yoga with bare feet, allows your feet to make some adjustments to support you thoroughly.

Inelastic Tight Pants

Do not wear inelastic tight pants because instead of being helpful, these pants compresses and squeezes the body and does not allow you to do various yoga poses. Some poses are difficult to pull off, and they may rip your pants easily, so make sure that you wear the right one.

Even the mildest yoga practices can draw in sweeping stretches where you need to move with your complete and maximum range. Before attending a yoga class, try to move with your yoga pants and determine if you feel a discomfort or a pull.

Thick Fabrics

Never use thick fabrics of yoga pants because they do not allow you to breathe well and can make you feel uncomfortable. It involves fabrics like nylon and polyester. Thick fabrics have an inflexible weave compared to cotton, which means they restrict air and keep moisture.

Keep in your mind that these fabrics are not the excellent options for a yoga class, even though most of the athletic companies sell this kind of fabrics. Wearing thick fabrics can retain sticky and wet clothes against the body, generating rashes in any part of your body.

What To Wear

These things are what you should wear to a yoga class.

Yoga Pants

Yoga pants include an elastic band that enables you to stretch and bend however you want. Some people wear jogging pants to yoga class, but be careful not to go for jogging pants with a tie.

The tie does not expand and stretch plus there are some yoga poses that require you to bend over, generating extra pressure on your lower stomach. It is always best to go for yoga pants with an elastic waist.

Furthermore, keep in mind that yoga pants should not be too tight. Excellent yoga pants should fit precisely around the hips and waist, and should not be constricting in any way. Also, yoga pants with a wider leg provide for added breathability.

Yoga Tops

Similar to yoga pants, the yoga tops should be inclusive of mostly cotton blend fabrics. Cotton fabrics make the yoga tops intensely comfortable and relaxing to wear. Additionally, since yoga requires some challenging poses, it should be tight around the chest.

There are sleeveless yoga tops that include a racerback design for more support. The recommended yoga top is the racerback because it keeps the shirt in place. Yoga enthusiast will not have to overthink about their top when they do some yoga poses.

Sports Bra

Most women are comfortable wearing a sports bra in a yoga class rather than a traditional bra. A sports bra is much larger than a typical bra, and it has cotton padding and elastic bands assisted with a high back instead of using wires.

Sports bras do not only provide awesome support, but they also are not too revealing compared to the other normal bras, since they nearly cover the entire chest. Most women love wearing a sports bra because it is lightweight, yet simple.

Keep in mind that the bra should be convenient, and it should not be tight. It should fit comfortably around the back, shoulders, and breasts, but it should not be compressing and constricting.


The clothes you wear to your yoga classes should be flexible, lightweight, and comfortable. For yoga enthusiasts, the yoga clothes are the most comfortable and reliable clothes they possess.

By following some guidelines like choosing the right size, breathable fabric, fitting bra, almost any women can have their perfect yoga outfit. Yoga is an exercise that depends on the ability of a person to contort and bend into any positions. Without having the proper outfit, yoga can be a burden activity instead of a fun one.

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