What to Do With an Extra E-Liquid Left in the Tank

One of the common frustrations among many vapers is running out of an e-liquid mid-vaping. But is there any such thing as running entirely out of an e-juice? Regardless of how thick the wick or how powerful the coil is, there will always be some residual liquid at the bottom of your e-cig reservoir tank. Even if you decide to shake or slant the device, the wick will never be able to soak up the entire e-liquid.

So, one way or another, you’ll always have to deal with that extra bit of e-juice left in the tank. Which begs the question – what should you do with it?

To many people, the best way to go about this extra liquid is to use it along with their next vape juice. After all, reusing the liquid will go a long way in helping you become an eco-friendly vaper.

Read on for more insights on what to do with the extra vape juice left in the tank.

Can You Vape an E-juice To The Last Drops?

As we’ve already pointed out, it’s almost impossible to vape the last few drops of your e-juice. But let’s face it; it can be very frustrating when you just can’t seem to drain the entire e-juice. That’s especially true for smooth and delectable ejuice from Vape and Juice. It’s also worth noting that vape juices don’t come cheap. After shelling out huge bucks to purchase a high-quality e-juice, it’s only logical that you want to use it up before refilling the tank.

So, if at all possible, you should vape the e-liquid until the tank is dry. Not only will it ensure that you enjoy the delicious taste to the end, but it will also save you extra dollars you’d have otherwise used refilling the tank before it’s scorched. Also, vaping the entire e-juice takes away the hassles of regular cleanup. With no residual liquid in your vape tank, you can refill the tank with your next vape juice without necessarily needing to empty it first. But the problem comes in when you start to hear a gurgling sound. Usually, this is your surest cue to stop vaping.

Essentially, the gurgling sound implies that the amount of e-juice in the tank is too little to soak up the wick.

Remember that according to many vape coils’ design, the wicks are intended to soak from an intake located near the vape tank’s bottom. This means that the intake must be built as close as possible to the tank’s very bottom. Otherwise, there will always be a gap between the liquid at the bottom of the tank and the wicks. And, that would prevent the wicks from soaking up the last drops of your e-juice, thereby resulting in dry wicks. With a dry wick, you run the risk of inhaling dry vapor, which increases the chances of getting scorched or experiencing throat irritation.

When in this situation, some vapers may be tempted to lower the power output of their vaporizers. But that won’t bring any significant difference either. Therefore, the conventional wisdom is to stop vaping the moment you hear the gurgle.


What Do You Do After Hearing The Gurgling Sound?


So, you’ve already heard the gurgling sound and stopped vaping. Your next concern is what to do with the residual liquid. Should you dispose of it? Whether you’re an eco-friendly vaper or not, your instinct is to save the e-liquid and mix it with your next vape juice after cleaning the tank. After all, the e-liquid is probably still delicious and aromatic.

If you’re a seasoned vaper, you could already have developed brand loyalty to specific e-liquids and intend to buy the same product. This makes it all the more prudent to preserve the remaining e-liquid.

To put your mind at ease, saving the extra drops of e-juice at the bottom of your vape tank is perfectly in order. Your actual concern should be on how to save the liquid. There are various ways to go about that.

1.     Put it back in the original bottle.

One of the best ways to save the tank-remainder is to pour the leftover into the original bottle. This is an excellent way of preserving the flavor of your e-juice. Therefore, it’s always prudent not to throw away every e-juice bottle even if there’s no longer any liquid in it. You never know when you may need the bottle again.

To pour the residual e-juice into the original bottle, all you need to do is remove the unicorn tips by pulling or twisting to release the tip. After removing the unicorn tips, there will be a larger aperture to administer the spare e-liquid.

However, if the original bottle still contains unused e-juice in it, remember to add the residual liquid from your vape tank only if it’s fresh. Some e-juices, such as those formulated with cannabis extracts, tend to degrade after exposure to air, heat, and light. So, if you’re vaping such e-juices, it’s best not to re-administer them into the original bottle unless the bottle is empty.

2.     Mix it into a special concoction.

Another way to go about the extra e-juice in your tank is to keep separate bottles of each flavor. This makes more sense if you continuously experiment with different flavors. So, after a few months, you may have bottles for other flavors, including fruity, mint, dessert, chocolaty, vanilla, tobacco, hemp, etc.

Now, imagine mixing these different flavors into one bottle to come up with a cocktail of flavors. You may create fresh and aromatic flavors that you cannot readily find on the vape juice market.

3.     Have a tank-saver container.

Last but not least, you can choose to keep your leftover e-liquid active in a tank-saver container. The idea here is to keep the-juice active but not aging. You can then reintroduce it into your tank whenever you’re refilling with an e-juice of a similar flavor.

Another reason behind saving this liquid in a tiny e-juice bottle is to allow you time to clean the tank. Once the tank is clean and ready for use, you can add the small amount of e-juice back in, along with the new vape juice of a similar flavor. That way, you won’t have to waste even a single drop.


There goes the comprehensive guide on what to do with the extra e-juice at the bottom of your tank. As it’s now abundantly clear, the tank-remainder is perfectly recyclable. You only have to exercise caution to preserve its taste and flavors.

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