Stopping Trouble in Its Tracks: How Often Should You Go to the Dentist?


Oral care needs to be prioritized at all times. Dentists recognize this and send regular reminders to their patients to ensure they don’t forget their next cleaning or exam. Years ago, dentists came up with the twice-a-year dental visit recommendation. They did so as a way to spend more time with patients and educate them on how to prevent dental issues rather than having to fix them. While many men, women, and children find twice a year is enough for their needs, this isn’t the case for everyone. How often should people see the dentist?


Factors to Consider When Scheduling Dental Visits

People of all ages need to use the twice-yearly cleaning schedule as a guideline. However, speak to the dental team to determine whether they think more frequent visits would be of benefit. Several factors play a role in this, including the person’s dental health, overall health, and oral hygiene. Speak to the dentist at every visit to see what is recommended when it comes to your next dental cleaning appointment based on what was seen during that visit, as a person’s oral health may change over time.


Who Benefits From More Frequent Visits?

Certain groups of individuals find they need to visit the dentist more often. For instance, a person with a higher risk of disease should see the dentist more frequently. This ensures they catch any problems early so treatment may begin.

Pregnant women often experience problems with their teeth because of hormonal changes, so schedule at least one visit during each pregnancy. Smokers need to see the dentist more often, as nicotine negatively impacts oral health. Smokers have a higher risk of gum disease and other conditions, so every smoker needs to make dental care a top priority. Diabetics also experience problems with their teeth more often than healthy individuals, and they may need to see the dentist every three months.

Any person with a weak immune response to bacterial infection should see their dentist routinely. People prone to cavities or excessive plaque and tarter want to visit the dentist more often to keep the teeth and gums clean and healthy. Finally, anyone suffering from periodontal disease will need to see the dentist more than twice a year to keep this disease from progressing.

A person’s oral needs change over their lifetime, which is why people should ask their dentist at every visit. Furthermore, anyone who has been ill or under stress ought to see the dentist. The dental team can help stop problems before they begin.


Seeing the Dentist Remains Crucial

Many dental issues remain hidden until the problem has progressed. For instance, a person cannot detect many cavities until they grow and cause problems or pain. Gum disease isn’t easily spotted, but dentists know how to catch problems at an early stage. Many dental problems benefit from treatment at the early stages, and the dentist becomes of great help in determining the right treatment plan for you.

With regular professional dental care, men, women, and children find they keep their teeth and gums healthy and gorgeous. People of all ages must brush their teeth a minimum of twice a day and floss every day. Keep all scheduled appointments, and work with the dentist to find the appropriate schedule for regular checkups. With proper dental care, you’ll have a smile you love and want to share with everyone.

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