How to make a simple fabric flower

I posted a tutorial for a multi-layered fabric flower tutorial last year and it became one of the most viewed tutorials. In fact, Emily’s Little World posted a link to the tutorial on her blog and I was really thrilled to share it.

But for this upcycled denim skirt bag that I donated to a recent PTA meeting, where I spoke about being green and saving money, I wanted to embellish it with these simple fabric flowers to give it a little pizzazz but not overpower it. Simplicity was what I was going for.

Finished bag with fabric flowers

So here is a tutorial for making Simple Fabric Flowers.

Oh, one great thing about these flowers is that you don’t need a big piece of fabric. This small swatch of fabric is from a local re-upholstery store. You can use any remnants to make the size of the flower you want. It’s versatile and you can make the shape and color any way you want.

Materials needed:
1. piece of fabric scrap – any size depending on the size of the flower you want
2. pencil
3. pinking shears
4. thread and needle
5. buttons or beads for decoration

1. Draw a shape like these with varying size petals on the WRONG side of the fabric.

flower pattern sketching

2. Using zigzag stitching, sew the pencil outlined drawing.

sewing the outline

3. Then, using pinking shears, cut around the sewn outlined border, being careful not to cut the stitching.

cutting the outline of the flower

4. Hand stitch along the long straight edge.

sewing the edge of the fabric flower

hand stitch

5. Pull the thread to gather the edge, making the flower petals to gather in a ring. Leave about an inch of the thread from the knotted end.

gathering the ends of the flower

6. Tie the knotted end to the needle end of the thread together, twice. Hand stitch the middle and join the two edges of the flower petals.

stitch the edges together to form flower

7. Embellish the flowers with beads or a button in the middle. And Tada…!

fabric flower

8. The top flower is sewn around the edges and the bottom one is left natural. You can use fray check around the edges to prevent unraveling.

These flowers are great for adding unassuming designs to anything. They add dimension to plain bags and shirts without being too ‘loud’. And best of all, they are easy peasy to make.

Let me know if my instructions are not too clear. I just figured out how to add text to pictures using Picnik. (Yay!) but didn’t want to go crazy on all the pictures. Hope the instructions are clear enough. Enjoy!

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