Safety Comes First: 4 Essential Pieces of Clothing and Wearables for Paintball


Paintballing is fast growing in popularity and can be lots of fun when you’re properly prepared. This means wearing appropriate attire that is both fashionable and safe. Whether you’re playing for fun or for sport, new to the game or a veteran paintballer, you want to be well prepared for a memorable and safe adventure. Check out these four paintball essentials.


1. Boots

Lace up some tactical boots to give you the traction you need to make your tactical moves while you paintball. Since most paintball parks tend to have rugged terrain and plenty of trees and other obstacles, a heavy duty boot can give you a leg up on your opponents. The right boot will provide you the support you need, blend in to your surroundings and protect your feet from punctures, mud and rain.


2. Mask

Unless you like the idea of paint splattering in your eyes and face, a mask is probably one of the first things that you need to really enjoy paintballing. Not only does a mask keep paint from getting in your eyes it also protects your eyes from the projectiles and some will reduce glare, provide UV ray protection and improve visibility. If a paintball can leave a nasty bruise (and they sometimes will) on your body, it can very easily damage your eyes. All masks are not created equal, so you’ll find some that offer wider peripheral viewing, single-piece designs, full head coverage, a removable visor and other features.


3. Coveralls

If you value your outfit, you won’t go paintballing in it. Paintball overalls are roomy enough for you to wear your clothing underneath, thick enough to give you a little padding and sturdy enough to handle getting dirty. Quality paintball coveralls will also be able to stand up to heavy duty cleaning. Ideally, a camouflage print overall will best suit most paintball events so that you can take tactical steps to winning a game or hitting the most targets. Look for something that is lightweight, flexible and breathable for the best in both comfort and range of motion while you play.


4. Vest

Not only is a vest going to reduce the impact of shots to your torso, it also serves as a storage facility. You can keep extra pods, marker attachments, tanks, radio and other essential gear in your vest. There are many different varieties of vests on the market, so think about what you consider to be essential tactical gear when choosing. If grenades make you happy, make sure you have grenade pockets. A low profile vest may be more comfortable and a lightweight vest more appropriate for the summer. Vests also create a bit of a buffer between your skin and the paintballs.

Honorable mention goes to a good pair of fingerless gloves. Gloves can be a lifesaver on a chilly day as well as providing you a little extra grip. If you’re a veteran paintballer or a newcomer to the sport/hobby, these are the main things you will need to accompany your sense of adventure and play. Stay safe and have a great time.

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