BREAKING NEWS: GE Alfalfa has been approved by USDA

This issue has been on my mind since I first learned that Cornucopia Institute was suing to stop GE Alfalfa but now GE Alfalfa has been approved by the USDA for general planting as early as this Spring. Once again, our government has been ‘bought’ by biotech companies with their lobbying groups even when USDA saw problems with GE Alfalfa. It’s mind boggling how this has passed when it was determined in 2007 that it was illegal by the Supreme Court.

Alfalfa Harvesting by Hancock Seed Company

Alfalfa Harvesting by Hancock Seed Company

Why should this be a concern to us?

  • Alfalfa is one of the largest feed crop. No wonder Monsanto is targeting this crop. There’s  A LOT of money in feed crop.With GE Alfalfa on the market for livestock feeds, guess what the farmers will feed their animals? GE Alfalfa. Then, what will we be eating? GE Alfalfa fed meats. So how would “Organic” meats be guaranteed that they are organic when they might be eating contaminated GE Alfalfa? You guessed it. There is no guarantee. Guess how much we will have to pay to buy real organic meats? A lot more since organic farmers would have take extra caution in farming to ensure that their crop is NOT contaminated or water is not contaminated with chemicals from GE Alfala farming nearby
  • GE Alfalfa can contaminate other Alfalfa crops. – Just as I was concerned bout GE Salmon cross breeding with other salmon, making the natural species extinct, GE Alfalfa can contaminate non-GE Alfalfa. Alfalfa is pollinated by bees. This will happen. And how about organic crops??? This is the biggest concern. Will organic crops be spared from cross pollination? No. They will not be spared. There is no guarantee that organic crop will remain as organic which is a huge concern as organic farmers will end up closing down because they cannot be certified as organic if there is a trace of any chemicals or GE Alfalfa in their crop.
  • There will be an increase of pesticides in the soil and eventually in the water as more pesticides will be needed to raise GE Alfalfa as superweeds will end up growing since these will be Round Up resistant. And how do combat that? With more chemicals.

To quote Whole Foods,

“The policy set for GE alfalfa will most likely guide policies for other GE crops as well. True coexistence is a must.”    (Whole Foods Market, Jan. 21, 2011)

This is another reason why we have to stop GE Alfalfa from being approved.

How? By sending another letter to President Obama. He’s the only one who can reverse this decision by USDA. Simple.

Go to Food & Water Watch Action and sign the petition to President Obama. And ask him, what would Michelle Obama and his children would say about not being able to eat organic food? What would their favorite restaurant, Blue Hill’s Chef Dan Barber say?

And please e-mail this post, post on facebook wall, tweet this, and share with whoever can sign the petition.

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