This Is What the Perfect Skin-Care Routine Looks Like

Living in the age of social media means that we often see retouched pictures of perfect people who have flawless skin, which is why many of us feel inadequate despite all the self-care we provide for ourselves. If you sometimes feel like that, no worries, because that’s completely normal, however, you should still establish a skincare routine that will help you have a smooth complexion. Therefore, here are some tips and tricks that will help you get there.

1. Make an effort to learn about your skin

Skin is a delicate and durable organ, which is why it’s essential to give it the proper care. But, you cannot do that, if you don’t learn more about your skin type because that’s the safest way to find appropriate products that will help you with your specific skin issues. 

There are various ways to determine your skin type, and in case you can’t find the right way to do so, you can always consult a dermatologist or any other skin specialist. Additionally, in case you’re traveling abroad, it’s important to monitor your skin, as that will give you a clear overview of how your skin works in different climates. 

2. Use products aimed at your skin type

Now that you’ve learned more about your skin type, it’s time to find products that are made specifically for your skin type in mind. Regardless, it’s important to mention that products should be free from harsh sulfates, alcohol and other ingredients that can do more harm than good. Also, there’s no need to buy super expensive products, because there are always affordable alternatives that can help you get clear and glowy complexion. In case you’re more into DIY solutions, then feel free to make your own skincare products, but before you use them, it’s essential to perform a patch test on the inside of your elbow, just to be sure that you won’t end up with a rash on your face.

3. Pay attention to your hair, too

Photo by Taisiia Stupak on Unsplash

Your skin condition and your haircare are connected, therefore it’s essential to pay attention to your hair, mainly to the way you apply your products. Since a lot of people suffer from acne near the hairline, it’s of utmost importance to clean your face after applying any heavy haircare products. However, in order to keep your hair looking healthy, make sure to opt for simple and well-made products, such as nourishing and natural hair wax that will leave your locks soft and shiny, without causing any changes on your skin. Also, keep in mind that your scalp health matters as well, which is why you should focus on using mild shampoos free from harsh sulfates and other damaging ingredients. If possible, aim to use natural oils to promote hair growth such as castor or oil, and if needed, make sure to use homemade scalp scrub, in order to remove dead skin cells and stimulate circulation in that area.

4. Trust the process and enjoy the journey

The beauty of having a skincare routine lies in the fact that you have to trust the process to see positive effects. You shouldn’t expect overnight improvements, and if you do, you’ll just end up frustrated, because most of the products need time to work. Therefore, rather than feeling unsatisfied, it’s better to relax and enjoy the journey. Once you do that, you’ll start paying attention to every little thing you spot on your face, and one day, you’ll just notice a positive outcome. Still, if you notice any rashes or other unpleasant changes on your skin that won’t go away, you should stop using the product immediately and find an alternative. 

5. Get inspired by others 

In case you find it hard to relax and trust the process, then you can get inspired by the skin positivity movement, which is helping people accept their acne and find appropriate treatments. Skin positivity influencers are also raising awareness regarding different skin conditions which can help people in similar situations feel better about themselves. Aside from that, you can use these influencers to get a bit of perspective and stop obsessing over little skin imperfections that can be easily remedied with a bit of spot treatment and some makeup. 


Taking care of your skin is an important step towards self-confidence and happiness. There’s no need to use overpriced products, instead be sure to read the ingredients and learn about your skin type, so you’ll be able to find your holy grails. Also, don’t hesitate to go to a licensed aesthetician, especially if you’re dealing with severe skin problems that can’t be treated by drugstore products. When you combine all of these tips, it’s very likely you’ll be left with beautiful, clean and glowing skin.

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