How to Reduce Greenhouse Emission? 8 Useful Tips

The greenhouse effect is caused by burning fossil fuels such as natural gas, coal, gasoline and oil that raises the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere causing global warming. By making small changes in your everyday habit, you can reduce the consumption of fossil fuel and reduce global warming. Here are a few tips that will help you reduce your carbon footprint;

1. Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

Recycling is such an easy and essential thing you should do which will help reduce waste. You just need to separate reusable garbage from the rest of the garbage and dispose of in the recycling cans and your work is done. Reducing the production of waste by recycling things many times is a great step towards environmental conservation. Use reusable bags and buy bulk beverage containers instead of many single containers.

2. Use Energy-Efficient Appliances

Upgrade the appliances at your home to a better energy-efficient model. It will not just save electricity but also reduce your electricity bills, hence you will conserve energy as well as money. Change all the light bulbs in your home with LEDs which is brighter, lasts longer, reduces the consumption of electricity and is much more energy-efficient.

3. Drive Less and Encourage Car Pool

If you can reduce your drive time, then the emissions will also become fewer hence try taking public transport and walk to nearby destinations. Encourage carpooling to work as it saves a lot of fuel. Get your car serviced so it gives the maximum fuel efficiency with no wastage.

4. Use Optimal Electricity

The easiest way to conserve energy is to use less of it. You can save electricity in many ways like reducing the brightness of your screen, turning off appliances when not in use, turning off the water when not needed and avoiding overcharging your devices.

5. Control the Use of HVAC

By using less heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems, you will save major electricity. Make sure that your home is properly insulated to avoid any energy losses. Get the HVAC services so it functions at maximum efficiency. Maintain a comfortable temperature and do not set the temperature too high or low to save electricity.

6. Get Home Audit from Utility Company

There are several utility companies that give free home audits to determine your energy consumption and the areas where you can conserve energy. You can also pay them to help you upgrade the energy efficiency in your home.

7. Encourage Others to Conserve

Not just you but also spread the word around your friends and family circle so that maximum people are encouraged to conserve energy for the welfare of the planet and environment.

8. Plant a Tree

If you just start by planting a tree, you will be reducing the carbon footprint as trees absorb carbon dioxide. A single tree also contributes a lot in absorbing carbon dioxide during its lifetime. Encourage others to do the same to get exponential benefits.


Consuming too much fossil fuel is only going to increase carbon footprint and exhaust them completely, and as it takes millions of years to form hence, we will face an energy crisis. Looking for alternative energy sources that are cleaner is the only way out, hence the use of renewable and biofuel sources of energy should be encouraged, for e.g. in a sustainable source of energy such as træpiller 6 mm (wood pellets) CO2 is neutral and does not emit the same problematic substances into the air as oil and coal. In addition, as mentioned, the pellets are made from the residual products and waste from the sawmill, so that the wood is utilized optimally. 

It is our responsibility to conserve the planet for future generations and these 8 tips will help you take one step towards that goal.

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