Why Everyone Needs Dietary Supplements

Natural and herbal supplements such as Nature’s Happiness can help restore your body to a state of balance when it gets out of whack. They can also help to maintain the body’s natural balance. If there’s a serious imbalance, it may take upwards of seven supplements to return you to your balance, depending on the complexity of the issues. Here’s a quick look at some good reasons for supplements.


Most of us don’t get enough sleep. If this sounds familiar, try an ashwagandha supplement. Although this supplement has been in use for centuries, you may know it better by the names Winter Cherry or Indian Ginseng. This supplement is a great natural source of vitality and energy. It’s a sort of adaptogenic herb known for promoting healthy responses to physical, emotional, and environmental stress.

Stress, Stress, and More Stress

It’s no question that all of us lead busy lives. Yet, some of us are arguably busier than others and face more stress! Between things like commitments to your faith, community, work, school, and family, your daily life can be totally stressed and in serious need of some vitamins and minerals. All of the stress we’re under will eventually take its toll on our bodies and can make the immune system weak. Taking supplements can help bridge the nutritional gaps and give the body a few of the building blocks it relies on to function properly.


Overcooked Food

As Americans, many of us have a bad habit of cooking foods to death, which results in a considerable loss of its nutritional value, far less when it comes to the vitamins and mineral content, and in enzymes and antioxidants. Even worse is that eating nutrient-depleted foods can create health issues over time. Too much cooking time can kill all the goodness in your food, resulting in a loss of nutritional value. If you’re trying to eat healthy, with fruits and veggies, try to eat them raw or as close to it as possible.

Lack of Regular Meals

Many people might know about the importance of regular eating, but they may neglect to do so anyway. Grabbing a doughnut or bagel while you slam down a cup of coffee and rush off to get your day started can’t really be considered a meal. Trying to make up for the lost opportunity a bit later in the day at a buffet isn’t good for your body either. These types of unhealthy habits can add too much stress on your digestive system and might eventually lead to quite a few symptoms that can be uncomfortable, at the least.

Long Transit Time

Have you ever paid any attention to the amount of produce that finds its way into your grocery store from various countries? Think about your fave pineapple or mango – more than likely, they come from the Philippines. They were cut at the very acme of their ripeness, then put immediately into a box before being shipped here. However, that’s the best-case scenario. There are times when that food is actually harvested weeks and sometimes even months before it arrives at the grocery stores. So much for getting the very best nutrition. This is why it’s critical to buy from local farmers so that the food’s nutritional value is at its highest.

Nothing will ever replace a diet that’s healthy and good, but taking whole-food-based, high-quality supplements can go quite a long way when it comes to assisting you with maintaining higher levels of health. And if you happen to be working through poor dietary habits, you’ll need them even more!

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