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I am a Chiropractor-turned-green-living-consultant and a mom behind “ecokaren“. I am also a co-founder of a digital media company called Green Sisterhood, a relationship oriented digital marketing network for companies looking to increase their brand recognition.


I was like you. I ate food made by other people and used products that were labeled, “natural”, thinking they were “safe”.

Then I had kids. And I got more vigilant. I became more curious and researched the heck out of everything before giving them to my family. Like you, I wanted nothing but the best for my family. But while I tried my best, I know I fed them the wrong foods, in wrong containers (probably endocrine disruptors like BPA), and bathed them in toxic chemicals. But given limited resources and information there were, I had less choices. No Whole Foods. No Environmental Working Group. No Moms Clean Air Force. And certainly, no blogs to read about toxic crap I was exposing my kids to.

So, I became a Chiropractor because “I” wanted to control my family’s health. And during my training, in Chiropractic school, I learned some disturbing facts about what we were doing to our health and the environment.

And it was NOT pretty.

Fast forward, present day.

A lot of things happened since I graduated chiropractic school but I won’t bore you with the details.

Currently, I am driven to help my family and YOU how to live healthier. My background helps me to “connect the dots” in seeing the correlation between the our environment and our health. And although I have always been conscientious about how much we abuse our natural resources and how much toxins we are exposed to,  blogging about it has made me realize how intimately our own health is connected to the environmental health. I knew from seeing my patients in my office that environmental health was often the cause of my patients’ physical ailments and their treatments were difficult. But the “cause and effect” of our careless and selfish habits to earth’s dire state is profoundly connected. And without a doubt, there is nothing profound about the devastating truth regarding our health and its relation to planet’s health.

So, my goal is to address how we can be healthier, thereby preserving or improving the planet’s health.

How can I help you with what I know?

Being the “doctor” – first definition is to ‘teach’ – in me, I love to educate people and share information on healthy living and green living. I believe we are all in this together and we need to encourage each other to be healthier so we can make our future generations to be around long enough to take care us and the planet.

The topics that I cover on ecokaren will be but not limited to:

  1. Toxic chemicals – did you know that there are over 80,000 chemicals on the market that are not tested for safety and we are exposed to them daily? Did you know that we put on over 500 chemicals on our bodies daily? Untested toxic chemicals cause cancer, endocrine disruption, allergies, and other health problems.  So my mission to support to reform old Safe Chemical Act is important to me.
  2. Healthy Body through Healthy Foods - GMO gets to me. I don’t want genetically modified organisms in my food that are unknown for long term health affects. But at least, I want to know what I’m feeding my family so I want my food labeled. I want local, seasonal, organic, and farm fresh foods. I love to share my healthy recipes, food issues, and activism against GMO’s.
  3. Healthy Home – Did you know that indoor air quality can be worse than the outdoor air? That’s because we are living in a cocoon with toxic chemicals on everything we use in our home, including our furniture, clothes, cleaning supplies. So I’m making my own detergents, soaps, cleaning solutions, personal care products with  natural and non-toxic ingredients. Again, it comes back to trying to live a toxic free life.
  4. Mind and Body – everyone knows the benefits of exercise but I’ll admit. I hate to exercise. But I’m at that ‘certain age’ now so I’ll be focusing more on movement, alignment, and physical health as much as spiritual health
  5. Health Coaching – as they say, you are what you eat. And food is medicine but it’s also the biggest reasons for many chronic illnesses. I can help you find solutions for your food related conditions and recommend special diets, products, supplements, meal plans and the support to help you. We can solve the mystery together. Contact me for more info.

Where to find me

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been asked to write for the following blogs. Not in any particular order.

Green Sisterhood
Moms Clean Air Force
Green Living Ideas
Eat Drink Better
Eco Etsy
Modern Hippie Mag
The Mogul Mom
Green Child Magazine

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Thank you for reading and I hope come back often and leave me a comment or two when you visit; I would love to know that you stopped by.

Any questions? You can e-mail me. I will try to answer within 24 hours, barring any “severe” global warming related weather conditions.

Thanks for keeping it green!

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