Sustainable Home Storage: Smart Solutions

Different people have different ideas of what a perfect home should consist of and look like. However, the thing that probably everyone will agree on is that it needs to have enough storage space. Simply put, unless you have enough storage solutions is your home, you won’t have a place for all of your things. And if that’s the case, your home can easily become cluttered and messy.

That being said, smart and sustainable storage solutions are where it’s at if your home is lacking proper storage. There are numerous ways you can create enough storage in your home seamlessly, with the help of just some easy tricks. Here are some ideas.

First, declutter everything

The fact is that all of us probably own too many things and a good portion of those things we simply don’t end up using. Therefore, before you start implementing new storage solutions in your home, make sure you declutter the already existing ones. Take everything out of your closets, get things off of your shelves and empty out your cabinets. Group everything in the middle of the room and Kondo every pile, room by room. Once you have all the things sorted into a “throw-away”, “donate” and “keep” pile, you can start returning the things from the “keep” pile into your existing storage. Organizing everything will be much easier once you have more room and fewer things to organize.

Focus on sustainable materials

When looking to implement any type of new storage solutions in your home, be it drawer dividers, closet inserts or shelving units, make sure you go with sustainable materials. Plastic, even though it is widely available and may seem like the most practical solution is not quite the best option. Not only will it last significantly shorter, but it is also pretty detrimental for the environment in general. That is why you should consider wooden, glass and even metal containers and solutions instead. Instead of storing your food in tupperware, look for mason jars and other glass or stainless-steel containers that will serve the same purpose. Wooden crates and metal baskets are also excellent solutions for storing produce, or they can even work as wardrobe fillers.

Think big

Furthermore, if you’ve decluttered your home but you still have a lot of things left, consider adding some big storage solutions so that you have enough room to store all of your belongings. This storage solution doesn’t have to be placed in your home per se, rather you can install it in your garage or even basement. Here, think in terms of industrial shelving solutions as they are sturdy and offer enough room for storing various items. This way, you’ll create more storage options in your home without actually compromising its current style or functionality. The best part about this type of shelving is that it is customizable in terms of size and height, so you can easily find the right fit for a space of any size. Also, make sure you go with sustainable materials as well, as they offer better support and greater durability.

Consider multifunctional furniture

Alternatively, if you live in a rather small apartment which only further limits your ability to add proper storage solutions, you may want to consider replacing your current furniture pieces with multifunctional ones. For instance, choose a bed that has a hidden storage compartment underneath and go with bedside tables that have at least three drawers. For the living room, choose a couch that – again – comes with built-in storage and maybe even use a vintage wooden trunk as your coffee table. This way, you will have a place to store your belongings without having to fill your home with various shelves and other types of conventional storage. Finally, you can even get a few rattan baskets and use them as a storage solution. Not only will they provide you with enough room for storing certain items, like throw pillows and covers, but they look very stylish and will have no problem fitting in with your interior.

So, try to replace any plastic storing bins in your home for glass, wooden or metal alternatives and come up with different ways you can store away your belongings in plain sight. Implement furniture pieces that contain hidden storage for some additional storing options and make sure you declutter on a regular basis, to avoid being overwhelmed with items you don’t even use in your day-to-day.

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